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6-7-17 Box Office Hit Film on Creation Now on Netflix


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The Geoscience Research Institute announced on June 5, 2017, that the film "Is Genesis History?" is available on Netflix.

On February 23, "Is Genesis History?" was listed as the most attended movie in United States theaters, with more than 143,000 people attending the showings of the creation film. The film had encore showings in the U.S., as well as a debut in Canada.

[Click here to read article about theater showing.]

"Is Genesis History?" is a well-produced introduction to current science from a biblical perspective. It features multiple Ph.D. scholars in disciplines ranging from geology to marine biology. One featured scientist is Arthur V. Chadwick, research professor of biology at Southwestern Adventist University in Keene, Texas. In addition, an expert in Hebrew explains the original language of Genesis and details why it is a narrative rather than poetry. An archaeologist also reveals some of the archaeological evidence consistent with the Genesis record of history.
One might ask: How can such a scholarly film possibly attract so many viewers? Maybe to actually understand the breadth of scholarship supporting the historicity Genesis. That would be noble, but most viewers will likely be drawn in by the engaging host — Dell Tacket of Focus on the Family — and the beautiful cinematography and incredible shooting locations.

This is a film with everything from dinosaurs to sharks, the Grand Canyon and stars. And it’s about things that are true and beautiful! The editing is fast-paced, the material fascinating. Anyone curious about how the Genesis record of history stacks up against the science and other scholarship has an hour and forty-four minutes of fascinating enjoyment ahead of them now that "Is Genesis History?" is available on Netflix.

— This article was distributed as a news release by the Geoscience Research Institute.

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