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2011 Issues of NewsPoints
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NewsPoints, December 28
Dan Jackson Interviewed on Hope Channel Special Program
Prayer: Joining Hearts with Hands
All-Night Prayer Dial-in Teleconference, January 5
Download the 2012 NAD Prayer Calendar
  NewsPoints, December 20
Greetings from NAD President Dan Jackson
All-night Dial-in Prayer Teleconference
Christmas Services via Media and at Local Churches
Imagine if Mary and Joseph had Facebook

NewsPoints, December 14
5-page printable PDF
Christmas Specials and more on Hope Channel
Cookie evangelism
Largest continuous gathering of Adventist pastors for leadership in the world
Marriage retreat saves marriages
Florida Conference churches and evangelism
Adventists in the News
Breath of Life Christmas Special
$200,000 for advancing the gospel will be lost
Choose Full Life, Tell the World - Health Summit, January 12-15
Reclaim Your Faith, a four-part series by Doug Batchelor
Florida MagaBook Program resulted in changed lives
2-DVD set of NAD Year-end Meeting devotionals
ViewPoints: "Prepare," presented by Pastor R. Vincent Dehm II
Upcoming Events, Hope Channel Programs, December Offerings and Special Days
Adventist World NAD Edition
Union Magazines and Websites
Adventist Mission DVD and Quarterly

  NewsPoints, December 11
1-page printable PDF (coming soon)
Allegheny East President Frederick Russell Accepts New Post as Atlanta Berean Church Pastor
Breath of Life Speaker/Director Carleton Byrd will be senior pastor at Oakwood University
NewsPoints, December 7
4-page printable PDF
What is Christian Hospitality?
New Radio Station, "Eternal Hope Radio"
A "quick-meet pastor" to air passengers
Church realizes nearly 600 baptisms on mission trip
Adventists in the news
Hospitality - December Focus of the Month
"God's Christmas Cards" - 7 programs from NAD, Hope Channel, and Adventist Media Center
Wililam Gemora new N. Calif. Asian/Pacific Ministries coordinator
New Facebook page for Adventist songwriters, artists, poets
Story of results experienced from REACH North America
New QR Code for Family Ministries Facebook group
Ministerial spouses get new resource for them
ViewPoints by Pastor Dan Jackson and Pastor Claudio Consuegra
Upcoming Events
Hope Channel NAD Programs
Adventist World - NAD Edition
December Offerings and Special Days
Union Magazines and Websites
Adventist Mission DVD and Quarterly

  NewsPoints, December 1
A Call to Join Tonight's Prayer Teleconference
NewsPoints, November 30
4-page printable PDF
Seeking God before We Do His Business
Stick to your beliefs, says Committed
Smokless Tobacco Agreement Reached
Adventists in the News
Join the all-night prayer vigil
Pastoral Evangelism Leadership Conference
"Bible Sabbath" in NAD is December 3
Christian Hospitality is December Focus of the Month
"Revolution on Our Knees" NAD Prayer Summit
Help stop the spread of Aids
REACH North America
Final Adventists in Step for Life Webinar, December 13
Best Practices for Adventist Ministry, e-newsletter for ministers
ViewPoints: Jose Rojas, "What God Requires of You"
New on Sidebar:
Upcoming Events, 2011, 2012
December Adventist World
NAD Special Days and Offerings for December

  NewsPoints, November 22
An Attitude of Gratitude
Get the NAD App
NAD Offices will be closed until Monday

NewsPoints, November 16
Welcome Home!
Thunderbird Adventist Academy - 20% enrollment increase
Gone but not forgotten - George Atiga
Adventists in the News
Save $50 by registering in time for Adventist Ministries Convention
Is public evangelism worth it?
DVDs of the 28 Prophecies Decoded presentations
Reconnecting Sabbath is November 24
New Believers Bible Study Guides in audio and Braille
  NewsPoints, November 9
4-page printable PDF
Prayer: Joining Hearts with God's
Vegetarian diet and physical activity protect against diabetes in Black population
Process and timetable for women's ordination theological discussion
TakeTEN 10-day lifestyle makeover
Adventists in the News
Five days left to register for the One Project/Seattle
Family Ministries on Facebook and Twitter
Martin Doblmeier to speak at Pacific Union College
REACH North America - Workplace Witnessing
Week of Prayer Readings
NAD Resource Guide on NAD Website and NAD App
"Sorry" Devotional by Pastor Vincent Dehm, II
November NAD Adventist World
November Calendar of Special Days and Offerings, with resources and websites

