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C.D. Brooks: Testimonies from the book C.D.: The Man Behind the Message

The following are the words of friends, ministry partners, and colleagues about C. D. Brooks. They are taken directly from the book C.D.: The Man Behind the Message. — NAD Communication

Book cover courtesy of Benjamin Baker/Adventist Archives

The following are the words of friends, ministry partners, and colleagues about C. D. Brooks. They are taken directly from the book C.D.: The Man Behind the Message. — NAD Communication

Walter Arties, founder, Breath of Life Ministries

Elder Charles D. Brooks is often referred to as a preacher’s preacher. A wordsmith, he has long been fascinated with words and the power that emanates from arrangingthem strategically. Thus he will prepare and then speak from an overflow. We are left grateful for what we have heard as we anticipate his next presentation.

Delbert Baker, vice president, General Conference
C. D. Brooks is a mentor, exemplary leader, and personal friend. His legacy as a generational role model and spiritual changemaker is globally recognized and appreciated among all ethnic and cultural groups in the Adventist Church. Therefore his pioneering legacy as a preacher, evangelist, and media personality will always be a part of the proud history of Seventh-day Adventists in general and African-Americans in particular.

Rosa Banks, associate secretary, General Conference
Beyond a doubt, Charles D. Brooks is one of the greatest preachers the Seventh-day Adventist Church has ever produced. His preaching style is natural, simple, liferelated, clear, personal, educational, emphatic, animated, moral, biblical, direct, and urgent. His humility shines through most when he stops his busy schedule and sits down with neophyte preachers like me to help us arrange the best of topics for a two-week meeting. He has done this for me, and the results were productive ones. Many others have also come to him, and I don’t believe he has ever turned anyone away.

George Brown, former president, Inter-American Division
C. D. Brooks is unquestionably one of the most distinguished preachers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a model preacher whose messages are always relevant to the times, persuasive, Bible-based, Christ-centered, and Spirit-empowered. His contribution
to Adventist preaching and evangelism has been monumental. He will go down in Adventist history as a true servant leader, an esteemed colleague, and a Spiritempowered preacher whose ministry has transformed the lives of thousands of people in the U.S.A. and abroad.

G. Alexander Bryant, executive secretary, North American Division, and associate secretary, General Conference
Elder Brooks’s ministry has made a very profound impact on the life of the Seventhday Adventist Church and its mission to the world. It is a blessing to this church to capture and chronicle some of the many contributions of this stalwart man of God!

Randy Roberts, pastor, Loma Linda University church
The oratorical excellence of C. D. Brooks helped to form and challenge several generations of young adults. His legacy will live on.

Calvin B. Rock, retired vice president, General Conference
Charles Brooks has had a prophetic impact within and upon the people of God. We needed him, and God uniquely equipped him to do a special work. As a schoolmate, friend, and comrade in arms I salute him and the love of his life, Walterene, for allowing God to use them in such a wonderfully productive ministry.

Danny Shelton, founder, 3ABN
I thank God for allowing my life to cross paths with Pastor C. D. Brooks. I have learned so much from this man of God. . . . I’ve learned about integrity, Christian commitment, perseverance, faith, and trust in God!

Ella Simmons, vice president, General Conference
There are many ways to describe Elder C. D. Brooks, of which few could be adequate. When I hear his name, there is one description that comes to mind: It is that man of God of whom Ellen White spoke who will not be bought or sold, who in his inmost soul is true and honest, who does not fear to call sin by its right name, whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole, that man who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.

Mervyn A. Warren, dean, School of Religion, Oakwood University
When listening for a pulpit voice that carries a “certain sound” amid curious decibels in uncertain times, a voice of gospel resonance bringing unease to disturbing dissonance, look no further. That gospel voice is here. That voice has been here for more than half a century. That voice is C. D. Brooks! Now let us be further blessed by this look into his life.

Derek Morris, editor, Ministry
As a young pastor in Pennsylvania I reached out to Elder Brooks, asking him to mentor me as an evangelist. His words of encouragement and counsel not only impacted my life and ministry but have blessed the lives of thousands of pastors and evangelists
around the world. Thank you, Elder Brooks, for giving us an example to follow, in word and also in life (1 Cor. 11:1).

Carlton P. Byrd, speaker/director, Breath of Life
“Christlike,” “spiritual,” “refined,” and “full of integrity” are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of Pastor C. D. Brooks, a great evangelist, preacher, teacher, pastor, mentor, and friend. Elder Brooks’s impact is felt positively both nationally and
internationally. I am privileged, honored, and humbled to stand on his shoulders in the Breath of Life ministry.

