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March 1, 2012
An Invitation to Join Tonight's Prayer Teleconference

       Reminder: Our next all night prayer call will be tonight, March 1, starting at 10:00 p.m. EST. It will end at 5:00 a.m. EST. You can join any time that is convenient for you.

       When you want to join, dial (712) 432-0031. Be ready to enter the access code when prompted: 435650 #
       Invite your friends and family to join you for a season of prayer.

We will be praying for the following:
·         Gulf States Conference Spring Prayer Summit (March 9-11, 2012)
·         North Carolina Conference Prayer Conference (March 16-18, 2012)
·         Oregon Conference Prayer Retreat (March 30-April 1, 2012)
·         West Point 2012 (April 8-11, 2012)
·         South Central Conference Prayer Summit (March 23 -25, 2012)
·         Rocky Mountain Conference Prayer Weekend (May 11, 12, 2012)
NOTE: For more information on these events go to www.NADprayerministries.org and select the Event Calendar from the menu at the top of the page.
·         Follow up to the Las Vegas meetings. Pray for those who have made decisions and those who are continuing Bible studies.
·         Mark Finley’s series in Mobile, Ala.
·         Virgin Islands series starting March 3
·         Wickenburg, Ariz. series starting March 3
·         Fort Pierce, Fla. – “Messiah’s Mansion,” a life-sized replica of the sanctuary that God instructed Moses to build. It is transported around the country and free tours are offered to the public. During the tour, the entire plan of salvation is explained and at the end Bible studies are offered by our SDA church. This is an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It will be in Fort Pierce, Fla., March 31 - April 8.
·         Oakwood University Church series with Dr. Carlton P. Byrd April 14-28, 2012.

Listed below are a few suggestions to make this a powerful time of prayer with as few disruptions as possible.
1.      After you enter the access you are instructed to announce your name, BUT, please do NOT announce your name because it interrupts the person who is praying.
2.      Please activate the MUTE function on your phone except when you are offering a prayer. (This will reduce the cumulative noise of 100+ phones and will also allow you to use the SPEAKER PHONE function. Don't forget to turn off SPEAKER PHONE when you UNMUTE your phone to pray.)
3.      If you do not have a MUTE function, please do not use your SPEAKER PHONE unless you have a number of people in the room who are participating in the prayer call.
4.      Pray in line with the focus of our prayer segment as directed by the leader. There are other opportunities for praying personal prayers.
5.      In humble submission, pray as you are directed to pray by the Spirit and heart of God. This is not a forum to advance your favored agenda.
6.      Keep your prayers short and to one point so that others can have an opportunity to pray.
7.      Remember there is power in praying God's own Word. 
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