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FRIDAY FAX  Special Edition
June 13, 2008
A News and Information Service for Leaders in North America

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■ NAD Ministries Convention, www.comeseegotell.com
■ A List of Suggestions for Donating Items Following a Disaster
■ ACC Websites are Mobi-Friendly
■ 35th Anniversary Whitecoats Reunion
■ Ben Carson to Receive Nation’s Highest Civilian Award
■ Upcoming Events


 “Come and See: Renewing the Urgent Call to New Testament Evangelism”
 January 18-21, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

 Who should attend?  Pastors with a vision for evangelism, full-time and part-time conference directors, departmental directors, and ministry professionals, lay resource specialists, and administrators of a Union or Conference.

 Brochures: Brochures are on their way through the mail to ministry leaders. Watch for them! 

 Seminars and advisories: Conference and union departmental leaders are urged to attend their seminar tracks and advisories. More information will be posted about this later.

 A first: This is the first Ministries Convention to include a special component for pastors, to help kick off the 2009 Year of Pastoral Evangelism. There will be 44 seminars in the pastors’ track and special group rates.  

 Website: Find out more about the convention, the schedule, keynote speakers, beautiful accommodations, exhibitor booths, and the surrounding area at www.comeseegotell.com



■ SUGGESTIONS FOR DONATING ITEMS FOLLOWING A DISASTER — (ACS DR) has been very busy keeping up with relief efforts following the many tornadoes, floods and fire this Spring. To help answer the many questions they receive, they have provided a list of “Suggestions for Donating Items Following a Disaster.” Please provide it to all your churches.

 Contact: www.nadadventist.org/site/1/docs/ACS_Donation_Suggestion.pdf.

■ ADVENTIST CHURCH CONNECT (ACC) WEBSITES ARE MOBI-FRIENDLY — When a mobile device accesses an ACC site, the device is automatic-ally perceived. This feature is completely integrated into ACC and it provides an exciting new way for people to discover your church or conference.

 Contact: http://www.adventistchurchconnect.com/article.php?id=93 to learn more.

 There are now 2234 ACC V2.0 sites. These sites do not require a technically-trained webmaster to update them. Almost any computer-competent church member can do the work. AdventSource provides free support to answer questions and to assist with new ventures on the sites.

 Contact: www.adventistchurchconnect.org for more information.

■ THE 35TH ANNIVERSARY WHITECOATS REUNION will be held in Frederick, Maryland, September 19-21. Please send this information out to all churches, and ask them to forward it to any known Whitecoats.

 Contact: www.nadadventist.org news section for the full story and a full-sized photo of the 2003 reunion. (Since it is on an RSS feed, it will drift off the page and the specific URL will change as other stories are added, so get and save it now.) 


■ BEN CARSON WILL RECEIVE THE PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM AWARD, the nation’s highest civilian award, for his “groundbreaking contributions to medicine and his  inspiring efforts to help America's youth fulfill their potential.”

 Contact: www.nadadventist.org, www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2008/06/20080611-2.html, www.baltimoresun.com/news/education/bal-md.carson12jun12,0,4112862.story and www.HopkinsChildrens.org  for complete details.


 A quick view of events sponsored by the North American Division. For a continually updated, more complete list, go to www.nadadventist.org/article.php?id=280.

12th International PSI Conference on Philanthropy and Leadership Symposium, June 16-19,Tucson, AZ - www.plusline.org 

“From This Day Forward/ Bermuda” Marriage Conference, June 21, Southampton, Bermuda –  www.adventistfamilyministries.com  

ACS Collaboration for Compassion, June 29 - July 5, Albuquerque, NM - www.plusline.org

Global Internet Evangelism Network (GIEN) Forum, July 9-13, Denver, CO - www.plusline.org 

K.I.D. Training, July 20-23, Collegedale, TN - www.KidsInDiscipleship.org 

ASI Convention, August 6-9, Tampa, FL - www.asiministries.org  

Spanish NET 2008, "La Esperanza es Jesús," August 10-16, Chicago, IL - www.laesperanzaesjesus.org 

• Southwestern Union Ministries Convention, “A Buffet of Ministries Training,” August 21-24, Dallas, TX - www.ministriesconvention.org


Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch

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