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January 29, 2010

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● Remember the Special Disaster Relief Offering for Haiti, February 6
● enditnow Resources Delayed Due to ADRA’s Earthquake Relief Efforts
● “Lifting Up Jesus” Bible Studies Now Available In Print
● New Film, “The Adventists” on PBS Stations and DVD Soon
● New Russian Language TV Channel
● It Is Written Goes to Rome, Italy
● Hear U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black Interview on National Public Radio
● No Friday FAX Next Week
● Upcoming Events



● A SPECIAL HAITI DISASTER RELIEF OFFERING will be taken up on Sabbath, Feb 6. Most of the 335,000 Adventist members in Haiti are suffering hardships and the loss of physical well being, loved ones, homes, schools, or the economic impact of the earthquake. Many of their churches have been damaged beyond repair or totally flattened. Giving to this offering is one of the best ways right now for most of us to show our love for our Haitian brothers and sisters. 

With the special offering for Haiti Relief (SDA) coming up on February 6, some conferences and churches may wish to put up a link to give online on their websites. The link is https://appeal.nadadventist.org/Haiti and is now operational. Individuals may print out a receipt. It has the option of keeping track of what comes from each conference for those that wish or need to keep track of that figure. Forward this information to your churches

 Contact: www.nadadventist.org to get bulletin inserts and to read more about it (under “Announcements”).

enditnow IS A GLOBAL CAMPAIGN TO RAISE AWARENESS AND TO ADVOCATE for the end of violence against women and girls around the world. Before the Haiti earthquake, resources for the enditnow campaign were to have been mailed to all churches in North America. These mailings have been delayed for about three weeks because of the massive work required for the Haiti earthquake relief efforts by ADRA. Materials for enditnow are being transferred to AdventSource and should be sent in a couple of weeks. Watch for them.

● “LIFTING UP JESUS,” BIBLE LESSONS are now available in print through Color Press. They feature pictures of Jesus by renowned artist Nathan Greene and prominently display Jesus and His love.  

 Contact: www.adventistevangelism.com/prod_detail_list/18 or call 800-222-2145 to order, or order through your local ABC. Cost: US$8.95; Quantity pricing available. 

 The plain English studies as well as translations in Spanish, Russian and Chinese are still available free at: www.liftingupjesus.net. Laos and Braille editions are in process.

 Contact: www.veotag.com/player/?u=jsomapdiwl to view the author, Karen Lewis’ seminar at the 2009 Adventist Ministries Convention. 

● NEW FILM, “THE ADVENTISTS” — Journey Films is completing a film called “The Adventists.” Written and directed by Martin Doblmeier (“Bonhoeffer, the Power of Forgiveness”), it is a one-hour documentary about Seventh-day Adventists’ unique approach to health and healing. The film will begin broadcasting on PBS stations in April and will be available on DVD in February. Special screenings are now being organized across America in February and March.

● DEDICATION OF A NEW RUSSIAN ADVENTIST TV CHANNEL will take place Feb 6. The new channel, 39.3,  will be broadcast through He’s Alive Television (KHBA), which is owned and operated by eight Adventist churches in Spokane, Wash. It is designed to minister to a large Russian-speaking population in that area. 

 Contact: www.theadventiststhefilm.com to learn more. Invite your Russian-speaking friends to view the programs at: www.openbookcenter.com/smotret/tv/ (Windows users) or www.openbookcenter.com/media/ (Mac users). The program schedule is at www.openbookcenter.com/raspisanie-teleperedach-na-segodnya/. 


IT IS WRITTEN (IIW) EVANGELISTIC SERIES IN ROME BEGINS MARCH 6 — The meetings will last from Feb. 6 - Mar 6, and church members are blanketing the city with 800,000 invitations to attend. In addition, the series is also being promoted on the sides of buses, via large posters in the subways, and on the radio. This is a massive undertaking and your prayers are urgently needed! 

 Contact: www.itiswritten.com/rome.

● IF YOU MISSED THE INTERVIEW ON NPR WITH BARRY BLACK, U.S. Senate Chaplain and a Seventh-day Adventist, you can hear it at: http://tinyurl.com/ye2tet8. Check out the article at: http://tinyurl.com/yeabl62 which includes a portion from one of his books.



For a more complete list of upcoming events go to www.nadadventist.org/article.php?id=350  and www.nadadventist.org/article.php?id=487 

• Annual Health Summit in Orlando, “Optimal Health in the 21st Century,” Jan 29-Feb 7 –  www.nadhealthsummit.com or 800-732-7587

• Webinar: Reaching 21st Century Parents – They Are Ready, Are You?  Feb 9 – http://webinars.adventsource.org

• Healthy People Conference, Mar 9-10, 2010–Loma Linda University School of Public Health, Loma Linda, CA – www.healthypeopleconference.org or (800) 732-7587

• K.I.D. University, Mar 21-24, Collegedale, TN – www.kidsindiscipleship.org/training

• Journey Towards Intimacy Marriage Retreat, Mar 19-21, Nevada-Utah Conference – family@nad.adventist.org

Coach Certification Training – Part 1, Mar 23, 24, Berrien Springs, MI – www.nadei.org/article.php?id=252

• Andrews Music and Worship Conference,  Mar 25-27, 2010 – Berrien Springs, MI - www.auworshipconference.org

• Adventist Community Services Convention, Mar 28 – Apr 3, Orlando, FL -- www.communityservices.org 

• 4 EXTREMES, Just Claim It 2, YPAC Convention, Ignition, and Children’s Worship Conference, Apr 7–11, Columbus, Ohio – 301-680-6472 or www.jci2.org

• SONscreen Film Festival VIII, GC Special Edition Showcase, June 26-27, – www.sonscreen.com


• Spanish From This Day Forward Marriage Conference,  Apr 17, Woodcliff Lake, NJ, – www.adventistfamilyministries.com 

• Natural Church Development Coach Training, Phase 1, May 3-5, Berrien Springs, MI – www.nadei.org/article.php?id=226

• From This Day Forward Marriage Conference, May 15, Stamford, CT –   www.adventistfamilyministries.com 

• Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program/Basic, May 16–20, Denver, CO – www.plusline.org/events

• Journey Towards Intimacy Marriage Retreat, June 4-5, Alaska Conference – www.adventistfamilyministries.com

• SEEDS Plus 2010 Pre-Conference Session, “Reaching Our Cities . . . Forward with Courage,” June 18-20, Collegedale, TN – www.NADEI.org

• K.I.D. Plant, June 18-20, Collegedale, TN – www.kidsindiscipleship.org/training

• SEEDS Plus 2010 Conference, “Reaching Our Cities . . . Forward with Courage,”  June 21-23, Collegedale, TN – www.NADEI.org

• ONE-Day Broad Spectrum Ministry Training Initiative – Pre-GC Session Adult Ministries Training Day, June 21, Atlanta, GA – 301-680-6430

• World Adventist Chaplain Summit, June 22-27, Atlanta, GA – www.nad.adventistchaplains.org

• GC Session 2010 "Proclaiming God's Grace," June 23 - July 3, Atlanta, GA – www.gcsession.org   


Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch

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