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January 22, 2010

A News and Information Service 
for Leaders in North America

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● NAD Leadership Prayer Summit
● Free Webinar: Creating Pages and Links
● Principles and Techniques of Fundraising at More than 50% Discount
● Adventist Muslim Relations Summit East
● Get the Latest on How Our Church is Responding to Haiti Earthquake
● NAD Sending More than $1 Million for Church Ministry Rebuilding in Haiti
● “Follow the Bible” Tour Arrives in NAD
● Upcoming Events




NAD LEADERSHIP PRAYER SUMMIT — Enjoy inspiration and learning from guest speakers such as John Ashcroft (former U.S. Attorney General), Mark Finley, Jose Rojas, and others, during this 3-day retreat in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in N. Carolina, Mar 7-10. 

 Contact: http://tinyurl.com/yd4y4bs to download an 8-1/2" x 11" poster about the summit. Go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qJxFDBP0fM to watch a video about the summit, and to www.plusline.org to register.

● FREE WEBINAR: CREATING PAGES AND LINKS — Jan 26, at 7 p.m. EST, or Jan 28 at 10 a.m. EST. Join Adventist Church and School Connect to discover strategies for effectively using your free website. This webinar will focus on creating and editing pages, creating links to pages on your own website, other websites, and email addresses. It will conclude with a live question and answer session.

 Contact: http://help.adventistchurchconnect.com/article.php?id=174 to learn more about it, and email support@adventistchurchconnect.com with questions about participating.

● PRINCIPLES AND TECHNIQUES OF FUNDRAISING, Mar 22 to 26, will be offered by PSI, partnering with The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University’s The Fund Raising School (TFRS). Early bird registration for this five-day course is $650 for PSI members — more than a 50% discount from the TFRS regular tuition.  Scholarships are available for those who qualify. 

 Contact: www.philanthropicservice.com for additional information.

●LEARN HOW TO SHARE JESUS CHRIST WITH MUSLIMS in a way that they can hear and be blessed. Attend the NAD Adventist Muslim Relations (AMR) Summit East, Mar 12-14, at Southern Adventist University. Guest speaker, Mark Siljander, former Congressman and author of A Deadly Misunderstanding, will relate personal experiences to help explain the common ground we share with the largest unreached people group in the world. Several national leaders in Muslim ministry will come together to share powerful tools that can help bridge the gap between Adventism and Islam. 

 Contact: Bryan Gallant at  423-368-2343, or NADAdventistMuslimRelations@gmail.com for details.  

● WONDER HOW OUR CHURCH IS RESPONDING TO THE EARTHQUAKES in Haiti? The Washington Conference is maintaining a list of a collection of news stories, reports, and updates.

 Contact: www.washingtonconference.org/haiti.

●THE NAD IS SENDING $500K OF TITHE TO HELP REBUILD THE MINISTRY OF THE ADVENTIST CHURCH in Haiti. In addition, the NAD will also send $100K of non-tithe funds. The union conferences combined have already pledged an additional $175K and that number will go up.

 A special offering for “Haiti Disaster Relief (SDA)” will be collected on Sabbath, Feb 6,  throughout the division. This offering could be used for reconstruction of Adventist churches, conferences, and schools in Haiti as well as providing for general relief needs. Bulletin inserts will be available in PDF format in time for the Feb 6 offering.

 Once the offering is taken up in February, it seems certain that the total amount from the NAD will be more
than $1 million. This is in addition to the contributions of members that have been given through ADRA and other relief agencies.

● “FOLLOW THE BIBLE” TOUR HAS COME TO NORTH AMERICAN DIVISION — It has been at the Beltsville, MD church and will be at Andrews University this weekend. It will return to NAD on May 31 and stay here until it reaches Atlanta, Ga, where the tour will culminate at GC Session. The tour, initiated by the General Conference to stimulate more interest in reading the Bible, began in the Philippines in 2008.

 Contact: www.followthebiblesda.com to learn more about the program.  Read about the visit to Andrews University at www.andrews.edu/events/event/16242/.



For a more complete list of upcoming events go to www.nadadventist.org/article.php?id=350  and www.nadadventist.org/article.php?id=487 

• Annual Health Summit in Orlando, “Optimal Health in the 21st Century,” Jan 29-Feb 7 –  www.nadhealthsummit.com or 800-732-7587

• Webinar: Reaching 21st Century Parents – They Are Ready, Are You?  Feb 9 – http://webinars.adventsource.org

• Healthy People Conference, Mar 9-10, 2010–Loma Linda University School of Public Health, Loma Linda, CA – www.healthypeopleconference.org or (800) 732-7587

• K.I.D. University, Mar 21-24, Collegedale, TN – www.kidsindiscipleship.org/training

• Journey Towards Intimacy Marriage Retreat, Mar 19-21, Nevada-Utah Conference – family@nad.adventist.org

Coach Certification Training – Part 1, Mar 23, 24, Berrien Springs, MI – www.nadei.org/article.php?id=252

• Andrews Music and Worship Conference,  Mar 25-27, 2010 – Berrien Springs, MI - www.auworshipconference.org

• Adventist Community Services Convention, Mar 28 – Apr 3, Orlando, FL -- www.communityservices.org 

• 4 EXTREMES, Just Claim It 2, YPAC Convention, Ignition, and Children’s Worship Conference, Apr 7–11, Columbus, Ohio – 301-680-6472 or www.jci2.org

• SONscreen Film Festival VIII, GC Special Edition Showcase, June 26-27, – www.sonscreen.com


• Spanish From This Day Forward Marriage Conference,  Apr 17, Woodcliff Lake, NJ, – www.adventistfamilyministries.com 

• Natural Church Development Coach Training, Phase 1, May 3-5, Berrien Springs, MI – www.nadei.org/article.php?id=226

• From This Day Forward Marriage Conference, May 15, Stamford, CT –   www.adventistfamilyministries.com 

• Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program/Basic, May 16–20, Denver, CO – www.plusline.org/events

• Journey Towards Intimacy Marriage Retreat, June 4-5, Alaska Conference – www.adventistfamilyministries.com

• SEEDS Plus 2010 Pre-Conference Session, “Reaching Our Cities . . . Forward with Courage,” June 18-20, Collegedale, TN – www.NADEI.org

• K.I.D. Plant, June 18-20, Collegedale, TN – www.kidsindiscipleship.org/training

• SEEDS Plus 2010 Conference, “Reaching Our Cities . . . Forward with Courage,”  June 21-23, Collegedale, TN – www.NADEI.org

• ONE-Day Broad Spectrum Ministry Training Initiative – Pre-GC Session Adult Ministries Training Day, June 21, Atlanta, GA – 301-680-6430

• World Adventist Chaplain Summit, June 22-27, Atlanta, GA – www.nad.adventistchaplains.org

• GC Session 2010 "Proclaiming God's Grace," June 23 - July 3, Atlanta, GA – www.gcsession.org   


Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch

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