NewsPoints, November 2
3-page Printable PDF
A Membership and Evangelism Report of North America
Andrews University professor was named one of 10 "Personal Trainers to Watch"
LifeTalk Radio launches new Health & Longevity program
Glendale Adventist Medical Center most experienced using SILSTM
Castle Medical Center participated in outreach to 14,000
Adventists in the News
Electronic Presentations from Year-end Meeting online
New It Is Written Bible study guides, "Going Deeper into God's Word"
Webinar - Adventists InStep for Life - "Funding for Health Outreach Projects"
Re-ViewPoints from Wintley Phipps
November NAD Adventist World
November Calendar of Special Days and Offerings, with resources and websites

  NewsPoints, November 1
2011 Year-end Meeting Report, No, 4
2-page Printable PDF
Report of the Treasurer
Mission to the Cities
Pacific Press Ministry Initiatives
Media Strategy Report
Cost of Living Allowance Voted for NAD
Women's Ministries Report
Travel Warning Advisory from the NAD Office of Volunteer Ministries
Devotionals from Year-end Meeting will be shown

NewsPoints, October 31
2011 Year-end Meeting Report, No. 3
1-page Printable PDF
NAD Votes on E 60 Policy: Conference/Mission President Eligibility
Prayer requests at the beginning of each meeting
Correction to yesterday's NewsPoints
  NewsPoints, October 30
2011 Year-end Meeting Report, No. 2
2-page Printable PDF
NAD Adopts New Mission and Values Statements
ShareHim, A "Laboratory of Evangelism
Church and school-building mission project in Bulawayo
The Great Hope Project
Appomatax, Va. church planting
"REVIVE" for NET 2012 in Anchorage, Alaska
More than 8,000 people participated in "Let's Move Day"
Latino Youth Evangelism, "CHANGED"
Muslim Ministries
Jewish-Adventist Ministries
Adventist Refugee and Immmigrant Ministries
Disabilities Ministries
Adventist Colleges Abroad

NewsPoints, October 29
ViewPoints from Pastor Wintley Phipps
  NewsPoints, October 29
ViewPoints from Pastor Dan Jackson
NewsPoints, October 28
NAD 2011 Year-end Meeting Report, No. 1
Report of the President
Report of the Executive Secretary
Guam-Micronesia Mission part of NAD
Information Technology Services
New Stewardship Resources
Valugenesis3 Report
  NewsPoints, October 26
Printable 4-page PDF
Year-end Meeting - Be Informed
Dan Jackson shoots holiday specials at Adventist Media Center
George Johnson, NAD communication director recognized
Top Society of Adventist Communicators Awards
WSMC 90.5 celebrates 50th year of broadcasting
Adventists in the News
Ministerial spouses are invited to participate- Keeping It Real
REACH: Baptisms are happening across the division
Welcome Home Sabbath is November 26
Surviving and Thriving in These Last Days, a new DVD
ViewPoints: "Just after being elected..."

NewsPoints, October 20
Printable 4-page PDF
God Did Not Allow Failure
Tenn ACS DR Recognized
NET 2011 Audience Increases
Adventist Heritage resources
and more
  NewsPoints, October 12
Printable 6-page PDF
NAD Welcomes Guam-Micronesia Mission
Annual Council News is Online
New! ANN Video Newscast
Adventists in the News
Gone but Not Forgotten: Elder Phil Follett, Sam Woods
Health Feature Added to Prophecies Decoded
Digital Andrews Study Bible Now Available
ViewPoints: Sung Kwon
October Offerings and Special Days
NAD Union Magazines
Adventist Mission DVD and Quarterly

NewsPoints, October 5
Printable 6-page PDF
Walk in Their Shoes
Radio of Hope, KROH 91.1 FM
The Longest Table
"Unlocking Revelation" presented at 86 Locations in Washington
Adventists in the News
The One Project
Arizona Conference Re-elects Officers
Breath of Life Christmas Special on NBC Invitation
Memorial Service for Dr. Virginia-Gene Rittenhouse
More than 900 People Attend Prophecies Decoded on Location
Network with NAD on Flickr, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Facebook
NAD October Offerings and Special Days Calendar
ViewPoints: G. Alexander Bryant
NAD Union Magazines
Adventist Mission DVD and Quarterly

