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January 15, 2010

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● A Message from NAD President Don Schneider
● Bulletin Inserts about Haiti for Downloading
● The Adventist Church in Haiti
● Webinar: Reaching 21st Century Parents – They Are Ready, Are You?
● Healthy People Conference 2010 from Loma Linda School of Public Health
● The 2011 NAD Adventist Ministries Convention Scheduled
● More Free Scholarship Money for Andrews University Freshmen
● Positive ID Offers 500 Business Cards for the Price of 250
● Upcoming Events




A MESSAGE FROM NAD PRESIDENT DON SCHNEIDER — Our heart-felt prayers and concerns are with the people of Haiti, many of whom are still suffering the effects of yesterday's devastating earthquakes. Also in our thoughts and prayers are the many Seventh-day Adventist members in the North American Division territory who are of Haitian descent and must cope with having no contact with family members and friends in Haiti. We cling to the promises of our Lord and Savior during this time and pray for their safety and well being.

 The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is currently monitoring and evaluating the situation.

 To donate to ADRA's Emergency Response Fund, please contact ADRA at 800-424-ADRA (2372) or give online at

● BULLETIN INSERTS ABOUT HAITI can be downloaded at www.adra.org/haiti. ADRA is trying to raise $1 million for aid to Haiti. 

● THE ADVENTIST CHURCH IN HAITI — Haiti has more than 335,000 Seventh- day Adventists worshiping in 470 churches. In addition to a hospital and university, the church operates dozens of schools there. Reports from Haiti are sketchy because of downed power lines and poor communication. There are conflicting reports about churches and members affected. We have heard that two churches near the presidential palace were destroyed, and there is concern for children who were attending one of the church schools. Remember to pray for the people in Haiti and to make a generous donation to ADRA for their assistance.

 Contact: the North American Division web site at
www.nadadventist.org, the Adventist News Network at http://news.adventist.org/, the Inter-American Division website at http://www.interamerica.org/users/, Adventist Review online at  www.adventistreview.org, and ADRA at www.adra.org for up-to-date news as it relates to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, members and church buildings in Haiti, and rescue and relief efforts from ADRA and NAD.

● WEBINAR: “REACHING 21ST CENTURY PARENTS – THEY ARE READY, ARE YOU?” will be presented by Willie and Elaine Oliver, Feb 9, at 8:00 p.m. ET. A church can’t be very healthy if it doesn’t have healthy families. This Webinar will address what families and their children need in order to feel welcome within the church. It will end with a live question and answer period.


 Contact: http://webinars.adventsource.org.

● HEALTHY PEOPLE CONFERENCE, will be offered by Loma Linda University School of Public Health, in Loma Linda, Calif, Mar 9-10.

 Contact: www.healthypeopleconference.org or 800-732-7587 to register and to learn more. View videos from the 2009 conference on the website. 

● THE 2011 NAD ADVENTIST MIITRIES CONVENTION (AMC) has been scheduled for Jan 9-12, 2011 in Tucson, Arizona. Be sure to put it on your calendar.

|*cpan>in free sf8olarship money during their four years of undergraduate stugy`c5ginning in the 2010–2011 school year.

 Contact: http://www.andrews.edu/news/2009/12/aps_increase.html for the full story.


The discount has been extended through Monday, Jan 18.

 Contact: www.adventmall.com

 Positive ID is an official NAD resource for business cards and stationery designed especially for Adventist churches and admidi#u2ative offices.


For a more complete list of upcoming events go to www.nadadventist.org/articlo. i0?id=350<#pan style="font-family: Arial">  and www.nadadven4i3t.org/articoenq8p?id=487 

• Journey Towards I>timacy Marriage Retreat, Jao022-24, Berrien Springs, MI – family@nad.adventist.org

• Annual Health Summit in Orlando, “Optimal Health in the 21st Century,” Jan 29-Feb 7 –  www.nadhealthsummit.com or 800-732-7587

• Webinar: Reaching 21st Century Parents – They Are Ready, Are You?  Feb 9 – http://webinars.adventsource.org

• Healthy People Conference, Mar 9-10, 2010–Loma Linda University School of Public Health, Loma Linda, CA – www.healthypeopleconference.org or (800) 732-7587

• K.I.D. University, Mar 21-24, Collegedale, TN – www.kidsindiscipleship.org/training

• Journey Towards Intimacy Marriage Retreat, Mar 19-21, Nevada-Utah Conference – family@nad.adventist.org

Coach Certification Training – Part 1, Mar 23, 24, Berrien Springs, MI – www.nadei.org/article.php?id=252

• Andrews Music and Worship Conference,  Mar 25-27, 2010 – Berrien Springs, MI - www.auworshipconference.org

• Adventist Community Services Convention, Mar 28 – Apr 3, Orlando, FL -- www.communityservices.org 

• 4 EXTREMES, Just Claim It 2, YPAC Convention, Ignition, and Children’s Worship Conference, Apr 7–11, Columbus, Ohio – 301-680-6472 or www.jci2.org

• SONscreen Film Festival VIII, GC Special Edition Showcase, June 26-27, – www.sonscreen.com


• Spanish From This Day Forward Marriage Conference,  Apr 17, Woodcliff Lake, NJ, – www.adventistfamilyministries.com 

• Natural Church Development Coach Training, Phase 1, May 3-5, Berrien Springs, MI – www.nadei.org/article.php?id=226

• From This Day Forward Marriage Conference, May 15, Stamford, CT –   www.adventistfamilyministries.com 

• Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program/Basic, May 16–20, Denver, CO – www.plusline.org/events

• Journey Towards Intimacy Marriage Retreat, June 4-5, Alaska Conference – www.adventistfamilyministries.com

• SEEDS Plus 2010 Pre-Conference Session, “Reaching Our Cities . . . Forward with Courage,” June 18-20, Collegedale, TN – www.NADEI.org

• K.I.D. Plant, June 18-20, Collegedale, TN – www.kidsindiscipleship.org/training

• SEEDS Plus 2010 Conference, “Reaching Our Cities . . . Forward with Courage,”  June 21-23, Collegedale, TN – www.NADEI.org

• ONE-Day Broad Spectrum Ministry Training Initiative – Pre-GC Session Adult Ministries Training Day, June 21, Atlanta, GA – 301-680-6430

• World Adventist Chaplain Summit, June 22-27, Atlanta, GA – www.nad.adventistchaplains.org

• GC Session 2010 "Proclaiming God's Grace," June 23 - July 3, Atlanta, GA – www.gcsession.org   


Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch

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