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FRIDAY FAX , Special Edition
October 7, 2008
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From the editor  — This is a letter that was written by Marti Schneider, from her and Don Schneider, to tell about her husband, President Schneider’s recent surgery.

Update on NAD President Don Schneider
 By Marti Schneider – Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dear friends,

We were preparing to leave for Annual Council in Manila, plus an itinerary in Thailand and Cambodia . . . to be gone a full month. But Don sensed that his vision was slightly blurred.

“Let’s go to the ophthalmologist, even though we got the ‘all clear for a year’ word only two months before,” I urged him. “Perhaps it is a cataract . . . maybe you need new lenses . . .” But tiny changes in the field of vision test sent Don to get a new MRI.

We had a regular 6-month visit with the surgeon within days. After Dr. Aulisi viewed the films, he told Don that the cyst had re-filled and was larger than ever. “But you’re not having symptoms!”

“Like what?” we wondered.

“Like terrible headaches. Like weakness on the left side of your body. Like major loss of vision. How can I operate on a man without symptoms? Would you get a second opinion? Would you go to the surgeon with whom I trained? He’s at Harvard . . . at Boston,” proposed Aulisi.

Of course, we would.

So after walking out of Aulisi’s office on Friday, we made the appointment. On Monday we were in Boston . . . and got the same opinion . . . “Although you don’t have symptoms now, you will never know when they might hit you. You will have to have surgery. Don’t leave the country.”

So after walking out of the Boston doctor’s office we called back to Washington to Dr. Aulisi’s office again. “Yes,” his assistant said, “we’ve expected your call. Your surgery is set for Friday morning.”

Don’s surgery took place just last Friday, two days ago. Don rested in the hospital on Sabbath. And today, Sunday, he came home.

The exciting thing is . . . he is feeling good. He has no pain. He is really alert and full of life! In fact, I think he is doing better than before he went for surgery.

So what happened? Did God not hear us when we prayed before? Everybody that was ever healed by Jesus, like Lazarus who was even raised from the dead, has died. I do not serve God to keep from getting a brain tumor. I serve God because Jesus created me, and He died for me. I was healed, I truly believe. However, the cyst came again. And by God’s power and His working through Dr. Aulisi, I will soon be back to work!

Thank you for your prayers and concern. We appreciate you as part of our family!

Our love, Marti (and Don)



Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch

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