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September 4, 2009

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● Send Your Communicators to SAC to Enhance Awareness in Your Conference
● First HD Video from Vervent: “A Visit to Tulsa Adventist Fellowship”
● How Do People Find a Church or Learn More About It?
● GIEN for Internet Evangelism
● Innovative Impact Conference for Ministry in An Ever-Changing World
● DVDs from the 2009 “Courage to Stand” Pathfinder Camporee
● California Fires
● FFT Show on TBN Ranked #2 for the Day
● Upcoming Events


The Society of Adventist Communicators (SAC) Convention will be Oct 15-17 in Newport Beach, CA. Encourage pastors to notify the professional communicators in their church of this networking and learning opportunity.

 Contact: www.adventistcommunicator.org. Early bird registration deadline is Sept 11.

● VERVENT DOCUMENTARY IN HD — The NAD Church Resource Center has just uploaded its first high definition video documentary: “A Visit to Tulsa Adventist Fellowship.” Tulsa Adventist Fellowship adds nearly 100 new members every year. This documentary chronicles a weekend visit to the church by a pastor who heard about their remarkable growth and wanted to see how it was done.

 Executive Producer Dave Gemmell says that viewers are welcome to link to the high def video or embed it on their own website.

 Contact: www.vervent.org for the complete unedited interview with Pastor McClendon.

● WHAT DO PEOPLE DO WHEN THEY WANT TO FIND A CHURCH OR LEARN MORE about it? They look for it on the Internet! Every church in North America has a FREE web site already set up for them. Some still are not aware that they have one or have forgotten to update it. Urge your churches to check their web site regularly and to appoint a team to keep it up-to-date, interesting, inviting and informative. Very little website expertise is necessary. Training and help is available if needed.

 If a church is unaware of their web site, they should use the online church directory at www.nadadventist.org/article.php?id=55 to find it.

 To learn more about what can be added to the free sites, such as electronic “Adventist Giving,” audio or video recordings, prayer ministry, church newsletters, and more, go to www.adventistchurchconnect.com. Training events are held across NAD on an ongoing basis.
● TO LEARN MORE ABOUT CHURCH WEBSITE AND INTERNET EVANGELISM possibilities, attend the GIEN (Global Internet Evangelism Network) Forum in Orlando, FL, Sept 9-13. Onsite registration will be available.

 Contact: www.plusline.org/eventdetail.php?id=10181 for information.

● THE NEXT INNOVATIVE IMPACT CONFERENCE will be Oct 11-13 in Nashville, TN. It is for helping pastors and key members of the church leadership teams to discover practical and Spirit-directed ways to conduct ministry in a constantly changing society.

 Contact: www.plusline.org/eventdetail.php?id=10163.

● DVDS FROM THE 2009 PATHFINDER CAMPOREE are available for US$75 and include all of the daily programs plus the souvenir DVD. Individual nightly DVDs, Sabbath morning DVD, Souvenir DVD and Baptism DVD are available for US$15 each. 

 Contact: 877-721-3900, from US and Canada. For international or fax orders call 269-471-6484. Discount pricing ends Sept 15.


● CALIFORNIA FIRES — About a dozen people in one of the Adventist churches in La Crescenta had to evacuate their homes due to the threat of the wildfires in that area. Since the fire is now moving westward, they are expected to be able to return to their homes soon.

 Mesa Grande Academy in California canceled school Tuesday because of the fires in their area. Rather than sit home bored and anxious, they came together at the church and created thank-you signs to take to all the firefighters who came from all over the state to help protect them. They took them to the staging area where the base camp was set up and walked around to the firefighters who were eating dinner, cheered and waved to others, thanking them for all their hard work and posted the signs around the camp to show their community's appreciation for all that they've done.

● THE FAITH FOR TODAY SHOW FEATURING MIKE TUCKER and singer Steve Darmody that was broadcast on TBN Aug 12, came in 2nd in all of TBN’s programming for that day. TBN is the biggest Christian Network in the world. 


For a more complete list of upcoming events go to www.nadadventist.org/article.php?id=350 

• GIEN Internet Ministries Conference, Sept 9-12, Orlando, FL – www.gien.adventist.org  

• Youth & Young Adult Ministries Leadership Training/Chicago, Sept 11-12, Hinsdale, IL --

 • Children's Ministries Training, Sept 11-13, Orlando, FL – www.childmin.com 

• K.I.D. University, Sept 13-16, Collegedale, TN – 

• UCAA Vervent Worship Conference, Sept 18-19, Atlanta, GA –

• Adventist Muslim Relations Summit West, Sept 24-26, La Sierra, CA – www.plusline.org/events

• Women’s Ministry Convention, Sept 25-27, Dallas, TX – www.nadwm.org 

• "From This Day Forward" Marriage Conference, Sept 26, Minneapolis, MN –

• Portuguese NET 2009 Series, via Esperanza TV from Dallas, TX  Oct 10-17 –

• Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program- Level II, Oct 11-15, Burleson, TX – www.plusline.org/events  

• Society of Adventist Communicators, Oct 15-18, Newport Beach, CA – www.adventistcommunicator.org 

• Youth & Young Adult Ministries Leadership Training/Atlantic Union, Brooklyn, NY, Oct 17 – www.innovation2009.com

• Hispanic NET 2009 Series, Oct 24-31, via Esperanza TV from Portland, OR – www.redsecretosdelavida.com 



Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch

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