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Friday FAX, 07-06-07
July 6, 2007
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■ Scholarships Still Available for Addictions Ministries Conference
■ 60th ASI Convention Online Registration Closes July 25
■ ‘07 Revive! “Here We Stand: Foundations of Our Faith” Satellite Evangelism
■ Loma Linda University and Medical Center Outreach Featured on New Show
■ Helping Hurting Members” Handbook for Pastors and Other Helping Professionals
■ See US Senate Chaplain Barry Black Online
■ Adventist Hospital Conquers Emergency Department Wait
■ Upcoming Events


SCHOLARSHIPS STILL AVAILABLE — The NAD Education Department and the Ministerial Association still have funds for those interested in receiving scholarships to the Addictions Ministries Conference at Andrews University, July 12-15.

 Contact: Teachers please contact Dr. Larry Blackmer at 301-680-6445, and pastors contact Mona Karst at 301-680-6418. Go to www.addictionministry.org for more information.

REGISTER ONLINE FOR THE ASI CONVENTION until July 25. The 60th Adventist-laymen’s Services and Industries International Convention will be held August 1-4 in Louisville, Kentucky.

 Contact: www.asiministries.org to register, to download the brochure, and for hotel information.

‘07REVIVE! “HERE WE STAND: FOUNDATIONS OF OUR FAITH” will be a 10-day series, September 7-15, with Doug Batchelor. It will be uplinked from the Michigan Convention Center in Lansing, and broadcast live on 3ABN worldwide via satellite in English. Spanish and Portuguese. It will be held in conjunction with an Empowered Church Theological Symposium jointly sponsored by Amazing Facts and the Michigan Conference. Special evangelistic training programs will be offered for pastors and church lay leaders who want to help prepare and empower God’s church for revival and growth.

 The series will address many issues and emphasize standing firmly on the Bible-based doctrines of God’s remnant church. Key teachings such as the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14, the law and the gospel, the return of Christ, the Sabbath, state of the dead, the sanctuary, health message, and the spirit of prophecy, will be highlighted.

 Contact: www.07revive.com or call 800-538-7275 for more information on the ’07 Revive! meetings and theological symposium. Registration is not required but online registrants will receive special online access to materials prepared specifically to help promote the event in your area.

 3ABN and these meetings, as well as other Adventist satellite-broadcast television and radio can be received via one satellite dish.

 Contact: www.heartquest.info/host or 800-226-1119, 4 to order.

“LOMA LINDA 360 Degrees” is a new show on LLBN-TV shows viewers the worldwide action of Loma Linda University and LLU Medical Center staff, students and patients.

 LLBN has satellite coverage on every inhabited continent of the globe, reaching millions of people via the same satellite dishes used to receive Hope TV, ATN, Esperanza, 3ABN, and LifeTalk Radio.

 Contact:  www.llu.edu/360 to watch the show on the Internet, to order a DVD of the show, or to learn about future shows. Or, watch it on LLBN’s website during scheduled air times at www.llbn.tv.

 To get a satellite dish (on sale while supplies last), contact AIM Satellite Ministry (formerly ACN) at 800-226-1119, 4, or go to www.heartquest.info/host

HELPING HURTING MEMBERS, a Handbook for Pastors and Other Helping Professionals — This guide for solution-focused, Bible-based action includes an overview, key definitions and intervention strategies for spiritual encouragement. Help members struggling with addictions, adultery, physical and sexual abuse, depression, divorce, grief, loss and loneliness. You will also find chapters on conflict resolution, kids and drugs, single parenting, faith development, and stress.

 Contact: www.adventsource.org or 800-328-0525 to order. Item #416230.

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 Contact: www.pbs.org/wnet/religionandethics/week1043/profile.html. As you watch the report and read the profile, you will be moved to pray for his ministry, and for the ministry of all of our Adventist leaders.

LEARN HOW ADVENTIST GLENOAKS HOSPITAL has eliminated the wait in the emergency room.

 Contact: www.nadadventist.org.


 A quick view of events sponsored by the North American Division

Sold Out! Adventist Single Adult Ministries Convention – July 5-7, Orlando, Florida www.plusline.org  and www.pursueyourpassion2007.com 

• Addictions Conference, “Freedom to Live,” July 12-15, Andrews University –

• Adventist Urban Congress, July 22-27, Huntsville, Alabama – www.plusline.org/events.php  

• Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries Annual International Convention, 60th Anniversary Celebration, August 1-4, Louisville, Kentucky.

• ‘07 Revive! “Here We Stand: Foundations of Our Faith,” September 7-15, Lansing, Michigan --

• “From This Day Forward” Marriage Conferences, September 22, Denver, Colorado -- www.ftdf2007.org 

• Adult Ministries Festival Of The Laity – September 26-29, Orlando, Florida,

• Vervent Worship Conference: 3rd Annual United Christian Artists Association’s Music and Worship Conference, September 27-29, Baltimore, Maryland – www.ucaaonline.org 

• “Out of Thin Air” 4-day satellite series with Shawn Boonstra, September 28-October 1,

• National Conference on Innovation, September 30 to October 2, Columbus, Ohio – www.sdapartnersininnovation.org  

• Society of Adventist Communicators Convention, October 11-14, Nashville, Tennessee – www.plusline.org/events.php and www.adventistcommunicator.org/index.php 

• Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program, Level II, October 14-19, Columbia Union College, Takoma Park, Maryland --

• NET 2007, “HeartQuest: Finding the One Who Has Loved You All Along,” Satellite direct-to-church event with Mike Tucker, October 19 - November 3,

• Vervent Worship and the Arts Conference, October 25-27, Denver, Colorado –

• Cruise With a Mission, December 16-23, Carribean cruise: Florida, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico – www.cruisewithamission.org


Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch


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