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6-22-11 New App Makes Hope Channel More Mobile Than Ever
Esperanza TV and Hope Church Channel Added

Seventh-day Adventists® will be glad to know that their church’s global TV network now offers more choices of channels for iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. 

Hope Channel is pleased to announce the addition of Esperanza TV and Hope Church Channel to its iPhone app. Hope Channel North America, Hope Channel Germany, and Hope Channel International are already included in the app.
Available for 99 cents at the iTunes shop, the app also offers a program guide that synchronizes with the local time zone of the device. This means Hope Channel is now available to more than 50 million iPhone users and more than 19 million iPad users around the world. Church members can use this news to share the network with friends and family.
To get the app, install iTunes on your computer or Apple device then visit the iTunes store and search for the Hope Channel app; or visit itunes.apple.com/us/app/hope-channel/id373523568. The app works with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and requires iOS 3.1 or later. If you already have the app, you can download it again to get the updates.
Apps for Android phones are in development and are expected to be available this Fall.
HopeTV.cz (our Czech and Slovak channel) now offers its programming to iPhone, iPad, and Android users free of charge. Novo Tempo (Portuguese) and Nuevo Tiempo (Spanish) also have apps for audio streaming.
As of July 1, Hope Channel will have 13 different channels serving the world utilizing 14 satellites that create 19 different “footprints.” Hope Channel’s signals cover about 98 percent of the world’s population with a free TV signal. By adding together the subscribers to satellite TV services that provide Hope Channel, the populations served by local TV stations and cable systems that air Hope Channel, and the number of satellite receivers aimed at the satellites that carry us as a free signal, we estimate that our total potential audience is rapidly approaching three billion individuals.
Each channel’s content is carefully contextualized for the cultures we reach by using program hosts and guests from the culture; and by addressing issues relevant to that culture in ways most comfortable and familiar to them.
Hope Channel traces its roots back to 1995 when the church did its first evangelistic series by satellite (NET ’95). Since then, Hope Channel has broadcast more than 200 “NET” meetings. More than 2 million Seventh-day Adventists can trace their baptisms back to something associated with Hope Channel.

Here is a list of Hope Channel's current channels and coverage areas:
North and Central America: Hope Channel (English), Hope Church Channel (English, but with two hours each evening in French), and EsperanzaTV (Spanish)
South America: Novo Tempo (Portuguese) and Nuevo Tiempo (Spanish)
Europe: Hope Channel Germany, Hope Channel Romania (Speranta), Hope Channel Europe (multiple languages, but mostly Russian, Ukrainian, and English)
Hope Channel International (several languages) covers Africa, India, Russia, Asia, Pacific Rim, South Pacific
Hope Channel India (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, some English) also reaches much of Europe and Africa
Hope Channel North Africa/Middle East (Arabic, Farsi, Turkish) reaches the 10/40 Window and most of Europe
Chinese Hope TV (Primarily Mandarin, starts July 1) will cover China and part of Vietnam
We also have online-only channels in Norwegian, Czech, Bulgarian, and Korean.
There are channels in development for other languages and people groups.

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