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FRIDAY FAX  Special Edition
May 30, 2008
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From the Editor — 
The NAD voted last November to make 2009 the Year of Pastoral Evangelism. At its Spring Meeting, the GC in turn voted 2009 the Year of Worldwide Evangelism. This special issue of Friday FAX was written by NAD Ministerial Association Director Elder Ron Clouzet, coordinator of the 2009 Year of Evangelism objective, to inform NAD leaders about more of the plans as they are taking shape.

VISION — The Seventh-day Adventist Church longs to see the day when the Spirit of God is poured upon its people and they make a priority of winning souls for Jesus! If pastors and leaders take the lead, committed laity will gladly join them to make 2009 the best Year of Evangelism ever! Pastors are challenged to do two evangelistic meetings, and the entire division is working and praying to baptize 100,000 new believers in 2009, something far above what’s been done thus far.

PLAN OF ACTION — Many conferences and unions have already acted upon this vision and set goals to increase membership by 10%. Some are reallocating much more money to empower pastors and members to do evangelism than ever before.

 This summer is the launching period for this initiative. A promotional DVD has gone to all conferences to be shown at camp meetings, and other large gatherings. This is the first division-wide attempt to create awareness among the membership. A second DVD is being created for each church and pastor in North America. This will be sent out to all the conferences later this summer. It will include a number of resources and suggestions for churches to do evangelism.

 On January 18-21, the NAD Ministries Convention (www.comeseegotell.com, website available June 2) will be held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. For the first time, pastors will be invited to attend, as the convention’s main thrust will be empowerment for pastors to do evangelism. Dozens of workshops are planned, mostly by pastors for pastors. The workshops will present practical, creative ways to do church-based evangelism. Every level of the church is encouraged to set faith-stretching funds to help interested pastors attend this convention.

 Ellen White has clearly outlined what the Church needs and how to obtain it (for example, 1SM 121 and 7T 18-22). “A revival need be expected only in answer to prayer,” she said. Plans are under way to engage the entire division in a prayer thrust to impact every single church. More information on this will be forthcoming.

LEADERSHIP INVOLVEMENT — A very encouraging number of officers and departmental leaders of a number of conferences and unions have already pledged and are making concrete plans to conduct one evangelistic meeting in 2009. Our hope is to see everyone who is able, including NAD leadership, to lead by example. We encourage you to keep this initiative up front in our publications.

 Two notable revivals that changed the face of the Church were the Millerite Movement of 1840-1844 and the renewed emphasis on Christ’s righteousness which caused a wave of revival in America from 1888-1893. Pastors and preachers are encouraged to highlight the excellencies of Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. We do not need to wait until 2009 to begin. We must remember that the Pentecost of the Early Church was the direct result of processing Calvary in their hearts and minds. Only Jesus wins the soul.

WEBSITE — A new website, www.yearofevangelism.org, has been created for this initiative. There, leaders, pastors, and members will have a chance to register their involvement either as active soul winning agents or as prayer warriors to intercede on their behalf. Everyone who will be doing evangelism is encouraged to register. As registration increases, our courage will also increase as we see God impacting more and more to engage in soul winning.

 Contents from the various DVDs will be included as well as links to helpful resources. The website should be up by the time you read this, or shortly after. Please visit it often for updates and information.



Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch

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