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Friday FAX, 12-15-06
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December 15, 2006
A News and Information Service for Leaders in North America


■ Correct Number for Adventist Satellite Dish Orders
■ Year-end Devotionals on CD
■ Adventist Preaching Holiday Sale and Subscription Plan
■ Find an Adventist Lawyer Web Site
■ Adventists and the Military
■ Updates on Don Schneider’s Recovery
■ Offices Closed
■ Death of Henry Feyerabend
■ Upcoming Events


■ CORRECTION – An incorrect phone number was given in last week’s Friday FAX for reaching Adventist Satellite for the satellite system costing only US$179 +S&H. If you wish to install a satellite dish that receives all ten Adventist channels, with the option of adding 20 other channels, the correct number is 866-552-6882. 

■ YEAR-END DEVOTIONALS ON CD — You can now get a complete set of the NAD Year-end Meeting Devotionals and testimonials for only US$14.95 plus S&H. Speakers include Bill McClendon, Fredrick Russell, Herb Larson, Jr., Ron Clouzet, Rod and Donna Willey, J. Alfred Johnson and Walter Pearson.

 Contact: AdventSource at 800-328-0525 to order.

■ ADVENTIST PREACHING HOLIDAY SALE THROUGH JANUARY 1 — Take advantage of the lowest prices of the year. 33% off complete sets of 15 volumes. 20% off your choice of five series.  10% off single series.

 Contact: www.acn.info for the sale pop-up and the list of items to choose from. Call 800-ACN-1119 or visit www.acn.info to order.

 Adventist Preaching Subscription Plan 2007 for pastors and churches is available for US$59.95 a year. Save 40% off the retail value. Call your conference ministerial secretary to enroll.

■ FIND AN ADVENTIST LAWYER — The GC Office of General Counsel (OGC) has launched a new web site to make it easier for church members to find Adventist lawyers in different parts of the world and to share pertinent legal updates with the Adventist legal community. The site now has the names and areas of practice for about 1,000 Adventist lawyers all over the world but Kyte anticipates much more to come because lawyers can now submit their information anytime. The web site will also have articles, news releases, case updates and a roster for law students to register included on the site.

 Contact: www.adventistlawyer.org. – From Adventist News Network

■ ADVENTISTS AND THE MILITARY — You have heard talk by politicians of reinstating the draft. The North American Religious Liberty Association–West has compiled materials such as actual enlistment contracts, recruiting manuals, statements and articles on conscientious objection, and a history of pacifism in the Adventist Church.

 Contact: www.churchstate.org.

■ UPDATES ON DON SCHNEIDER’S RECOVERY from surgery can be found linked on the home page of the North American Division web site.

 Contact: www.nadadventist.org and go to the news story entitled “A Message from Don and Marti Schneider.” The most recent update is dated December 8.

■ OFFICES CLOSED — The North American Division and General Conference offices will be closed for the holidays, December 25 through January 1.


■ HENRY FEYERABEND, SPEAKER EMERITUS of the weekly telecasts “It Is Written,” and “Esta Escrito,” lost his six-year battle with cancer Tuesday, December 12. Feyerabend started the telecast "Destiny in English," which ran for 20 years until it was merged with “It Is Written” where he continued as speaker/director in Canada through 2000.  In 1972 he launched Esta Escrito in Portuguese that continues to be aired on OMNI TV cable 4 in Toronto.

 The family requests that in lieu of flowers donations be sent to: It Is Written Ministry,  P. O. Box 2010, Oshawa, ON   L1H 7V4.  Two memorial services will be held; one in College Park, Ontario on the 17th, and one in Waldheim, Saskatchewan on the 19th.


A quick view of events sponsored by the North American Division


Prayer Summit, January 5-7, Tucson, Arizona - www.plusline.org 

! Adventist Ministries Convention, January 7-11, Tucson, Arizona - www.plusline.org and www.newhorizons2007.org

! Health Ministries Summit, January 28 - February 3, Orlando, Florida – www.nadhealthsummit.com 

! Andrews University Music & Worship Conference, February 1-3, Berrien Springs, Michigan – www.auworshipconference.org

! “Just Claim It” World Youth Prayer Conference February 28 - March 3, Dallas, Texas – www.justclaimit.org

! “From This Day Forward” Marriage Conferences, March 31, April 21, May 19, September 22, in various locations, www.adventistfamilyministries.com



Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch


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