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Friday FAX, 05-04-07
May 4, 2007
A News and Information Service for Leaders in North America

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■ Attend the "Principles and Techniques of Fund Raising”
■ Plan Ahead for NET 2007: “Heart-Quest”
■ Pilot Project: A Student Bible Kit
■ Adventists on TV
■ Pastor’s DVD 11, Creating Vervent Congregations
■ Upcoming Events


— RESOURCES —      

ATTEND THE "PRINCIPLES AND TECHNIQUES OF FUND RAISING," a five-day course, June 25-29, in Greenwood Village, Colorado. It is sponsored by Philanthropic Service for Institutions and Rocky Mountain Adventist Healthcare Foundation and presented by The Fund Raising School of the Indiana University Center on Philanthropy.

 This course gives the foundation and inspiration to lead a nonprofit to its financial goals. Each participant will leave this course with the tools necessary to build stronger annual funds, manage time, cultivate and solicit givers, secure foundation dollars, as well as participate in the week full in a week full of many other skill-building exercises.

 Early bird registration deadline is May 24. Scholarships are available.

 Contact: www.plusline.org/eventdetail.php?id=252&hash= to register. Visit www.philanthropicservice.com/article.php?id=38 to see if you qualify for scholarship dollars.

PLAN AHEAD FOR NET 2007: "HEART-QUEST: Finding the One Who Has Loved You All Along" -- October 19 - November 3. Visit the host website, study the promotion packet sent to all churches. Order Adventist Preaching, Vol 17, “Love For a Lifetime,” to get acquainted with Mike Tucker, the speaker for NET 2007. Encourage your churches and members to register early for the event so that each location will be in the locator search engine on the public website.

 Contact: www.acn.info or www.heartquest.info/host to register.

A STUDENT BIBLE KIT has been developed as a pilot project for Adventist students attending public secular colleges or universities. A kit consists of a leather-bound Bible (New Living Translation) with color-matched nylon carrying case, a modern version of Steps to Christ, a small book on the Sabbath and creation, a Bible Textionary, a card for a complimentary subscription to Dialogue magazine, and information on Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF). Pastors may wish to have a special recognition or dedication service and present a kit as a gift to the graduate or young adult heading off to a public college or university.  For nearly 50 years similar kits have been presented to Adventists entering military service which have helped sustain links between the member in uniform and the Church. Quantities are limited.

 Contact: Advent Source at  www.adventsource.org or 800-328-0525, after May 15 to order. For more information contact Chaplain Gary Councell at gary.councell@nad.adventist.org.
ADVENTISTS ON TV — If you missed the “I Believe” interview by Dennis Wholey with Roscoe Howard and Ron Halvorsen, you can view the entire program at www.ibelieve-tv.com. (Copy and paste URL into browser) Some stations will be airing it later this month.

  NAD Family Ministries Director Willie Oliver, and his wife Elaine, will be featured on a three-week series entitled, “Intimate Allies,” beginning Sunday, May 6, on the CW affiliate in Baltimore, Maryland. The series will present a few thoughts on the biblical model of marriage rather than the secular, individualistic model. It is part of the weekly television show “The Encounter,” which is filmed at the Miracle Temple Seventh-day Adventist Church in Baltimore, aired every Sunday at 7 a.m.
 Contact:  http://www.praizevision.com/media.asp where you can watch the full series.

PASTOR’S DVD VOL. 11, “CREATING VERVENT CONGREGATIONS” is a joint production with the Pacific Union Conference and features a studio audience. Pastors and laity from all over the division shared how God is working in their communities in unique ways.

 Topics include The Ghetto Church, Natural Church Development, Satellite Campuses, Church Planting, and many more.

 List price is US$99, but it is available at no charge to Seventh-day Adventist pastors of the North American Division and is distributed through the Ministerial Directors of each local conference.

 Contact: Dave Gemmell at the NAD Church Resource Center at  dave@vervent.org for more information.




A quick view of events sponsored by the North American Division

 Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program, Level I, May 6-11; Level II, October 14-19; both at Columbia Union College, Takoma Park, Maryland -- www.plusline.org 

 Military Chaplains Association Annual Conference, May 18-23, Silver Spring, Maryland --

“From This Day Forward” Marriage Conferences,  May 19, September 22, in various locations,

  SEEDS: "Maximum Impact Conference," June 5-9, Andrews University --

"Principles and Techniques of Fund Raising Course 101," June 25-29, Greenwood Village, Colorado –  www.plusline.org/eventdetail.php?id=252&hash=

Adventist Single Adult Ministries Convention – July 5-7, Orlando, Florida www.plusline.org  and www.pursueyourpassion2007.com 

Addictions Conference, “Freedom to Live,” July 12-15, Andrews University –

Adventist Urban Congress, July 22-27, Huntsville, Alabama – www.plusline.org/events.php  

Adventist-laymen's Services and Industries Annual International Convention, 60th Anniversary Celebration, August 1-4, Louisville, Kentucky.

Adult Ministries Festival Of The Laity – September 26-29, Orlando, Florida,

Vervent Worship Conference: 3rd Annual United Christian Artists Association’s Music and Worship Conference, September 27-29, Baltimore, Maryland –

“Out of Thin Air” 4-day satellite series with Shawn Boonstra, September 28-October 1,

National Conference on Innovation, September 30 to October 2, Columbus, Ohio –


NET 2007, “HeartQuest: Finding the One Who Has Loved You All Along,” Satellite direct-to-church event with Mike Tucker, October 19 - November 3, www.HeartQuest.info/host 

Society of Adventist Communicators Convention, October 11-14, Nashville, Tennessee –
www.plusline.org/events.php and www.adventistcommunicator.org/index.php 

Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program, Level II, October 14-19, Columbia Union College, Takoma Park, Maryland --

Vervent Worship and the Arts Conference, October 25-27, Denver, Colorado –

Cruise With a Mission, December 16-23, Carribean cruise: Florida, Belize, Guatemala, Mexico – www.cruisewithamission.org



Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch


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