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Willard J. (Bill) Clemons, June 12, 1935 - June 5, 2008

Willard J. (Bill) Clemons, June 12, 1935 - June 5, 2008

Willard J. (Bill) Clemons, born June 12, 1935 in Elwood, Indiana. Died June 5, 2008 in McDonald, Tennessee. In 1959 Bill Clemons accepted a call to pastor for the Indiana Conference. In 1963 he took a mission call to Benghazi, Libya and was the first Protestant minister allowed to enter the country. He served as hospital chaplain and pastor of the mission church. In 1966 he became president of the Jordan Mission, living in Jerusalem, Jordan. Bill was the Church Ministries and Communication Director for the South Dakota Conference from 1969 to 1972, until he accepted a call to become head of the Bible Department at Cedar Lake Academy in Michigan. In 1973 he went back to the South Dakota Conference as pastor of the Rapid City Church. From 1976-1984 Bill served as Stewardship and Communication Director for the Ontario Conference in Canada. In 1984 Gulf States called him to be the Stewardship and Communication Director also. In 1989 he accepted a call to the Georgia-Cumberland Conference to serve as pastor for the Ringgold, Georgia Church and four years later accepted the position of pastor at the Ladd Springs/Village Chapel Churches in Georgia, where he served until retirement in 1997. Following retirement Bill served as interim pastor in several districts for the Georgia-Cumberland Conference.

The first Adventist school Bill attended was Indiana Academy (1952-1953) (he became a Seventh-day Adventist that same year). Bill graduated from Emmanuel Missionary College in 1958. In 1959 he obtained his master's at Potomac University in Takoma Park, Maryland.

Bill is survived by his wife, Barbara (Wickwire) Clemons, daughter Connie R. Solomon, sons Mark Allen and Gary E. Clemons, and two grandchildren.

A memorial service was held at the Apison Church by Greg Daniel, pastor, June 2, 2008.

Memorial Fund: Please make donations to Adventist Frontier Missions (
www.afmonline.org), Amazing Facts (www.amazingfacts.org) or 3ABN (www.3abn.org). 

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