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Available through the ABC at 800-765-6955 or

Jewish Heritage Book
Twenty-two fascinating chapters of biblical history and lessons plus 25 rich Jewish tradition sections on 368 jam-packed pages with close to 50 beautifully rendered professional color works of art and over 20 powerful true modern stories. Available from AdventSource

Steps to Shalom
Even in our fast-paced lives, with our problems and stresses, we can find happiness, hope, and peace – shalom. This small, power-packed book will help lift you up and encourage you in your walk through life. Available from AdventSource

Shema Israel Course
Series of lessons that covers important Bible truths.

The Mystery of Israel
Doukhan unravels the mystery of Israel by taking a closer look at the scriptural evidence and reveals how careless use of Scripture can spawn anti-Semitism.

Secrets of Daniel
Jacques Doukhan re-creates the world of Babylon, explains obscure allusions, and finds hidden patterns within the prophecies clarifying their meaning. His knowledge of the original languages makes this book a valuable assist.

Secrets of Revelation
The book of Revelation can only properly be understood with a thorough understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures. This book unveils the analogies and quotes from the Hebrew Scriptures that Revelation is filled with.

Flee the Captor
John Henry Weidner, a hero of the holocaust, saved the lives of 800 Jewish people. Weidner braved imprisonment and torture for his efforts.

The Clifford Goldstein Story
The story of a Jewish intellectual who refuses to believe in God until one day the Lord touches his heart with love.

Available from AdventSource at or 402.486.8800

Reaching and Winning Your Jewish Friends
Practical steps on how to share God’s love with your Jewish friends and relatives. Insights about Jewish history. Knowledge of Jewish life events such as the bris, bar/bat mitzvah, weddings, etc., as well as the yearly cycle of holidays and which gifts are appropriate at which event.

Available from

Israel Its Captivity and Restoration
Travel through time with Israel from the time of King Solomon to the greatest king of Israel. Many insights from our history will spring forth as we see them apply to today.

Ultimate Passover DVD
Experience the Passover through the lives of a family eating the first Passover in Egypt, the disciples and Y’shua participating in the Last Supper Passover, and a modern family celebrating the Passover. Filmed on location in Israel, Egypt, and the U.S.

The Source of Peace
Has your well run dry? Are you looking for something better than what you have been experiencing in life? Find out about the never ending source of peace in this beautifully profound book.

The Quest of a Jew
Samuel Srolovic Jacobson shares his quest for purpose and truth. Samuel dug deep into his soul and heart as he sought to follow God’s divine plan for his life.

L’Chayim – To Life
A stimulating book that will open new vistas and bring exciting rewards. This book expands and deepens the principles learned in the Jewish Heritage Scripture Studies.

Twice Chosen
Fifteen moving stories of faith. Personal stories of people on a spiritual journey. Find out what finally brought satisfaction and meaning to their Jewish Heritage.

Persecution: Can it Happen Here?
We have lived as a persecuted people from the very beginning. Have times changed or will history repeat itself? Find out in this fascinating book on what lies ahead and how to be ready for it.


Shalom Review e-newsletter tells stories of what God is doing in the lives of Jewish people and how He is drawing them to the Messiah. You will also find out where and when speaking engagements are taking place, and also how you can minister to your Jewish friends. Subscribe

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