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May 29, 2009
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■ Only a Few Volunteer Tickets and Day Passes Left for Pathfinder Camporee
■ 1 Million Page Views, 100,000 Visits to The Adventist Channel in Four Months
■ Hope Channel/DirecTV Special Offer – Save up to 55% Plus Earn Bonuses
■ Public Campus Ministry Symposium at Andrews, Oct 19-22
■ New Adventist University Coming Soon
■ Voice of Prophecy for the Technically-Connected
■ Upcoming Events 


■ ONLY A FEW VOLUNTEER TICKETS AND DAY PASSES ARE LEFT for the Courage to Stand International Pathinder Camporee, Aug 10-15 in Oshkosh, Wis. Regular tickets are sold out.

 Contact: Center for Youth Evangelism at Andrews University, 800-968-8428 or www.adventistyouth.org for more information.

THE ADVENTIST CHANNEL (TAC) SITE TRAFFIC HAS DELIVERED OVER 1 MILLION page views with over 100,000 visits since Feb 2008. “I am trying to wrap my mind around the magnitude of 1 million page views and the impact we have made in the lives of our users,” says TAC coordinator Craig Jeffery. “I am truly moved at the thought of what we have been able to accomplish, and the fact that this is only the beginning is incredible!”

 Contact: www.TheAdventistChannel.com to see the kind of outreach you think TAC could be having, and how you could increase its impact with your video(s).

HOPE CHANNEL PARTNERSHIP WITH DIRECTV SPECIAL OFFER — Church members can save up to 55% by signing up for the DirecTV CHOICE package or higher. The limited time offer includes product upgrades, VIP installation, and more.

 Contact: The exclusive Hope Channel/DirecTV hotline at 888-343-5957 to get it.

 Current DirecTV customers can receive $10 off their monthly bill for 10 months for every new customer they refer, up to 10 friends a year. Members who are already DirecTV subscribers can help others find Hope and earn bonuses. They simply provide friends or neighbors with their DirecTV account number and have them call 866-GIFT-2-U (866-443-8869) to subscribe. Then these new subscribers will also receive $10 off their bill for 10 months.

 Current DIRECTV customers who have older DIRECTV equipment and can’t see Hope Channel can get an upgraded system for as little as $49 for the dish, receiver, and installation. These customers must call DIRECTV at 800-531-5000 for the Hope Channel upgrade.

 “Calls to our toll-free number have doubled. People are craving more Bible truth and, praise the Lord, we’re able to give it to them,” says Brad Thorp, Hope Channel president.

■ THE NEXT 180º SYMPOSIUM WILL FOCUS ON PUBLIC CAMPUS MINISTRY at Andrews University, Oct 19-22. Qualifications include: Passionate and creative ideas to work with those on Public College Campuses. It will be moderated by Chris Blake. One research paper 5-10 pages – APA standards, is required.

 Contact: www.180symposium.org/view.php?item_id=29 for costs and other details. Space is limited. Call or email Japhet J De Oliveira, at the Center for Youth Evangelism at 269-471-8342 or japhet@andrews.edu.

■ NEW ADVENTIST UNIVERSITY COMING SOON — Columbia Union College (CUC) will begin operating as Washington Adventist University as soon as the new name has been approved by several legal entities. Their target date is July 1.

 CUC currently offers 6 graduate degrees in the following fields: Business Administration, Counseling Psychology, Professional Counseling Psychology (Licensure), Religion, Public Administration, Nursing, and Business Leadership.

■ VOICE OF PROPHECY (VOP) IS AVAILABLE TO THE TECHNICALLY-CONNECTED — MP3 files for all broadcasts, Both the Weekend Voice and the Daily Broadcasts, starting with January, can be downloaded at www.vop.com. You can also sign up to get a once-a-week download of a full week of programs as podcasts.

 Listen to the VOP Internet Radio Station at www.Shoutcast.com. Or go to www.TheAdventistChannel.com and click on “Listen to Voice of Prophecy Radio.”The play list will soon include classic messages by H.M.S. Richards in addition to current broadcasts.

 A special version of Discover Bible Guides is available on cell phones at www.biblestudies.com/cell. Remember to link to these and other media ministries on your web site.

 There’s also a VOP application for the iPhone available from the App Store or on www.VOP.com 


For a more complete list of upcoming events go to www.nadadventist.org/article.php?id=350 

• Adventist Military Chaplains Conference, June 2-7, Andrews University and Battle Creek, MI – www.adventistchaplains.org 

• SEEDS 2009, June 10-13, Berrien Springs MI – www.NADEI.org 

• Adventist Single Adult Ministries (ASAM) Convention, July 2-4, Newport Beach, California - www.adventistsingleadultministries.org  & www.focusnyc.org 

• Family Celebration Sabbath, July 17-19, Berrien Springs, MI – www.adventistfamilyministries.com 

• ASI Convention, Aug 5-8, Phoenix, AZ - www.asiministries.org 

• Pathfinder "Courage to Stand" Camporee, Aug 11-15 - Oshkosh WI – www.camporee.org 

• Adventist Correction Chaplains Conference, Aug 26-29, New England Denominational History Tour

• Adventist Urban Congress, Aug 30-Sept 2, Dallas, TX – www.plusline.org 

• NAD Internet Ministries Conference, Sept 9-12, Orlando, FL – www.plusline.org 

• Children's Ministries Training, Sept 11-13, Orlando, FL – www.childmin.com

• Women’s Ministry Convention, Sept 25-27, Dallas, TX – www.nadwm.org 


Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch

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