John Carter, president, The Carter Report
Elder C. D. Brooks is a burning and a shining light, and we rejoice in his light. His monumental, prophetic sermon on Methuselah, preached with passion so many years ago, moved a worldwide audience who sensed that God was profoundly speaking through His servant. I was stirred by his oratory, and, like so many other young pastors of that day, took courage and lighted a candle from his blazing torch. He was indeed a man sent from God.

William Fagal, associate director, Ellen G. White Estate
I have long respected and admired C. D. Brooks for his powerful preaching and for his decisive, fearless affirmations of biblical truth and of the writings and ministry of Ellen G. White. Like Paul who said, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ” (1 Cor. 11:1, NIV), Pastor Brooks has given us an example worthy of following.

Mark Finley, former speaker/director, It Is Written
Some people’s ministries leave a mark, others leave a legacy. C. D. Brooks has left a legacy on the lives of thousands of preachers and tens of thousands of church members and hundreds of thousands of viewers of the Breath of Life telecast. His unique blend of humility, brilliance, and deep spirituality has impacted countless lives. His ministry has been a positive influence on my own. In 1996, when I was conducting a satellite evangelistic series from Orlando, Florida, Elder Brooks graciously accepted our invitation to answer written questions from the audience during the series. I listened in amazement to his short, concise answers. They hit the mark every time. He had the ability of taking deep biblical truths and making them simple. During the time that we were together during this satellite series, I saw another side of Elder Brooks. Although I had always been impressed with his enthusiastic proclamation of the Word of God, I now saw him as willing to accept whatever role the Lord assigned. I pay tribute to a preacher par excellence, a brilliant scholar, a spiritual mentor, and a godly man of faith. It is a joy to know him as a friend and fellow colleague. I am confident that the book you hold in your hands will lift your spirits, encourage your heart, and draw you closer to the Savior.

Denyce Follette, personal assistant to C. D. Brooks
I’ve had the privilege of working as Elder Brooks’s secretary since 1986. As with others on the Breath of Life staff, I affectionately call him Chief. Throughout the years I have found Elder Brooks to be all that people think he is: genuine, noble, kind, and a Christian gentleman through and through. My time with him has been a real blessing, and we are at 27 years and counting . . .

Clifford Goldstein, editor, Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide
From the day I first got to the General Conference about 30 years ago, C. D. Brooks loomed large, a legendary figure in his own time. I was awed by him then and still am now. He was, and remains, a revered figure in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. And rightly so.

Daniel R. Jackson, president, North American Division
I have had the great privilege of working with Elder C. D. Brooks for the past three years. He moves through our building with the grace of a prince. The depth of his spirit, the kindness of his words, and his warmth always make you feel like engaging with him. He is a warrior prince who has now turned his focus on shepherding younger leaders and warriors. We love having him here.

Connie Vandeman Jeffery, associate manager, Adventist Media Center
Consummate Christian gentleman; pioneer Adventist broadcaster; powerful preacher. If there were ever candidates for sainthood, C. D. Brooks and my father, George Vandeman, would top the list! Elder Brooks’s sermons move me and inspire me. I am humbly grateful for the privilege of calling him my friend.

William Johnsson, former editor, Adventist Review/Adventist World
My friend Pastor C. D. Brooks, whom I have known for many years, is a person of integrity. All that he has done in a long life of service has been marked by dignity and excellence. We serve together as life trustees of the Ellen G. White Estate, and I know firsthand his unwavering devotion to the messenger of the Lord.

Leslie Pollard, president, Oakwood University
The ministry of C. D. Brooks is synonymous with excellence, discipline, passion, and perspective. While the first three descriptors might be self-explanatory, perspective refers to Elder Brooks’s unwavering devotion to end-time proclamation. As a preacher, Elder Brooks will be forever seen as a sentinel of the imminent second advent of Jesus Christ. This book provides readers insight and instruction into the influences that made the man so fiercely prophetic in his preaching ministry.

Jan Paulsen, former president, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
When God called Elder C. D. Brooks into His service more than 60 years ago, He gave the church a powerful, eloquent voice for truth. As a pastor, evangelist, administrator, and television evangelist, Elder Brooks has had an extraordinary impact on the life and witness of our church in North America and around the world. Yet his “public persona” fails to tell the whole story. For all his many accomplishments, Elder Brooks is, first and foremost, an unfailingly gracious, faithful, and gentle man of God — and for this, I honor him.

— Taken directly from the book, C.D.: The Man Behind the Message, by Harold L. Lee with Benjamin Baker, Review and Herald Publishing Association, Hagerstown, Md., 2013.