  NewsPoints, September 28
Printable 6-page PDF
NAD Adventists Stride Toward Curbing Childhood Obesity
First five PA scholarships awarded at Union
One million pieces of pre-evangelism mail sent by Washington Conference
Adventists in the News
Breath of Life Christmas Special invitation
Oakwood's official presidential inauguration
Prophecies Decoded begins Friday at over 640 sites
NET 2011 video-on-demand within 24 hours
October Special Days to give balance
NEW -InStep iPhone and Android apps
Week of Prayer readings available now

NewsPoints, September 21
Printable 6-page PDF
Help Save Thousands of Lives, Including Your Own
Pathfinders join Let's Move Day initiative
Oakwood holds official presidential inauguration
Union College 30th Anniversary of Project Impact
Eating walnuts boosts cognitive function
Constituency Election reports for Southern Union, Southwestern Union, and Iowa-Missouri Conference
Adventists in the News
Let's Move Day Webinar
"Like," "Follow" and Link to NAD
Calling all Adventist speakers and musicians
"Prophecies Decoded" begins Friday
Press Release Template
SDA Flags, business cards, stationery
Week of Prayer readings available in bulk

  NewsPoints, September 14
There is Church Because There is Mission
ACS DR Relief for Texas Fires
Eighty Tweens Decide for Chrisit
Michelle Obama Launched "Let's Move"
Experience Sukkott Retreat with Jewish Heritage Ministries
Constituency Reports from North Pacific and South Atlantic
"Astonishing Discoveries" Begins Tonight
Let's Move News Template Available
Family Ministries Quick Guide
Ministers' Spouses Watch and Participate
ViewPoints and Adventists in the News

NewsPoints, September 7

Obama Visits Relief Site
Overflow Crowd at NYC Hispanic Effort
Unprecedented Canada Collaborative Hispanic Effort
Church Resource Center Restructured
Dr. Virginia-Gene Rittenhouse Dies
and more
  NewsPoints, September 7 - Ten Years Later - Remembering 9/11
We Remember
We Responded
Ten Years Later, We Remember
A Day of Remembrance
Asleep in Jesus
9/11 Remembrance Events Around the Division

NewsPoints, August 31
Printable 3-page PDF Version
ACS DR Responding to Earthquake and Hurricane Irene Aftermath
"The Adventists" has attracted more than 40,000 "hits"
Message magazine is breaking into a wider market
Adventists in the News
Pacific Union re-elects Ricardo Graham
Rick Remmers Named Chesapeake President
Scripture Detective Agency - New Series for Children
Family Ministries Handbook
Join us on Let's Move Day
ViewPoints: Ted Wilson, GC President
  NewsPoints, August 23
Multi-Media Parenting Resource Being Developed
Mid-Atlantic Region 5.8 Earthquake. Are You Prepared for Disasters?
"Rev it Up" Revival Camp Meeting
Carolina Conference Officers and Directors Re-elected
Adventists in the News
NEEDED: More Lay Youth Pastors
Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day
Men's Ministries Day of Prayer
Required Supplies for NET 2011 Prophecies Decoded, Sept30 -Oct29
Voice of Hope
"Favorite" Family Ministries Resource: Curriculum for Local Church Leaders
Adventist Health Study-2 Resources for Churches
ViewPoints: "The Kingdom"

NewsPoints, August 17
Printable PDF Version
Loved and Empowered (Abuse Prevention Emphasis Day)
Leaders Call for Involvement in 10th Annual Abuse Prevention Initiative
ASI Officers Elected and Re-elected
Festival of Laity Networking to Save Lives
Help ARIM Find Scattered Adventist Refugees
Spanish NET in Lieu of Spanish Translation
Dealing with Bullying
New Cooking Segments on Lifestyle Magazine
Volunteer Management for Churches
Back-to-School Resource Suggestions
New Ministerial Website, Say So Newsletter
  and more


  NewsPoints, August 10
Adventist Teacher/Principal Found Dead at Memphis Jr. Academy
NewsPoints, August 10
Silent No More, Part 2
La Voz de la Esperanza Effort in NYC
Adventist Health Study-2 Awarded $5.5 Million Grant
ASI Convention Donates More than $2 Million for Mission Projects
Adventists in the News
Men's Ministries Day of Prayer
Society of Adventist Communicators Convention
Hymns and Favorites Available Online
Astonishing Discoveries in the Land of the Bible
Abuse Prevention and Healing Resources
New Adventist Directory App
and more

