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March 21, 2008
A News and Information Service for Leaders in North America

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■ Volunteers Sought for SONscreen Film Festival
■ “theFlow,” New Youth Social Networking Site
■ Tutoring Missions for Community Outreach
■ Slavic Language Church Services Live on the Internet
■ New Guide Creation/Evolution Info Center
■ Upcoming Events



■ VOLUNTEERS FOR FILM FESTIVAL — SONscreen Festival leaders are looking for volunteers to help with the Festival, April 10-12 in Simi Valley, California.

 People with organizational and people skills are needed to help with registration and other duties. Two experienced camera operators are needed for recording the Awards Gala Saturday night. Photographers to capture different aspects of the festival including the Sabbath afternoon panel and the Awards Gala on Saturday night, are also needed.

 Contact: www.sonscreen.com/article.php?id=15 and scroll down to the Volunteer Information Sheet.  Volunteers get free festival-provided meals and screening tickets.  For ticket information and schedule visit  www.SONscreen.com.

■ “theFLOW,” NEW YOUTH SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE — Just released by Insight magazine is "theFlow,” where people “dive into the Water of Life." Youth can create their own profiles, upload videos, start discussions, join groups, and more.

 “theFlow” receives a lot of traffic from non-church members and is open to anyone looking for answers – not just Adventist youth. Relationships are the key to discipleship and ministering to the most basic need for companionship and friendship.

 Contact: www.insightmagazine.ning.com to join theFlow.

■ TUTORING MISSIONS FOR COMMUNITY OUTREACH — The Office of Volunteer Ministries (OVM), in collaboration with Adventist Community Services (ACS), coordinates about 70 tutoring sites in various stages of development where volunteers mentor children and tutor them in reading skills. These sites can be conducted in a variety of settings including ACS Centers, churches, Adventist schools and public community centers.

 OVM conducts certification training of site directors using a curriculum developed in conjunction with Andrews University School of Education. Each site director recruits and trains volunteers as part of the ACS operational model of community empowerment. The program operates as part of the National Alliance for Youth program, linking our tutoring sites to public grant funding and networking with many local community agencies.

 A certification track for Tutoring and Mentoring will be offered at the ACS Convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 29 - July 5.

 Contact: Sandra Brown at 800-331-2767 #3, 301-680-6490, sandra.brown@nad.adventist.orgwww.hesaidgo.net, or www.communityservices.org for more information, scheduled training, and locations.

■ SLAVIC LANGUAGE CHURCH SERVICES LIVE ON THE INTERNET — The Open Door Russian language television ministry has been broad-cast on Adventist-operated KHBA-TV in Spokane, Washington since June 2005. Sermons by Spokane Slavic church Pastor Volodymyr Nesteruk have been broadcast over the Hope Channel Europe (HCE) for more than a year. But now a live church service can be seen every Sabbath afternoon at 2 p.m. PDST, and anyone in the world can watch. Nesturuk also traveled to the Ukraine in September, 2007, and recorded 30 half-hour segments of an evangelistic series in the Ukrainian language, which will also soon be aired on HCE.

 Contact: www.openbookcenter.com for the services. – From Feb. 2008 North Pacific Union Gleaner, www.gleaneronline.org/103/2/34540.html

■ NEW GUIDE CREATION/EVOLUTION INFO CENTER has many links to sites that kids will find both entertaining and informative on the subject of creation and evolution. There is even a link to a radio drama series for kids devoted to this subject! It provides a resource for kids working on school projects related to the subject of creation and evolution.

 Contact: www.guidemagazine.org/extrapages/creation.asp. Watch videos at www.guidemagazine.org 


 A quick view of events sponsored by the North American Division. For a continually updated, more complete list, go to www.nadadventist.org/article.php?id=280.

• Adventist Campus Chaplains Conference, March 26 - 29, Kettering, OH - www.adventistchaplains.org

Andrews University Music and Worship Conference, March 27-29, Berrien Springs, MI -

• 2008 SONscreen Film Festival IV,  "Changing the World, 24 frames per Second," April 10-12, Simi Valley, CA - www.sonscreen.com

• 4th Annual HR Conference, April 16, 17, Greensboro, NC - www.nadadventist.org 

* Ministry Professional Growth Seminar, “The Passionate Preacher,” April 22, Live via the Hope Channel and www.ministerialassociation.com 

* Church Planters Exchange, May 1-3, Greeley CO – www.churchplanterxchange.com 

* Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program Level I, May 4-9, Gladstone, OR - www.plusline.org 

* Adventist Single Adult Ministries Leadership Conference, May 10, 11, Winter Park, FL - www.plusline.org 



Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch

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