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April 4, 2008
A News and Information Service for Leaders in North America

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■ NET 2008 Special Broadcast, April 15 & 19
■ Three Church Planter Events Coming Soon
■ Mark Finley Featured in Adventist Preaching, Vol. 20
■ “The Passionate Preacher” Professional Growth Opportunity
■ New Sharing Tracts for Adults
■ Help Amazing Facts Test Their New Online Video Streaming
■ Upcoming Events



NET 2008 SPECIAL BROADCAST APRIL 15 & 19 to introduce Discoveries ‘08 with Mark Finley — This broadcast will help people understand what to expect when Discoveries ‘08 begins this fall. Church members, pastors, and leaders are urged to watch this live program with Pastor Finley to learn how they can benefit from the brand new evangelistic approaches that Discoveries '08 will feature. There will be inspiring music and dynamic preaching suitable for a Sabbath church service or Sabbath afternoon viewing by church members.

 Contact: www.hopetv.org/evangelism or 888-393-HOPE to register for this introductory program. If you want to register for the Discoveries '08 series, October 24 - November 29, go to www.Discoveries08.org  or call 800-ACN-1119.

■ THREE CHURCH PLANTER EVENTS are planned for people interested in church planting:

 Church Planters Exchange, May 1-3, in Greeley, Colorado. A chance to learn from other planters about what is working and what is not.

 SEEDS Pre-Conference, June 9-11, at Andrews University. For conference Church Planting Directors and Coaches.

 SEEDS 2008, June 11-14, at Andrews University. Everyone is welcome at this conference to learn about church planting.

 Contact: www.nadadventist.org and click on the events under “Calendar of Events” in the right hand column to learn about the fascinating tracks and seminars.

JUST RELEASED: “EMPOWERED BY THE SPIRIT,” Adventist Preaching, Vol. 20 — This is Mark Finley’s 5-part revival series for churches that plan to participate in the NET 2008, “Discoveries 08.”

 Sermon titles are: When the Spirit Falls, Living the Spirit-filled Life, Strange Fire on Church Altars, Pentecost Repeated, End Time Symbols of the Spirit. Also included is a personal interview with the Finleys and a bonus piece, “Five Keys to Successful Evangelism.”

 Contact: www.acn.info or www.adventsource.org, or call
 800-328-0525 to order. 2-DVD sets: $24.95 + sh/h. (This set is FREE to all sites that register for “Discoveries 08" by June 1.)

THE PASSIONATE PREACHER will be LIVE on the Hope Channel, 1 - 4:30 pm EDST, April 22. This PREACH Seminar via satellite is an initiative of the GC Ministerial Association. It offers clergy of all denominations the opportunity for professional growth, dialogues, practical sharing, and fellowship. Clergy from anywhere in the world can watch and phone or email questions during the program.

 Contact: www.ministerialassociation.com/preach

TRUTH UNFOLDED, A NEW SHARING SERIES FOR ADULTS — They are  lighthearted and have a simple format, intended for spreading the truth about various Bible beliefs. They have leading titles such as “Birthday Switcheroo,” and “Operation Deep Sleep.” On the last page they elaborate on what the Bible says specifically about the subject, and give the website at www.TruthUnfolded.com. That’s  where the reader can find an in-depth look at each subject, find further study materials, enroll in Bible studies, or ask specific questions about the Bible. There are six  tracts in the series. US$8.99/100.

 Contact: www.AdventistBookCenter.com or your local ABC to order.

AMAZING FACTS NOW  BROADCASTING 24/7 — Help Amazing Facts test their new online video streaming. For the next three months, the web site will be in beta testing to ensure that programming and additional website features are available and working well. Submit your feedback with the “Contact Us” link.

 Recent studies have shown that more people – especially those in their 20s and 30s – are turning to their computers to get their news, TV programs, and movies. Amazing Facts is posting a growing library of selections each month to provide spiritual food for the under-30s and the potential worldwide audience.

 Contact: www.AmazingFacts.tv



 A quick view of events sponsored by the North American Division. For a continually updated, more complete list, go to www.nadadventist.org/article.php?id=280.

• 2008 SONscreen Film Festival IV,  "Changing the World, 24 frames per Second," April 10-12, Simi Valley, CA - www.sonscreen.com  

• 4th Annual HR Conference, April 16, 17, Greensboro, NC - www.nadadventist.org 

Ministry Professional Growth Seminar, “The Passionate Preacher,” April 22, Live via the Hope Channel and www.ministerialassociation.com 

Church Planters Exchange, May 1-3, Greeley CO – www.churchplanterxchange.com 

Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program Level I, May 4-9, Gladstone, OR - www.plusline.org 

Adventist Single Adult Ministries Leadership Conference, May 10, 11, Winter Park, FL - www.plusline.org 

Joint Military/Correctional Chaplains Associations Annual Conference, May 18 - 23, New England - www.adventistchaplains.org  


Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch

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