       NewsPoints, August 3
Silent No More, Part 1
Washington Adventist Hospital Named in Top 5 in D.C.
AUC Lays Off All Staff as Partnership with WAU Delayed
New Fundraising Opportunity for Church Schools and Youth Groups
Gone but not Forgotten: Henry T. Bergh, Frank W. Hale Jr., Don Roth
ASI Convention - You Can Enjoy it Too
REACH: A Message from Dan Jackson, President, North American Division
Global Internet Evangelism Network (GIEN) Conference Videos Now Online
and more

NAD NewsPoints, July 27
Sleep and Obesity - Facts with Hope
AU Weekly TV Programs Gain International Audience
LLU Researcher Discovers Prenatal Link to Cardiovascular Disease
Webinar about "Let's Move Day"
Special Episode of ADRA-Canada, Hope in Brazil on It Is Written/Canada
NET 2011 - Most Important Step
Children's Ministries Resource Library
Multilingual Sermon, PowerPoint, and Children's Story
"Move" on ViewPoints, Pastor R. Vincent Dehm, II

  NAD NewsPoints, July 20
August - Spiritual Gifts Month
Official NET 2011 Bible
Church Bulletin Announcements

NAD NewsPoints, July 18
By Design, New Science Curriculum Story (Correction)
Goodbye to Griggs University
Griggs Merger into Andrews Approved by Higher Learning Commission
WAU's Proposed Branch Campus Update

  NAD NewsPoints, July 13
The Truth about Church Donations to Disaster Relief
By Design, New Science Series for Grades 1-8
Top Rating for Loma Linda University School of Medicine
Save Money on National Advertising (NBAP) in the Union Magazines
REACH North America for Children
All About iPads, TechTalk #1
Adventists InStep for Life Toolkit Comin

NAD NewsPoints, July 6
Adventist Lifestyle
Emmy Awards
1st Foreign-Language Church to Celebrate 150th Anniversary
New Feature in NewsPoints
Exhibitors and NET Handbill Deadlines
Forks over Knives DVD, Blu-ray and Companion Book
  NAD NewsPoints, June 29
Children REACH North America
Better Quality of  Life for Adventist Blacks
Top Awards for Adventist Publications
New Pathfinder Bible Experience
Devotional: "Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten"
 NAD NewsPoints, June 22
Spell Summertime
New College Buildings
Church Signs
Triple Newsletter Clicks
   NAD NewsPoints, June 15
The Race for Literacy
Hope Channel Presents Donation
Boonstra and Gemmell Join Ministerial
Media Summit Videos
NAD NewsPoints, June 9
Passing of Ted Wilson's Mother

June 11 Offering
LLU 10Kth Graduate
World Refugee Day
2012 Scholarships
Women's Ministries Emphasis Day
Journey of Joy Bible Studies Reduced Price Ends
NewsPoints is for every member
  NAD NewsPoints, May 26
Jackson Visits Joplin
Tornado Updates (OK and MO)
NAD Hosts Media Summit
Tornado Aftermath and Relief
Bermuda Ordains First Female Elder
Devotional by President Dan Jackson
Tornado Update #3, Tuesday Afternoon
Update on Joplin Tornado Relief Efforts
How to Help
Tornado Update #2, Monday Afternoon
Members all safe
More information on How to Help
Joplin, Missouri, Tornado Report (Update #1)
Joplin Church Damaged
ACS-DR Volunteers Assessing and Preparing Response
How to Help
Judgment Day — Cause for Reflection
Batchelor Offers $100,000 for Family Radio Network
Forks and Knives
Gonzalez on TBN
Creation-Evolution Series Assessed
Katia Reinert Humanitarian Award Recipient
Max Trevino Retires, Larry Moore Accepts Presidency
J. Neville Harcombe, Beloved Columbia Union
      Executive Secretary, Dies
ACS to Manage Long-Term Warehouse for FEMA
Building Down but Congregation Stands Tall
Disaster Response Crisis Care Webinar, May 12
Main Mission of the Church
Tornado Updates
ACS Support/Training/Donations
How to help
Updates on church members and institutions affected
Special Hope TV program about the disasters and the relief efforts.

