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Friday FAX, 12-07-07
December 7, 2007
A News and Information Service for Leaders in North America

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■ NAD-Wide Communion Service
■ Power of Prayer 2008: “Empower Us, Lord!”
■ Week of Devotion, “The Matchless Charms of Christ”
■ No More Oakwood College
■ “Christmas at Cadillac Jack’s”
■ Seeker Sense and Sensitivity
■ Katrina Home Makeovers
■ Adventist Heritage Theme Collector’s Album
■ Upcoming Events


■ NAD-WIDE COMMUNION SERVICE --- Join with your NAD church family on Friday evening, December 28, for a division-wide communion service. It will be uplinked live from the Adventist Media Center in Simi Valley, California. NAD President Don Schneider will lead out, with other NAD leaders and special musicians participating.

 Contact: www.nadadventist.org for details and downloadable ads or bulletin inserts.

■ THE POWER OF PRAYER, 2008: “EMPOWER US, LORD!” January 4, 5 will be facilitated by Joseph Kidder, from Andrews Theological Seminary. It will be streamed live from the Forest Lake Church in Apopka, Florida. Afterwards it may be viewed at www.forestlakechurch.org.

 Contact: Sabine Vatel at 407-869-0680 or svatel@forestlakechurch.org if you need more information.

■ WEEK OF DEVOTION, JANUARY 12-19 --- Loma Linda Broadcasting Network (LLBN-TV) will broadcast “The Matchless Charms of Christ,” to be presented by 13 senior pastors and leaders of Adventist colleges and universities in the North American Division. The programs will be broadcast live from the Loma Linda University Church.

 Contact: www.llbn.tv and www.lluc.org for more information.

 ■ NO MORE OAKWOOD COLLEGE--- As of January 1, Oakwood will become Oakwood University. The first graduate degree will be a Masters of Arts in Pastoral Studies.

 Contact: www.oakwood.edu to learn more about Oakwood.

■ CHRISTMAS AT CADILLAC JACK’S, the NAD 2008 Christmas program on television, will be broadcast by TBN, the Hallmark Channel, and HopeTV.

 Contact: www.nadadventist.org and click on the relevant link in the center of the home page for the schedule in your area.

■ SEEKER SENSE AND SENSITIVITY --- Have “they” been doing it all wrong? The November 29 edition of AR InTouch, the Adventist Review’s online edition, features an article about a “Shocking Confession” from Willow Creek’s leaders. If you have ever been to Willow Creek, or ever used or questioned their methods, you will want to read about this and other news and issues, such as: The nurturing of 38,000+ new members, “Girls Gone Wild...,” breast cancer aftermath, where to find good classical and sacred music, and more.

 Contact: www.adventistreview.org where you can also subscribe to AR InTouch.

■ KATRINA HOME MAKEOVER --- Sung Kwon, Adventist Community Services Director for NAD, and a group of 16 members of the Washington-Spencerville Korean church in the Chesapeake Conference, went to New Orleans during Thanksgiving week to work on the Katrina Community Rebuilding Projects.

 Much help is still needed in the Katrina aftermath, to help people get back into their homes and businesses.

 Contact: www.nadadventist.org and read the news story to learn more about how your church groups and schools can help.

■ “THE COLLECTED WORKS OF PIONEER PREACHERS,” a collector’s album from Adventist Preaching, is a timeless resource for a glimpse at early-Adventist preaching. It shows six sermons and two health presentations which were written and delivered at significant times by pioneers of the Adventist Church, all reenacted in period costume and filmed at the old Battle Creek Sanitarium.

 Adventist Preaching’s Annual Holiday Sale is now in progress and will continue through December 31.  Savings up to 32% are offered on complete sets of 17 volumes.

 Contact: www.acn.info. 


 A quick view of events sponsored by the North American Division

* Cruise With a Mission, December 16-23, Carribean cruise: Florida, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico - www.cruisewithamission.org

* Generation of Youth for Christ, December 19-23, Minneapolis, Minnesota - http://gycweb.org/conference

* Christmas Mission Trip, "Impact Taiwan," December 24 - January 5 - http://www.wcycs.org/main/main.asp

* Publishing Year-End Convention, "Receiving & Releasing the Power Now!" December 27-30, Atlanta, Georgia

* NAD-Wide Communion Service, December 28,  Hope Channel uplinked live from the Adventist Media Center, Simi Valley, California - http://www.nadadventist.org

* Power of Prayer 2008: “Empower Us, Lord!” January 4, 5 - Streaming video - www.forestlakechurch.org




Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch



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