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1-5-12 Revival and Reformation at Corona Church
Supporting the General Conference’s Theme of Revival & Reformation

On Monday, September 19th, fifty-two enthusiastic members of the Corona Seventh-day Adventist® Church took off at 5:30 a.m. on a bus trip to the General Conference (GC) of Seventh-day Adventists, the world headquarters of the church, located in Silver Spring, Md.

Approximately four years ago, Pastor Michael G. Coleman, after assuming the pastoral responsibilities of the Corona church, introduced a new style of spiritual leadership that requires that each member to identify their talents with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and to find ways to collaborate with each other within the parameters of the Church’s standards and values. 

To assist the members to successfully fulfill the task of the "Great Commission," Pastor Coleman exposed them to a guided tour of the GC where they had an awesome opportunity in experiencing the vision, mission and values of the Seventh-day Adventist Christian faith.

The members, ranging in age from nine to almost 102, had the opportunity to visit the vaulted room of the Ellen G. White Estate archives and learned how the biblical standards that she highly regarded, adhered to, and taught, have benefited the Church for nearly two centuries. 

Elder Ted Wilson, president of the GC, greeted the Corona members and welcomed the new believers while motivating everyone with his inspiring charge of revival and reformation. 

At the end of his moving talk, the GC Communication Department photographer took the pictures of this historical moment for the membership team, consisting of newly-baptized members of just six weeks, elders, deacons, deaconess and general members – including the 102-year-old Sister Mary Richards, a truly inspiring member of Corona SDA Church.

After having toured just about all departments of the GC, in addition to receiving inspiring giveaways and souvenirs, the members ended their visit with lunch in the GC state–of-the-art cafeteria.

Spiritually charged, the tour continued to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, where his message of peace, equality and justice for all, inscribed on his mural, concluded the educational tour for the day. The members walked away having a clearer understanding of what the power of Godly unity can achieve.

On the way home, individuals came forward to speak over the bus microphone to share their experience of the tour. It was an electrifying moment listening to the various testimonies and the decisions that were made to return and do their part in discovering and enhancing their talent guided by the charge of Revival and Reformation in building the Kingdom of God.

A reflecting statement from Pastor Coleman summed it all up: "I am hoping that this interaction between a local church and the world church will facilitate mutual encouragement in the advancement of the call for revival and reformation and also inspire the carrying forward of the 'Great Gospel Commission.' Inasmuch as the GC leadership is planning a series of large-scale evangelistic meetings in New York City, we hope that the effervescent support of this endeavor by a local church in Queens, NY, will go a long way in expressing the readiness of local churches to collaborate with GC leaders in ‘finishing the work!'"
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