Three Adventist Members Die in Southern Storms

Central States Constituency Meeting
Oakwood University
A Message from Adventist Community Services
Storm Destroys Members' Homes and Adventist
      Church, Many More Damaged

NAD NewsPoints, April 27, 2011

Adventist Education is Evangelistic
Texas Wildfires Response
"The Adventists" Wins Gabriel Award

The Art of Bullying
2011 Resurrection Services Across the Division
Reaching Out through Refugee and Immigrant Ministries
ADRA's Future
Review of Publishing
NAD NewsPoints, April 12, 2011
Religious Liberty -- A Call for "Strategic, Prayerful Action"
La Sierra University's Denominational Accreditation Extended
Creation-Evolution Debate
NAD NewsPoints, April 6, 2011
AIM - An Inbound and Outbound Ministry
The 4th Quarter 2010 Membership Report Now Online
LLU Medical Center Ranked No. 1 by U.S. News and World Report
New La Sierra Center for Research on Adventist Education

NAD NewsPoints, March 31, 2011

Adventists InStep for Life
LLU Receives $1.3 Million Grant
Prophecies Decoded Early Bird Registration Deadline, April 1
Year-end List of Resources and 29 Ministry ToolKits

NAD NewsPoints, March 24, 2011:
A Life of Worldwide Influence
Crisis Care Webinar
Nutrition Month
BAYDA United Youth Congress

NAD NewsPoints, March 17, 2011:
  • North American Division Responds to Japanese Disaster
  • White Estate Publishes Beta Website
  • La Sierra University won't Neglect Creation Teaching, President, Chairman Vow
  • Gone But Not Forgotten
 NAD NewsPoints, March 10, 2011:
  • Young Adult Ministry Training to be Held in Texas
  • Washington Adventist University and Atlantic Union College Vote Memorandum of Understanding
  • AWR Expands its Coverage
  • Adventist World Headquarters Week of Spiritual Emphasis
  • Hope Channel Hosts Week Long Advisory
NAD NewsPoints, March 3, 2011
  • Volunteer Ministries: Preserving a Vision of World Service
  • ADRA International to Reduce Staff
  • Maranatha Reaches out to U.S. Hispanic Population

NAD NewsPoints, February 24, 2011

Thinking Past the Traditional Means of Giving
ACS Receives Donation from Kellogg's
Adventists Respond to New Zealand Quake
The ADVENTISTS Wins Telly Award
NET 2010 Focuses on Happy Home; Results in Baptisms
Gone but not Forgotten


NAD NewsPoints, February 17, 2011:
  • Stewardship— A Matter of the Heart
  • Seventh-day Adventist Church Shows Growth; Other Denominations Decline
  • Gone but not Forgotten
 NAD NewsPoints, February 10, 2011:
  • The Message is in the Media
  • Maranatha Continues Haiti Reconstruction
  • Christian Record Services for the Blind Digital Library a Success
  • Simple Church: A New Testament Church Network
  • NAD Reaches Out with Local Coat Drive
  • Gone but not Forgotten
NAD NewsPoints, February 3, 2011
A Ministry Focused on Selflessness
In Egypt, Adventist Schools Suspended this Week
Adventist Whitecoat Army Veteran Health Survey Report Released
NAD Welcomes New Staff Members

NAD NewsPoints, January 28, 2011
Learning Without Borders
Adventist 2011 World Budget Highlights Mission
Revival and Reformation Website Launched
Donors Provide Andrews Students with Gift of
     the Bible

NAD NewsPoints, January 20, 2011
  • Becoming Advocates for Religious Liberty
  • Neal C. Wilson, Retired Adventist World Church President, Passes to His Rest
  • Registration Underway for music & Worship Conference
NAD NewsPoints, January 13, 2011:
  • Philanthropy: Beyond Asking for Money
  • Gone But Not Forgotten
  • Life Talk Radio Moves to California; Officials Cite Reorganization
  • Recalling the Haiti Earthquake
  • The Adventists Goes International
  • View Adventist World Online

NAD NewsPoints, January 6, 2011

  • Festival of the Laity to Enhance Ministry Capacities in North America
  • Memorial Service for Past President Neal Wilson to Air Live on Hope Church Channel
  • "Revival for Mission"
  • Benefit to Commemorate Anniversary of Haitian Earthquakes

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