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8-30-11 Oakwood Offers "LEAP" Tuition Forgiveness to Former Non-grads
Applying Biblical Directives

HUNTSVILLE, AL – Through its LEAP (Leadership Education for the Adult Professional) adult degree completion program, Oakwood University now offers “tuition forgiveness” to former students from 2005 and before who wish to finish their Oakwood degrees. 

Citing the Bible’s Deuteronomy 15:1 (NIV) directive, “At the end of every seven years, you must cancel debts," LEAP Director, Dr. Rachel Williams-Smith explains that the offering is as easy as the Bible mandates: "Oakwood students who left the College owing a tuition bill from 2005 and before, now have the opportunity to return (through our blended online programs) and achieve both of their dreams: finally, their Oakwood degree and the forgiveness of their old college bill!”

In order to receive tuition amnesty, former Oakwood students must:
1. enroll in and complete one of LEAP’s five adult degree completion programs; and
2. keep their new LEAP tuition payments current.
 When the graduation requirements are completed, former students will be awarded their Oakwood degrees in either Organizational Management (Business), Psychology, General Studies, Church Leadership or Information Technology. 

"And at the same time, the former Oakwood College debt will be erased," Dr. Williams-Smith stated, adding, “What many don’t realize is that our LEAP adult degree completion program not only costs less than half of our traditional college, but LEAP’s costs are also in line with – or, often less than – what most public universities charge.” 

For more information about LEAP, visit www.OakwoodLEAP.com, or call 256-726-7098.
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