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6-28-11 The Pathfinder Bible Experience
Announcing an NAD-wide Pathfinder Event

According to the North American Division (NAD) Pathfinder Director, Elder James Black, Sr., most of the Pathfinder ministries in the NAD do not participate in any kind of bible challenge experience.  At the urging of the Pathfinder Committee, a new program was developed that gives ownership to the local leaders and hopefully will bridge all the different models into one unified annual experience. The time is now to introduce our Pathfinders to a new experience that will bring us all together as a division.  Therefore,

It is with great excitement that NAD Pathfinder Ministries introduces The Pathfinder Bible Experience, a team challenge that focuses on immersion in the Word of God. Four levels of play will culminate in an official NAD Pathfinder event on Sabbath, April 21, 2012, at the General Conference headquarters in Silver Spring, Md. A full day of activities is planned, including Sabbath morning service, with guest speaker, Dan Jackson, NAD president.

The Bible books of Mark and 1 Samuel are the subjects of this year’s experience, along with supplemental information from the Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary. A full manual describing details of participation will be available late in the summer, but for now here is what you need to know:
  • Each year on the first Sabbath in February, teams of up to six Pathfinders will participate in an area Pathfinder Bible Experience. Clubs can field as many teams as they have Pathfinders to fill! Those placing in the 1st place category with 90% and higher of the top score earned will advance to conference level on the first Sabbath of March. Union level will be held on the last Sabbath in March and the Division level on the third Sabbath in April. The local conference and union may alter the date forward or backward a week according to their unique scheduling needs.
  • Most questions will require short answers.
  • No special equipment is required, just a laptop and projector at each event.
  • Pam Scheib, a Pathfinder leader in Pennsylvania Conference, has been appointed as the NAD Pathfinder Bible Experience Coordinator. You can contact her at papathfinders@verizon.net or at 717-887-2171.
  • Exciting developments are underway to connect the Pathfinder Bible Experience with the broader church life, Bible study, and revival, reformation and repentance.
  • A special note to conference and union Pathfinder directors: Since this is a ministry of Pathfinders across the entire division, we are seeking committed, qualified adults to help write questions and assist in coordinating and growing the Pathfinder Bible Experience. If you have a person in your conference whom you feel spirit led to recommend, please send their contact information to Pam Scheib. 
We invite you to get the word out and participate in this HISTORIC experience with Pathfinders worldwide. See you at the General Conference World Headquarters with your teams on April 21, 2012.

Watch for further details at www.PathfindersOnline.org
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