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Satellite Revival Series 2008

Satellite Revival Meetings 2007 DVDs

Satellite Revival Series 2008

NET 2008:  Discoveries '08

October 24 to November 29, 2008, every night except Monday and Thursday
World-renowned evangelist Mark Finley will be the speaker

"Discoveries '08" will take you on a Christ-centered journey through the teachings of the Bible, exploring the past, present and future. It will feature powerful biblical preaching with graphics and specially-designed response sheets. You will enjoy the best in  Adventist music. Viewers will have access to an interactive chat room, and can listen or participate in live, call-in question and answer sessions. It will be uplinked live, via satellite, from Orlando, Florida. 

Click here to download promotion flier

On April 15 and 19 there will be a special broadcast to introduce Discoveries '08. Pastor Finley will describe what to expect when Discoveries '08 begins in October. Check back later for details.


1) Register by June 1 to receive the free "Empowered by the Spirit" series
2) Get a satellite dish installed and learn how to use it
3) Show "Empowered by the Spirit" series, and the "Five Keys to Successful Evangelism" training tool to your congregation
4) Begin special prayer groups and sessions for ongoing prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit to prepare the hearts and minds of the church members and those who attend the meetings
5) Learn to look at your church through the eyes of people who visit it
6) Carefully follow the instructions set forth in the Registration Packet which will be sent to all who register

In order to show the Adventist Satellite Programming series you will need the correct satellite dish, which can be purchased for less than US$200. You will find more information at the bottom of this page.

"Empowered By the Spirit"  series —  All who register by June 1 will receive a registration packet which will include a free 2-DVD revival series by Pastor Mark Finley, "Empowered by the Spirit." The set will include a bonus feature, "Five Keys to Successful Evangelism," which will be a valuable training tool for all who are preparing to reap a harvest by participating in Finley's full-message NET series, Discoveries '08, beginning October 24. 

Your church can have the same experience as those at Forest Lake where the "Empowered By the Spirit" series was recorded, when you use the revival series as a pre-NET event. The five sermons are currently free to all registered sites, or can be purchased as Volume 20 of "Adventist Preaching" for US$24.95 if ordered from www.AdventSource.org (or 800-238-0525), www.acn.info (or 800-ACN-1119). The series, filmed at the Forest Lake Church in Orlando, Florida, drew an attendance that grew with each meeting until there was standing room only. Pastor Finley believes that members who prepare their own hearts first are best equipped to share Jesus with others, and he suggests that each church find a convenient time in their calendar to hold the series.

Promotion: In March, 2008, every Seventh-day Adventist church pastor in North America will receive a promotional packet about the NET 2008 series. 


Registration Packets: Registration packets will be sent out beginning April 1 to those who have registered. Begin visiting www.Discoveries08.org to learn about the series, its organization and resources. Both church and home hosts may register. You can also register as a host site for the series at www.acn.info or by calling 800-ACN-1119.

Churches and home hosts should register as soon as possible in order to have time to conduct the pre-revival series yet this Spring. Go to www.Discoveries08.org, www.acn.info, or call 800-ACN-1119.

Discoveries '08 websites:
www.Discoveries08.org  (registration host resources)
www.acn.info, 800-ACN-1119  (registration, equipment sales, technical assistance)
www.adventistSat.com  (equipment sales)
www.AdventistEvangelism.com  (print orders
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 Hispanic NET Revival Meetings 2008:

La Esperanza es Jesus, Part 1 (Check back soon for information in Spanish)
Chicago La Red, 1

August 10-17, 2008
Alejandro Bullon will be the speaker, live from Iglesia Central Hispana de Chicago. This series will serve the Central Time Zone live but repeat broadcasts are also planned. To register your church, visit website, www.laesperanzaesjesus.org. Registration is the only way to receive the promotion materials. Find it on the Esperanza Channel.  (See below for satellite dish information.)

La Esperanza es Jesús, 1
Agosto 10-17, 2008
En VIVO, desde la Iglesia Central en Chicago, IL con el Evangelista Alejandro Bullón. La serie será trasmitida durante la hora Centro y será retransmitida. Para registrar a su iglesia, visite la pagina web, www.laesperanzaesjesus.org. Solo los que se registren recibirán el material promocional. El programa será transmitido por Esperanza TV. (La información sobre el satélite esta en la parte baja)

La Esperanza es Jesus, Part 2 
Phoenix La Red

September 13-20, 2008
Pastor Alejandro Bullon will continue the Chicago series in Phoenix in September. It will be uplinked from the Celebrity Theater at 7:30 pm in the Pacific Time Zone. Repeat broadcasts are also being planned. To register your church, visit website, www.peranzaesjesus.org. Registration is the only way to receive the promotion materials. Find it on the Esperanza Channel.  (See below for satellite dish information.)

