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February 27, 2010 

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for Leaders in North America

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● A Prize for Your Thoughts
● Don’t Forget the NAD Leadership Prayer Summit
● Watch for Action Kits for enditnow™ Mailed to Churches
● Annual Religious Liberty Summit in April
● Abstracts Requested for Adventist Association of Family Life Professionals
● Free Adventist Muslim Relations Summit
● Haiti Relief Donations
● Brand New Lao Ministry
● Acclaimed Documentary Film Series, “Stained Glass,” Screening
● Road to Rome Series Updates
● New Frequency for Hope Church Channel
● Renewed and Ready Online
● New Templates for Adventist Church Connect Websites
● New Cohort for D.Min Program with Family Ministry Concentration
● Natural Remedies and Hydrotherapy 6-Day Workshop
● Upcoming Events



● A PRIZE FOR YOUR THOUGHTS — Complete a 10-minute survey, and you could win a FREE trip with Cruise With a Mission or an iPad! Survey must be completed by Mar 1. For your chance to win, go to www.adventistyouth.org to answer several questions about your church membership experience and what you value most about it. The survey should only take 10 minutes to complete. Then you will be entered into a drawing to win your choice of the two prizes offered.

 Contact: Brittany Cinquemani at
brittanyc@andrews.edu or call 800-YOUTH-2-U or 269-471-8380. The live drawing will take place at the Pioneer Memorial Church on March 11 at 11:30am.

● DON’T FORGET THE NAD LEADERSHIP PRAYER SUMMIT — Enjoy inspiration and learning from guest speakers such as John Ashcroft (former U.S. Attorney General), Mark Finley, Jose Rojas, and others, during this 3-day retreat in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains in N. Carolina, Mar 7-10.

http://tinyurl.com/yd4y4bs to download an 8-1/2" x 11" poster about the summit. Go to www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qJxFDBP0fM to watch a video about the summit, and to www.plusline.org to register.

● ACTION KITS FOR THE enditnow™ CAMPAIGN TO STOP VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, are on their way to churches. Use the kits to promote awareness of the worldwide epidemic of mental, physical, and emotional abuse against women and girls.

 Each Action Kit contains key campaign messages, an Event Guide, a Petition Starter Kit, enditnow™ buttons and wristbands, and an enditnow™ banner that can be used to attract attention to the campaign.

 It’s important to collect as many petition signatures as possible by Sept 15, toward the goal of 1 million signatures to present to the United Nations. Signatures can be collected while conducting special ministry events, concerts, or seminars at churches, or during sporting events or special programs at schools. “Some churches are using the NAD Women’s Day of Prayer (March 6) as a time for the women of the church to go into their communities and get signatures,” says Carla Baker, NAD Women’s Ministries director.

www.enditnow.org for more information or to create your own Action Kit.

●THE NEXT ANNUAL RELIGIOUS LIBERTY SUMMIT will be held Apr 9-13, in Washington D.C.

www.religiousliberty.info/article.php?id=11 for the schedule.

www.religiousliberty.info/site/1/docs/SummitRegistrationForm.pdf to register.

● THE ADVENTIST ASSOCIATION OF FAMILY LIFE PROFESSIONALS (AAFLP) WELCOMES YOUR 1-PAGE ABSTRACT with a description of your presentation for their Research Forum on Family Research and/or Family Ministries Ideas at Family Celebration Sabbath, July 18. It will be held at Andrews University in the Theological Seminary building.

 The Forum will give family professionals, scholars and Family Ministries leaders the opportunity to present scholarly research in an area of Family Studies, Family Therapy or Family Ministries Programing in order to enhance ministry to families. Papers will be peer-reviewed.

 Submission Deadline: March 15.

 Process: Submit a 500-word abstract including the title of the presentation, your full name, your professional position and the name of your employing organization to H. Peter Swanson, PhD at

 Contact: Willie Oliver, PhD, CFLE (AAFLP Executive Director) at
Willie.Oliver@nad.adventist.org for additional information or clarification.

● FREE! AN ADVENTIST MUSLIM RELATIONS SUMMIT, MARCH 12-13, at Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tenn. Attend and learn more about this work for 20 to 25 percent of the world's population. Mark Siljander, author of A Deadly Misunderstanding, will tell about his process of boldly sharing Christ from the Qur'an and the Bible with Muslim world leaders. 

NADAdventistMuslimRelations@gmail.com, 404-477-4626,  or go to www.fpii.org/serving/events/amr-summit-spring-2010/.   

● HAITI RELIEF DONATIONS — If you want to help the Seventh-day Adventist Church and members in Haiti, you can still donate online at

 ADRA is also still collecting donations for Haiti. At this juncture, Please NO collections of goods or food. “Monetary contributions from individual Americans are the best way to immediately support the relief efforts of those who are working around-the-clock to help save lives in Haiti — and will help sustain these efforts over the long term. The rebuilding process for the people of Haiti will undoubtedly be extremely difficult.” (Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano)

www.ADRA.org or 800-424-ADRA to send your contribution to ADRA’s Haiti Earthquake Response Fund.

● BRAND NEW LAO MINISTRY — There are now links to 35 Lao sermons and 2 Lao songs on NAD’s new Refugee Ministries web site.

www.refugeeministries.org. There is also a link to a Lao Adventist website which contains a Lao Bible and many more resources in the Lao language. If you have people from Laos who need spiritual enriching or influence in your conference, let them know about this through your local churches. Churches may want to include a link to this web site.

