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Friday FAX, 01-08-07

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January 8, 2007
A News and Information Service for Leaders in North America

“IF My People Pray . . .”



North American Division Day of Prayer

This Sabbath, January 6, is the North American Division Day of Prayer. There are resources and suggestions for special prayer events, including sermons, posted at http://www.nadadventist.org/article.php?id=200. If your pastors missed planning for the NAD Day of Prayer on January 6, encourage them to have their own "Day of Prayer" later. 

WANTED: NAD Prayer Ministries Director Ruthie Jacobsen is requesting CDs or DVDs of special Day of Prayer sermons or any other resources or suggestions pastors and prayer ministries leaders have discovered or want to contribute, to be considered for posting to the Prayer Ministries web site for future special prayer events special Days of Prayer. 

Contact: ruthiej@earthlink.net for details.

“Just Claim It” World Youth Prayer Conference

There are only 56 days remaining before the “Just Claim It” (JCI) World Youth Prayer Conference begins. Nearly 2,500 delegates representing 25 countries outside of North America have already registered, with several thousand more still working on raising funds so they can also attend. Conference planners anticipate 5,000 - 6,000 registered delegates, and a crowd of nearly 30,000 on the week-end which will include the local community attenders.

There are 22 organized street ministries which will be conducted around the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Radio commercials are already being played in the Dallas community promoting JCI and encouraging all denominations to attend and participate. An evangelistic meeting is planned, and young people will be trained in how to conduct an evangelistic series.

A full-size Sanctuary model will be on display for young people to go through and see what it looked like, just as the Bible described it. 

NEEDED: Conference sponsorships. The North American Division has already contributed US$200,000 to this conference. There are still thousands of wannabe delegates. The Youth Department reminds you that they are asking each conference for a volunteer sponsorship of $2,500 in order to make this happen for your youth. They are also encouraging every church in North America to send two delegates from their church. Pastors and parents can also attend. Of the 13 training tracks, one is for pastors and one is for parents.  

  Contact: www.justclaimit.org.

Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch


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