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Friday FAX, 05-11-07 Special Edition
FRIDAY FAX, Special Edition
May 11, 2007
A News and Information Service for Leaders in North America

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From the editor  This year, the first division-wide Adventist Single Adult Ministries Convention will be held July 5-7 at The Buena Vista Hotel and Spa at The Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Keynoter Dr. Barry Black, Chaplain of the US Senate, is one of many powerful speakers. Hundreds of singles will be challenged with the theme "Pursue Your Passion!" 


  How can we reach and effectively utilize the vast, untapped ministry potential of the largest and fastest growing segment in society and in our church – Single Adults? Too many to ignore and growing in number, Single Adults want to be included as an integral part of our church.

WHO ARE THEY? A HALF MILLION SINGLE NAD ADVENTISTS CAN’T BE IGNORED! — They comprise nearly half the membership of the Adventist Church! That percentage would be even higher, but a study conducted by the division found that when an Adventist couple gets divorced, at least one of the spouses leaves the church within one year 70% of the time!

  The term ‘single adult’ covers a wide range of categories and age groups – never married (age 18+), divorced, widowed, and single parents. Although approximately half of our church is not married, most singles will tell you that there is a definite stigma associated with being unattached. Many, especially single parents and those recently single again, are struggling to make ends meet. Singles often deal with guilt and regret over divorce and feel ostracized. Many times singles are overlooked by local church members and committees.

  "Jesus was a single person," says North American Division President Don Schneider.  "He understands what it is like to be alone. Obviously there must always be room for singles in church life!"

WHAT IS THE CHURCH DOING FOR THEM? — Adventist Single Adult Ministries (ASAM) was officially organized as a ministry under the NAD Family Ministries Department in 2003. One trend is a shift from a social club to nurture and more outreach. ASAM groups are sponsoring hundreds of short-term mission trips. 

  Andrea Hicks, ASAM Coordinator said "I am excited about our potential to impact our church and world for Christ. Some of our projects for this year include: 1) development of a Certification Program for ASAM Leaders, 2) expansion of the Annual Leadership Training Conference, and  3) production of a DVD to better educate members and leaders at every level about ASAM.” 

  Contact: Andrea Hicks at Ahicks@nadasam.com with ideas or questions.

WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR THEM? — Be sure that all of the singles in your conference know about this first division-wide convention. Forward this Friday FAX to all churches and to your email lists. Use the promotional materials including bulletin announcements, free flyers and posters found at www.PursueYourPassion2007.com. Encourage and help singles financially to attend, if necessary. They and the church will be blessed. Appoint an ASAM Coordinator for your conference and encourage churches to appoint an ASAM Coordinator for their church.

THE CONVENTION WILL INCLUDE Keynote Speakers U.S. Senate Chaplain Barry Black, Dick Duerksen, Sabine Vatel and Elizabeth Talbot. Almost two dozen stimulating seminars will challenge singles to discover and “Pursue Their Passion!”  Several "Speed Networking" sessions will help attendees meet hundreds of other Adventist Single Adults in person. They will enjoy Sabbath at the "Holy Land Experience” (Jerusalem in Orlando), award winning musicians "Valor," and much more. Early registration price of $149 ends June 12.

  Contact: www.PursueYourPassion2007.com or 800-732-7587 to learn more about the convention and to register.




A quick view of events sponsored by the North American Division

 Military Chaplains Association Annual Conference, May 18-23, Silver Spring, Maryland -- www.adventistchaplains.org 

“From This Day Forward” Marriage Conferences,  May 19, September 22, in various locations,

  SEEDS: "Maximum Impact Conference," June 5-9, Andrews University --

"Principles and Techniques of Fund Raising Course 101," June 25-29, Greenwood Village, Colorado –  www.plusline.org/eventdetail.php?id=252&hash=

Adventist Single Adult Ministries Convention – July 5-7, Orlando, Florida www.plusline.org  and www.pursueyourpassion2007.com 

Addictions Conference, “Freedom to Live,” July 12-15, Andrews University –

Adventist Urban Congress, July 22-27, Huntsville, Alabama – www.plusline.org/events.php  

Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries Annual International Convention, 60th Anniversary Celebration, August 1-4, Louisville, Kentucky.

‘07 Revive! “Here We Stand: Foundations of Our Faith,” September 7-15, Lansing, Michigan -- www.07revive.com

Adult Ministries Festival Of The Laity – September 26-29, Orlando, Florida,

Vervent Worship Conference: 3rd Annual United Christian Artists Association’s Music and Worship Conference, September 27-29, Baltimore, Maryland –

“Out of Thin Air” 4-day satellite series with Shawn Boonstra, September 28-October 1,

National Conference on Innovation, September 30 to October 2, Columbus, Ohio –

Society of Adventist Communicators Convention, October 11-14, Nashville, Tennessee – www.plusline.org/events.php and www.adventistcommunicator.org/index.php 

Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program, Level II, October 14-19, Columbia Union College, Takoma Park, Maryland --

NET 2007, “HeartQuest: Finding the One Who Has Loved You All Along,” Satellite direct-to-church event with Mike Tucker, October 19 - November 3, www.HeartQuest.info/host 

Vervent Worship and the Arts Conference, October 25-27, Denver, Colorado –

Cruise With a Mission, December 16-23, Carribean cruise: Florida, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico – www.cruisewithamission.org



Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch


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