● THE NAD CHURCH RESOURCE CENTER HOSTS SCREENING OF ACCLAIMED DOCUMENTARY FILM series, “Stained Glass,” Mar 5 & 6. Stained Glass, commissioned by the Church Resource Center (Vervent) of the NAD, aims to show the pulse of a church through all the joy and heartache that congregational leadership demands. It speaks to church life, to address the question, “How do congregations redefine their role in the 21st Century?” This series goes where the camera has rarely been allowed: behind the scenes of three churches on the West Coast trying desperately to keep their relevance alive.

 Premiers: Hollywood Blvd., Friday, Mar 5, at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, Calif., and Sabbath, Mar 6, at the Grand Avenue Seventh-day Adventist Church in Oakland, Calif.

http://stainedglassfilms.org/ to learn more about the project and showings. Visit www.grandadvent.org/ to view the Grand Ave film trailer.

● THE ROAD TO ROME SERIES IS AT ITS HALFWAY POINT and your prayers are still needed!

http://rome.itiswritten.com to view the latest video updates from Pastor Shawn Boonstra, as well as text updates from Pastor Yves Monnier. The latest update features a Bible study in a barbershop!

● NEW FREQUENCY FOR HOPE CHURCH CHANNEL — As of Friday, Feb 12, the owners of the satellite that beams Hope Church Channel to North America changed the channel’s frequency.

 The new frequency for Hope Church Channel is 12084 MHz. All other parameter information remains the same.

 Contact: Hope Channel at 888-4-HOPE-TV (888-446-7388), option 2, to receive a free instruction manual for re-tuning the most common satellite receivers.

 Owners of Glorystar receivers from Adventist Satellite were to receive an automated signal update  Monday evening, Feb 15. After that date, Glorystar dish owners can call 888-393-4673 for assistance.

● RENEWED AND READY — Don’t forget to check
www.renewedandready.com for the online version of Renewed and Ready, the magazine for Adventists 50 and over.

● NEW TEMPLATES FOR ADVENTIST CHURCH CONNECT WEBSITES — ACC is now releasing one new template each month.

 Contact: www.help.adventistchurchconnect.com to view the new templates. Notice that many templates offer several variations.

 Contact: support@adventistchurchconnect.com to learn how to change your site's template. Check back often to view each month's new selection.

● ATTENTION PASTORS, FAMILY MINISTRY DIRECTORS, AND OTHER MINISTRY PROFESSIONALS — Do you have the tools to build healthy families? The Doctor of Ministry program at the Andrews Seminary will launch a new cohort in July 2010 for the Family Ministry concentration. A ministry-based project is integrated with the course work. Application deadline: April 30.

www.andrews.edu/sem/dmin/concentrations/family_ministry/index.html, call 888-717-6244, or email dmin@andrews.edu.

● THE NATURAL REMEDIES AND HYDROTHERAPY WORKSHOP will be held at Andrews University, Aug 1–6. The 6-day workshop is lim`t%a0to 60 participants so early registration is encouraged. It involves 30 hours of lectures and demonstrations along with hands-on labs. Graduate credit (2–3 credit hours) is available for MDiv or MA in Religion studln4v>

 Pastors and their spouses, health professionals and anyone who is interested in natural remedies or hydrotherapy is invited to attend this popular workshop. The workshop fee is $350. Repeat attendees and spouses are entitled to a 50 percent workshop fee discount.

www.andrews.edu/go/nrhw or e-mail fran@andrews.edu for more information.



For a more complete list of upcoming events go to www.nadadventist.org/article.php?id=350  and www.nadadventist.org/article.php?id=487 

• Healthy People Conference, Mar 9-10, 2010–Loma Linda University School of Public Health, Loma Linda, CA – www.healthypeopleconference.org or (800) 732-7587

• K.I.D. University, Mar 21-24, Collegedale, TN – www.kidsindiscipleship.org/training

• Journey Towards Intimacy Marriage Retreat, Mar 19-21, Nevada-Utah Conference – family@nad.adventist.org

Coach Certification Training – Part 1, Mar 23, 24, Berrien Springs, MI – www.nadei.org/article.php?id=252

• Andrews Music and Worship Conference,  Mar 25-27, 2010 – Berrien Springs, MI - www.auworshipconference.org

• Adventist Community Services Convention, Mar 28 – Apr 3, Orlando, FL -- www.communityservices.org 

• 4 EXTREMES, Just Claim It 2, YPAC Convention, Ignition, and Children’s Worship Conference, Apr 7–11, Columbus, Ohio – 301-680-6472 or www.jci2.org

• SONscreen Film Festival VIII, GC Special Edition Showcase, June 26-27, – www.sonscreen.com


• Spanish From This Day Forward Marriage Conference,  Apr 17, Woodcliff Lake, NJ, – www.adventistfamilyministries.com 

• From This Day Forward Marriage Conference, May 15, Stamford, CT –   www.adventistfamilyministries.com 

• Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program/Basic, May 16–20, Denver, CO – www.plusline.org/events

• Journey Towards Intimacy Marriage Retreat, June 4-5, Alaska Conference – www.adventistfamilyministries.com

• SEEDS Plus 2010 Pre-Conference Session, “Reaching Our Cities . . . Forward with Courage,” June 18-20, Collegedale, TN – www.NADEI.org

• K.I.D. Plant, June 18-20, Collegedale, TN – www.kidsindiscipleship.org/training

• SEEDS Plus 2010 Conference, “Reaching Our Cities . . . Forward with Courage,”  June 21-23, Collegedale, TN – www.NADEI.org

• ONE-Day Broad Spectrum Ministry Training Initiative – Pre-GC Session Adult Ministries Training Day, June 21, Atlanta, GA – 301-680-6430

• World Adventist Chaplain Summit, June 22-27, Atlanta, GA – www.nad.adventistchaplains.org

• GC Session 2010 "Proclaiming God's Grace," June 23 - July 3, Atlanta, GA – www.gcsession.org   


Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch

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