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Friday FAX, 02-16-07
February 16, 2007
A News and Information Service for Leaders in North America

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■ Nonprofit Leadership Certification, Level 1
■ Youth Praying for the Holy Spirit
■ Operation Global Rain Praying for the Holy Spirit
■ “Written in the Heart” Sabbath
■ FIRST Division-Wide Adventist Single Adult Ministries Convention
■ Don Schneider’s “Really Living” Hope TV Program DVDs
■ Upcoming Events

— RESOURCES —      

■ NONPROFIT LEADERSHIP CERTIFICATION - LEVEL I, May 6-11, at Columbia Union College in Takoma Park, Maryland. It is a certification program of Basic and Advanced training to build skills and knowledge in three areas: 1)  Managerial and technical issues to improve participants’ abilities to effectively handle the business and administrative responsibilities of nonprofit management (e.g., nonprofit accounting and budgeting, human resource development); 2) Leadership to improve participants’ abilities to affect community change (e.g., social action from relief to public policy, strategic planning in the nonprofit); and 3) Understanding of biblical concepts to improve participants abilities to minister in an dynamic environment (e.g., holistic urban ministry, churches that make a difference).

 Contact: www.plusline.org/events for more information and to register.

■ PRAYING FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT — More than 25,000 youth and young adults from around NAD and 31 other countries will be praying together for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at the 1st NAD World Youth Prayer Conference (“Just Claim It!”), which will convene in Dallas, Texas, February 28 - March 4.

 Contact: www.justclaimit.org and check out all the ministries and activities, prayer and music features and workshops and delegate packages available. To register, go to www.plusline.org/events.php or call 800-372-7587.
■ CORRECTION — Operation Global Rain began with a grass roots movement in Central - not Northern California Conference. This movement is encouraging more churches to join for 10 days of fasting and prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the Latter Rain.

 Contact: www.operationglobalrain.com to learn more about it.

■ PLAN NOW FOR “TEN COMMANDMENTS DAY, WRITTEN IN THE HEART SABBATH” — The Ten Commandments Commission is promoting its second annual Ten Commandments Day, Sunday, May 6. “Written In the Heart Sabbath” is a uniquely Seventh-day Adventist approach for promoting God’s law in American life. It is co-sponsored by the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Association and Liberty magazine. A special brochure and poster, which was taken from the cover of a Liberty magazine, are available in English and Spanish.

 Contact: parl@puconline.org to order.

■ FIRST ADVENTIST SINGLE ADULT MINISTRIES (ASAM) CONVENTION, July 5-7, Orlando, Florida —  This year ASAM will hold their first division-wide convention. Powerful plenary speakers, networking opportunities and lots of seminars that will challenge and encourage attendees in their spiritual journey will be offered.

 Encourage your churches to start promoting this information now since many singles will need to budget as far in advance as possible. 

 Contact: www.plusline.org/events and www.pursueyourpassion2007.com for more information and to register.

■ DON SCHNEIDER’S TELEVISION PROGRAMS OF “REALLY LIVING” are now available in DVD. In each episode, Schneider presents inspiring stories about the lives of people who know Jesus Christ and have experienced Really Living.

 Contact: AdventSource at www.adventsource.org/dvdvideo_2.aspx?ID=35000.  Cost: US$14.95.


A quick view of events sponsored by the North American Division

! “Just Claim It” World Youth Prayer Conference – February 28 - March 3, Dallas, Texas – www.justclaimit.org 

! ACS & Health Ministries Institute, March 8-11, Huntsville, Alabama -- www.plusline.org

!  “From This Day Forward” Marriage Conferences, March 31, April 21, May 19, September 22, in various locations, www.adventistfamilyministries.com 

! Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program, Level I, May 6-11; Level II, October 14-19; both at Columbia Union College, Takoma Park, Maryland -- www.plusline.org

! Adventist Single Adult Ministries – July 5-7, Orlando, Florida www.plusline.org  and www.pursueyourpassion2007.com 

! Addictions Conference, “Freedom to Live,” July 12-15, Andrews University – www.nadhealthministries.org

! Adventist Urban Congress, July 22-27, Huntsville, Alabama – www.plusline.org/events.php  

! Adult Ministries Festival Of The Laity – September 26-29, Orlando, Florida, www.festivalofthelaity.com

! 3rd Annual United Christian Artists Association’s Music Conference, September 27-29, Baltimore, Maryland – www.ucaaonline.org

! Denver First Worship and the Arts Conference, October 25-27, Denver, Colorado – www.denverfirstsda.org/worship 



Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch


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