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February 22, 2008
A News and Information Service for Leaders in North America

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■ HeartQuest now on DVD
■ HeartQuest Spiritual Retreat Weekends
■ SkyAngel to Cease Broadcasting. Satellite Dish Special
■ 5th Annual Music and Worship Conference
■ New LEAD Magazine for Adult and Young Adult Sabbath School Teachers
■ Upcoming Events



■ HEARTQUEST NOW ON DVD — Now you can show HeartQuest in your home, church or fellowship hall on your own schedule. Or give it as a gift to shut-ins, nursing homes or prisons. NET 2007, “HeartQuest: Finding the One Who Has Loved You All Along,” is different from past NET series. It contains a more contemporary biblical message emphasizing Jesus’ love, acceptance and forgiveness.

 Introductory price: US$59.95 for all 13 programs on 5 DVDs.

 Contact: www.nadadventist.org/article.php?id=296 for ordering information, or call Seminars Unlimited, 800-982-3344; AdventSource, 800-328-0525; or Faith for Today, 888-940-0062.

■ HEARTQUEST SPIRITUAL RETREATS — Because of so many positive responses to HeartQuest, Pastor Mike Tucker decided to take it on the road with “HeartQuest Spiritual Retreat Weekends.”  The first one will be held in Portland, Oregon, May 2-4.

 If you would like to arrange a HeartQuest Spiritual Retreat Weekend for your conference or union, or would like to attend one, contact Ruth Metcalf, 805-955-7683.

■ SKYANGEL WILL CEASE ALL BROADCASTING ON APRIL 1 — To continue receiving wholesome programming, Adventist Satellite is providing a complete satellite system upgrade that includes the following Adventist broadcasters: Hope Channel, 3ABN English, Loma Linda Broadcasting Network, Esperanza TV, 3ABN Latino, LifeTalk Radio, 3ABN Radio & Radio 74. Package prices at $179 + SH and there are no monthly fees.

 Contact: 866-552-6882 or 916-218-7806, M-Th 8-5 pm and Fri 8-4 pm PT, or www.adventistsat.com to order. Send questions to sales@adventistsat.com

■ 5TH ANNUAL ANDREWS UNIVERSITY MUSIC AND WORSHIP CONFERENCE,  March 27-29 — One the 2008 Vervent Worship Conferences, the special focus this year is on the relationship between biblical worship and culture. This practical and inspirational training event is for worship leaders, pastors, church musicians, and lay leaders involved in worship ministry. Featured presenters include Roberta King, Jon Dybdahl, R. Clifford Jones, Lilianne Doukhan, and The Ambassadors. The conference aims to inspire you to honor God more fully in your worship, to be equipped to minister more effectively through worship and worship music, and help you to connect with others who share your passion for God and your desire to serve Him. Take this opportunity to grow in your ministry.

 Contact: www.auworshipconference.org or call (800) 968-8528 for a complete list of presenters, workshops, and worship experiences, and to register.

NEW LEAD MAGAZINE TO HELP TEACHERS OF ADULT AND YOUNG ADULT Sabbath Schools — LEAD, an acronym for Leadership, Education, Advent, Discipleship, is published by the Review and Herald Publishing Association, and replaces Sabbath School Leadership.

 LEAD carries two full sets of programs for adults: the standard format carried over from Sabbath School Leadership, plus "A.M. Buzz," prepared for young adults, age 18-35, and the postmodern mindset and those who work closely with them.

 There are sections that provide training for Sabbath school coordinators, sections on church history, exegesis and hermeneutics, a "Hands On" section to address the tactile-kinesthetic learning mode, and Bible study aids for the mentally challenged.

 Contact: https://www.reviewandherald.com/sub_services/order_form.asp?edition=10&action=new. Cost: US$34.95 for 4 quarterly issues.



 A quick view of events sponsored by the North American Division. For a continually updated more complete list, go to www.nadadventist.org/article.php?id=280.

• 5th International Conference on Vegetarian Nutrition (ICVN) (for health professionals), March 4-6, Loma Linda, CA - www.vegetariannutrition.org

• Adventist Nutrition Conference, (for anyone) March 6-8, Loma Linda, CA -

Seventh-day Adventist Healthcare Chaplains Association Annual Conference, March 6-12, Pittsburgh, PA - www.adventistchaplains.org

“From This Day Forward/Miami” Marriage Conference, March 8, Miami, FL –  www.adventistfamilyministries.com

• Adventist Campus Chaplains Conference, March 26 - 29, Kettering, OH - www.adventistchaplains.org

Andrews University Music and Worship Conference, March 27-29, Berrien Springs, MI - www.auworshipconference.org



Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch

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