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7-27-11 AU Weekly TV Programs Gain International Audience

Shows provide spiritual influence and media training

For over four years, two weekly televisions programs produced at Andrews University campus continue to bolster God's mission around the world. These programs are filmed in the studio operated by the International Learning System (ILS).

International Learning System (ILS), established as a non-profit entity in 1992, continues to cooperate with Andrews University to provide media production opportunity for students.  Students use ILS facilities as their media lab.

Currently, two weekly programs are filmed in the ILS studio.

Scriptural Pursuit, a three-member panel discussion led by Glenn Russell, is based on adult Sabbath School lesson themes.  Although the target audience is non-Christian, Adventists around the world watch it via the Hope Channel and many radio stations including our own WAUS.  Recently placed online, Scriptural Pursuit is accessed by millions as our record indicates. It's a temporary measure.  Currently, we are looking for a permanent online site until Andrews site is equipped to accommodate us.  Guest panelists for this program include AU faculty and students.  Scriptural Pursuit is recorded in the Bell Hall studio every Thursday evening September through April.  Scriptural Pursuit is jointly produced by the AU Departments of Communication and Religion and the ILS. 

Sabbath School U (university) is another media program produced jointly by the ILS,  AU Department of Communication and the General Conference Sabbath School Department.  Each show features a host and three panelists who are young adults representing various schools at Andrews University.  Generally, all thirteen shows for a given quarter is produced during five days of intense production.  Falvo Fowler from GC travels to Berrien Springs to help with the production.  I know of at least two students who've been baptized because of their involvement as technicians for the show.  Thousands download the podcast, according to Falvo Fowler.

The next recording of the Sabbath School U has been slated for September 7-10.  Please come and witness the passion and commitment of Andrews students for God's mission as they hone their media skills to serve God's purposes.

I believe AU is the only Adventist University which produces  two weekly television/radio programs broadcast around the world.  These media programs have influenced many visiting students and others around the world.  A few students have joined AU as a direct result of these programs.  Many of them are pursuing their degrees in the Department of Communication and other departments. These programs help students to be trained in various aspects of media production including preproduction, production and post production.  Quite a few of these students have landed jobs in various media businesses including major networks.

ILS is happy to provide media training opportunities for AU Students, faculty and community volunteers.


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