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Central California Conference’s Evangelism Offering Exceeds $1 Million

The Soquel Camp Meeting, hosted by the Central California Conference, is known for several things

  Saturday night prayer session in main auditorium after final announcement


The Soquel Camp Meeting, hosted by the Central California Conference, is known for several things. Among these are well-known and inspirational speakers, extensive children’s programming, massive weekend crowds in excess of 10,000, a picturesque location on the Pacific coast and the camp meeting’s annual evangelism offering.
The much-anticipated offering began 19 years ago, with the purpose of funding a variety of evangelistic events, initiatives and projects throughout the Central California Conference. The first offering collected in 1996 totaled a bit over $97,000. Since 2004 the offering has consistently hovered around $1 million. Thus far, donations and pledges for 2015 total $1,134,944. “This milestone was reached once again by the shear grace of God and through the remarkable generosity of Central members and friends,” explains Central president Ramiro Cano. “We are deeply grateful to God and to those who gave.”
The offering is managed by the conference’s Evangelism Committee, which considers carefully, ongoing evangelistic programs as well as new proposals and requests for funding. The offering is used throughout the year to fund many different forms of evangelism and outreach throughout Central including traditional evangelistic meetings, CROSStrainers (formerly known as Bible workers), educational scholarships for newly baptized Adventist believers, Youth Rush (Central’s summer literature ministries program), Camp Wawona scholarships for children whose parents are not Adventist believers, discipleship training programs, and Life Hope Centers, among many others.  “We are thrilled by the many ministry opportunities that will allow us to continue reaching Central’s residents with the good news of the gospel,” concludes Cesar De Leon, who serves as Central’s evangelism director.
A copy of Central’s 2015 evangelism report, contained in the camp meeting program guide can be downloaded at