La Esperanza es Jesús 2

Septiembre 13-20, 2008
La Red 2008 con el Pastor Alejandro Bullón desde Phoenix AZ.  La Red se transmitirá en VIVO desde el teatro Celebrity a las 7:30 pm hora del pacifico. La retransmisión se llevara acabo el día siguiente. Para registrar a su iglesia o grupo pequeño, visite la siguiente pagina web, www.laesperanzaesjesus.org. Solo los que se registren recibirán el material promocional. El programa será transmitido por Esperanza TV. (La información sobre el satélite esta en la parte baja)
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Amazing Adventure for Children
September 12-20, 2008

Presented by Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts and Bible Answers Live radio programs. The Amazing Adventure will be filmed and broadcast live via satellite over Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) around the world. For those who do not have a satellite dish, it will also be available as a live stream through the Amazing Facts web site at www.AmazingFacts.org.

Aimed at reaching children with the gospel and grounding them in God’s Word, Amazing Adventure will include exciting illustrations, interactive Bible questions, stirring music, and powerful gospel messages especially for young people. Children will learn about young Bible heroes like David, Samuel, Daniel, Josiah, and others that will encourage today’s kids to stand up for biblical principles in the face of mounting peer pressure in their lives. And most importantly, the series will highlight a strong personal relationship with the most amazing person in the Bible, Jesus Christ.

To learn how to get a satellite dish so you can watch 3ABN and other Christian satellite broadcasts, see below.
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 Satellite Dish Information: (No monthly fees!)

Satellite dishes are needed for both English and Hispanic series

Adventist Communication Network (ACN):
ACN at Adventist Information Ministry (AIM) handles the customer service needs for the NETs. Call 800-ACN-1119. Equipment sales and service are also found at the same number. ACN@AIM provide a complete satellite system that includes the Hope Channel,  Loma Linda Broadcasting Network, Esperanza TV, 3ABN English and Latino, LifeTalk Radio, 3ABN Radio, and Radio 74. To order or receive technical advice or assistance call 1 800 ACN 1119 (1 800 226 1119) Option 3, or visit www.acn.info.

Adventist Satellite, official distribution partner for the Hope Channel, Esperanza TV, 3ABN English, 3ABN Latino, Loma Linda Broadcasting Network, LifeTalk Radio, 3ABN Radio, Radio 74, SafeTV, the Inter-American Division and the General Conference: They have distribution offices in the U.S., Canada and Mexico providing a new Christian satellite service that includes all the Adventist Broadcast channels; SafeTV, Hope Channel, 3ABN English, 3ABN Latino, Loma Linda Broadcasting Network, Esperanza TV, Life Talk Radio, 3ABN Radio and Radio 74, in a package that has a total of 50 Christian channels and No Monthly Fees. Package price is $199+s/h. For more information, visit http://www.esperanzasat.com or call 1 866 447 5007 or 1 916 218 7469.
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Antena Parabólica: (¡No hay pagos mensuales!)
Las antenas parabólicas son necesarias para las transmisiones en Ingles y español.
La Red de Comunicación Adventista (ACN): el ACN Ministerio de Informaciones Adventista (IAM) maneja las necesidades del servicio al cliente que usa las redes de comunicación. Llame a 800-ACN-1119. La venta de los equipos y el servicio también serán atendidas en el mismo número. ACN y AIM provee un sistema de satélite completo que incluyen los Canales Hope,  Loma Linda, Esperanza TV, 3ABN en Inglés y en Español, la emisora radial Life Talk, radio 3ABN y radio 74. Para ordenar o recibir asistencia técnica, favor de llamar al 1 800 ACN 1119 (1 800 226 1119) Opción 3, o visite www.acn.info.

El Satélite Adventista, socio oficial de distribución para Hope Channel, Esperanza TV, los canales oficiales de la iglesia, mas otros canales adventistas, 3ABN (Inglés), 3ABN latino, Loma Linda Broadcasting Network, Life Talk radio, 3ABN radio,  74 radio, Safe TV, la División Interamericana y la Conferencia General:  Ellos tienen las oficinas de distribución en los Estados Unidos, Canadá y México, proporcionando un nuevo servicio crisitano satelital que incluye a todos los canales Adventistas:  Hope Channel, Esperanza TV, Loma Linda Broadcasting Netwok, Safe TV, Life Talk radio, 3ABN en ingles y 3ABN Latino, 3ABN radio y Radio 74, en un paquete que tiene en suma 50 canales cristianos y ningún honorario mensual.  El precio del paquete es de $199  mas envío.  Para mas información, visite: http://www.esperanzasat.com  ó llame a:  1 866 447 5007 ó 1 916 218 7469.
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Satellite Revival Meetings 2007:

NET 2007: "HeartQuest: Finding the One Who Has Loved You All Along"
Click here for information about how to purchase DVDs of the NET 2007 series
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