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Pastor Ivan Williams "The Unrecognized Savior" Pastor Ivan Williams, Sr.
Ministerial Association Secretary, North American Division
Pastor Manny Cruz "Be Joyful Always" Pastor Manny Cruz
Associate Youth Ministries Director, North American Division
Pastor R. Vincent Dehm, II "More" Pastor R. Vincent Dehm, II
First Millsboro  Church
Pastor G. Alexander Bryant "New Creation" Pastor G. Alexander Bryant
Executive Secretary, North American Division
Larry Blackmer "What is in your boat?" Larry Blackmer
Vice President, North American Division
Lincoln Steed "Shaking Time" Lincoln Steed
Associate Director Public Affairs & Religious Liberty
Pastor Carlton P. Byrd "The Power of God's Word" Pastor Carlton P. Byrd, D.Min
Speaker/Director Breath of Life Ministries
Pastor Dan Jackson "What's in your hand?" Pastor Dan Jackson
President, North American Division
Katia Reinert "Lessons from the Water Lily" Katia Reinert
Director, NAD Health Ministries
Pastor Jose Rojas "Salty Christians" Pastor Josè Vicente Rojas
Director, Office of Volunteer Ministries



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