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2012 NAD Year-end Meeting Reports

8-10-12 In Response to the Huffington Post Article Published August 6, 2012

12-15-2012 Safety in our Adventist Schools

12-18-2012 A Call for Worldwide Prayer, January 9-19, 2013

12-17-12 Christmas Greeting from NAD President Dan Jackson

12-13-2012 Andrews Ranked as Overperforming School

12-11-2012 Kettering College President Charles Scriven to Retire

12-5-2012 - Thanksgiving in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

12-5-2012 Gil Webb Accepts VP position for Mid-America Union

11-29-2012 LLU Nutrition Congress to Consider Plant-Based Diets

11-28-2012 Adventist Home Health Named to the Top 500 of the 2012 HomeCare Elite in the United States

11-27-2012 Official Statement Regarding Angus T. Jones and the Seventh-day Adventist Church

11-21-2012 Adventist president calls for December 1 Day of Prayer, Fasting

11-21-2012 Museum Displays Artifacts from Time of King David

11-20-2012 ADRA’s Continuing Commitment to Sandy Relief and Rebuilding

11-20-2012 Live, Interactive Health Program Comes to Hope Channel

11-20-2012 Christian Record’s Lifeglow magazine ends run after decades

11-19-2012 North Pacific Initiates Public Dialog on Women in Ministry

11-14-12 Sung Kwon Expresses Appreciation (video)

11-12-12 North American Division Community Service Director Visits Staten Island

11-12-12 Stewardship Sermon Contest Winners Announced

11-6-2012 The Adventist Church Provides Relief to Victims of Hurricane Sandy -#3

11-5-2012 High Retention Brings Another Year of Enrollment Growth at PUC

10-31-12 Adventist Community Services - Hurricane Sandy, #2

10-30-12 - Hurricane Sandy and Adventist Community Services - #1

10-17-2012 Church’s view on gays, lesbians adjusted to emphasize ‘compassion’

10-19-2012 Lake Union Conference to Build New Headquarters Building

10-19-2012 SCC Votes to Ordain Women to the Gospel Ministry

10-09-2012 La Sierra University Has Large Enrollment Increase

10-19-2012 Walla Walla University Church will hold a 50th Anniversary Celebration

10-19-2012 Walla Walla University Increases Enrollment

10-11-2012 October emphasis days celebrate Adventist history

10-16-2012 Adventist Engaged Encounter Set for November 9-11

10-16-2012 Walla Walla University Church Holds 50th Anniversary Celebration

10-4-12 Holy Spirit-Driven Constituency Meeting Reveals United Minds in Indiana Conference

10-3-12 Union Issues Appeal for Understanding Regarding Inclusive Ministerial Ordination

10-2-12 Choose the Devotional Book That Fits Your Family

10-2-12 Kettering College eclipses enrollment record again

10-2-12 New Hope Channel Program, Real Family Talk

10-2-12 Just Released — Almost Home

10-2-12 New Vice President Named for Walla Walla University

9-25-12 North America’s Let’s Move! Day promotes fitness for children

9-26-12 Explore Bible Prophecy During Revelation Today in Dayton This Month

9-26-12 North American Division Organizes Theology of Ordination Study Committee

9-26-12 Pastor Dwight Nelson to Lead Korean Series Live on Hope Church Channel

9-26-12 Two Sharing Books Now Available

9-26-12 ADRA Canada Has Sahel Crisis Donation Match from Canadian Government

9-26-12 New Ministry Launched at the NAD Adventist Media Center

9-25-12 New Jersey Conference Officers Re-elected

9-18-12 Pacific Union College Receives Highest Ratings

9-18-12 Hope Channel’s Three North American Channels to Air Rally For New York City

9-18-12 Live, Interactive Health Programs Come to Hope Channel

9-11-12 Extreme Makeover for AdventistBookCenter.com

8-30-12 Pastor Bikes from Coast to Coast to Raise Awareness for Diapers

8-30-12 Seventh-day Adventist Churches Promote Let’s Move Initiative

8-29-12 Ohio Conference Places 5,000th Signs News Box

8-20-12 Pacific Union Session Delegates Vote to Approve Ordinations to the Gospel Ministry Without Regard to Gender

