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Jan 6-8, NAD Adventist Radio Convention
Jan 8-11, 2017 Adventist Ministries Convention

Jan 14-15, NAD Compassion Weekend
Jan 20-22, South Atlantic Conf. Ten-Hour Basic Leadership Training
Feb 3-5, Southeastern Conference 2017 Leadership Summit
Feb 10-12, Adventist Recovery Ministry Training
Feb 10-12, South Atlantic Conference Love for a Lifetime

Feb 11-12, NAD Compassion Weekend
Feb 25-26, The One Project
Mar 3-5, Mid-America Union Children's Leadership Conference 2017

Mar 11-12, NAD Compassion Weekend
Mar 19, Global Youth Day
Mar 25, ARM Safety Sabbath
Mar 26-28, Beyond the Bottom Line
Mar 30-Apr 2, Church Planters Boot Camp
Mar 31-Apr 2, Columbia Union Young Adult Summit
Mar 31-Apr 2, Georgia Ushers Federation 39th Anniversary
Apr 2-7, Tour de Youth, "The Big Easy"
Apr 6-8, SONscreen Film Festival
Apr 7-8, Lake Region Conference Leadership Summit
Apr 7-8, South Atlantic Conf. Stewardship & Religious Liberty Convention 2017

Apr 8-9, NAD Compassion Weekend
Apr 20-22, Andrews University Music & Worship Conference 2017
Apr 22-23, Day of Hope and Compassion
Apr 23-26, NAD 2017 Human Resources Conference & Union Secretariat Council
Apr 27-30, 29th Annual GNYC Women’s Prayer Retreat
May 5-7, Oregon Men's Summit
May 5-8, Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program Session 1 2017

May 13-14, NAD Compassion Weekend
Jun 10-11, NAD Compassion Weekend
Jul 8-9, NAD Compassion Weekend

Jul 26-30, Kindred Spirit Camporee Non-Pathfinder/Non-Staff 2017
Kindred Spirit Camporee Pathfinders/Adult Pathfinder Club Staff 2017

Aug 2-5, ASI 2017 Convention
Aug 9-13, GAiN - Global Adventist Internet Network Conference

Aug 12-13, NAD Compassion Weekend
Aug 22-24, 8th World Congress for Religious Freedom
Sep 9-10, NAD Compassion Weekend

Sep 11-12, Summit on Abuse
Oct 13-17, GC Annual Council

Oct 14-15, NAD Compassion Weekend
Oct 19-21, Society of Adventist Communicators Convention
Oct 26-31, NAD Year-End Meeting
Nov 11-12, NAD Compassion Weekend
Dec 9-10, NAD Compassion Weekend
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