8-20-12 Pacific Union Votes to Ordain Without Regard to Gender

8-14-12 Walla Walla University Names 24th President

8-7-12 North American Division Partners with La Sierra on Bullying Study

7-29-12 Columbia Union Constituency Overwhelmingly Approves Ordination Without Regard to Gender

7-24-12 Scoggins Tapped for Marketing Vice-President

7-20-12 Statement re Colorado Movie Theater Shooting

7-11-12 Oakwood University's President Dr. Leslie Pollard’s “evangelism"

7-10-12 New Treasurer Announced for Southeastern California Conference

7-10-12 Freedom Classroom developing new generation of religious liberty advocates

7-05-12 Hadley, 91, leaves legacy of medical missionary service

7-10-12 Mission Comes to Indiana

6-27-2012 First New Guam Antenna Goes Live

6-26-12 San Joaquin Community Hospital Introduces the Da Vinci Si Surgical System to Bakersfield

6-19-2012 WAU's Music Chair Publishes Major Work

6-19-12 Brazilian Church Touches Lives Around the World

5-16-12 – Is This The End?

5-16-12 How Do You Spell "Summertime?"

5-16-12 The Great Hope Audio Book Released

5-14-12 Guam's "Mighty Steel Preachers"

5-14-12 The Great Hope Audio Book Released

5-9-12 Implications of aging ministers could challenge future staffing

5-3-12 Quiet Hour Ministries Celebrates 75 Years

5-2-12 North American Division Affirms Women Clergy

5-1-12 An Explosion of Evangelism

4-30-12 Minnesota Conference Reelects Officer Team

4-30-12 A “Modern-day Pentecost” in Huntsville?

4-26-12 Pathfinders Converge in DC for Bible Experience

4-26-12 All for Christ and Campus!

4-26-12 Georgia-Cumberland Constituency Elects Officers

4-26-12 SONscreen Film Festival Mission Stays on Course after 10 Years

4-26-12 AdventSource Plans for New Building

4-23-12 Kettering College Prepares for 44th Commencement

4-19-12 ‘Le Grand Espoir’,avec le pasteur John Bradshaw

4-19-12 Join Pastor John Bradshaw for ‘Le Grand Espoir’

4-18-12 Adventists Reach Out Following Tornado in Woodward, Oklahoma

4-16-12 Washington Adventist University’s SIFE Team Wins at USA Regional Competition

4-16-12 Washington Adventist University Wins Mock Trial Against Howard University

4-11-12 Adventist Media Center Board Votes Changes for California Operation

4-5-12 Harlem Globetrotters Help Lincoln Teen Sponsor Blind Campers

3-27-12 Wintley Phipps Guest Speaker for Week of Prayer

3-26-12 Hope Channel Announces Two Live, Interactive Easter Programs

3-19-12 Organizational Changes in Spiritual Life Leadership at Andrews University

3-19-12 Help Wanted

3-13-12 Wanted—Your Best Sermon

3-6-12 Several States Tornado Disaster and Relief in Action

3-6-23 Natural Remedies and Hydrotherapy Workshop

3-6-12 9th Annual Music and Worship Conference

3-5-12 A Response to Same-sex Unions

2-29-12 8th Annual Ellen White Issues Symposium

2-29-12 The Atlantic Union's Bold, New Vision

Seventh-day Adventists Gather to Celebrate Supremacy of Jesus

2-14-12 The Adventists Documentary Returns to PBS Stations

2-13-12 Rebuilding Haiti

2-7-2012 North American Division Administration Releases Update on E60 Policy

2-6-12 Wagner named president of Union College

2-1-12 Presidents Set Example

1-9-2012 Andrews University Assistant to Dean Dies

1-5-12 Revival and Reformation at Corona Church

1-5-12 Remembering Norman Klam

1-17-12 Walla Walla University President Announces Plans to Resign

1-5-12 Remembering Norman Klam

1-10-2012 William Cox Named President of Allegheny West Conference

1-12-2012 Carolina Conference Elects New President

1-23-12 U.S. Supreme Court ruling is First Amendment defense, Adventist legal counselors

1-31-12 Winter 2012 Camp for the Blind in Michigan is challenged by warm winter

1-31-12 Creative Fund Raising for Refugees

1-31-12 U.S. Surgeon General commends Adventist focus on holistic well-being

1-13-12 Research shows that relationships are the best form of evangelism

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