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Friday FAX, 11-17-06
November 17, 2006
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■ NAD Christmas Show on Hallmark, ABC and Hope TV
■ Telemarketing Coming to Multiply Donations by 7
■ Annual “Healthy Lifestyle Contest” Now Open to All Adventist Youth
■ 4th Annual Andrews University Music and Worship Conference
■ CNN to Feature Loma Linda University Professor
■ Oregon Conference Closed

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There will be no Friday FAX next week.  Happy Thanksgiving!

■ THE NAD 5TH ANNUAL CHRISTMAS SHOW 2006, “Love's Pure Light,” will be shown on the Hallmark Channel on December 24, at various times on Hope TV, and has just been picked up by the ABC affiliate in New York City – time and date not available yet. Watch for updates on the North American Division web site and the listings in your local area for times and dates.

  “Love’s Pure Light” is an hour-long musical drama written by Marilynn Loveless, Jeff Wood and Donald Davenport. It stars Joseph Campanella, Ruta Lee, David Gardner, Courtney Crook, Adventist recording artist Patty Cabrera, four-time Grammy winner Deniece Williams, Rudy Micelli, and Sandy Wyman Johnson.

 Contact: http://www.nadadventist.org/article.php?id=132 for a listing of stations in your area.

■ TELEMARKETING COMING — If ADRA can raise US$750,000 by December 25, those donations will be multiplied seven times, and at least US$5 million of food-based assistance can be provided because of a $7 for $1 matching grant for their food security program.

 ADRA will be conducting a phone calling program starting November 20. Please direct any inquiries you receive to Tereza Byrne, bureau chief for marketing and development, ADRA International at 800-424-ADRA (2372) or 301-792-9850 (cell). Giving advance notice to  everyone in your conference will help save a lot of questions.

 Anyone can donate via the 800-number.

■ THE ANNUAL “HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CONTEST” is now open to all Adventist youth, including those not attending an Adventist school, thanks to the combined efforts of the Education Department and Women’s, Health, Youth, and Sabbath School Children’s Ministries. The contest helps youth appreciate the benefits of healthful living and strengthens their determination and commitment to enjoy life without using harmful substances.

 Please help to promote the contest in your newsletters.

 Contact: www.healthylifestylecontest.com for information and promotional materials. 

■ THE 4TH ANNUAL ANDREWS UNIVERSITY MUSIC AND WORSHIP CONFERENCE will be February 1-3. Presenters include Grammy-nominated vocalist Wintley Phipps and Jacques Doukhan, professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis at the Seminary and director of the Institute of Jewish-Christian Studies at Andrews University. The confer-ence will provide a variety of seminars, workshops, and worship experiences that will equip and inspire church musicians, worship leaders, pastors and lay leaders involved in worship ministry.

 Contact: www.auworshipconference.org or 800-968-8428 ext. 4 for more information and to register.


■ CNN TO FEATURE LOMA LINDA UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR — At 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. PST, Sunday, November 19, and again at 1 p.m. PST Thanksgiving Day, CNN will air “Happiness and Your Health: The Surprising Connection,” which will feature Lee Berk, associate professor of health promotion and education at the School of Public Health and  associate research professor of pathology and human anatomy in the School of Medicine, LLU. According to David Martin, senior producer for CNN’s medical unit, CNN chose Dr. Berk for the broadcast because he is a leader in his field of preventive care.

 Contact: www.llu.edu/news/pr for the full story.

■ OREGON CONFERENCE IS CLOSED, but only from November 16-27, while they move to their new office.

 Contact: www.OregonConference.org for updates and the new address.

A quick view of events sponsored by the North American Division

* NAD Adventist Ministries Convention, January 7-11, Tucson, Arizona  - www.plusline.org and www.newhorizons2007.org.

* “Just Claim It” World Youth Prayer Conference – February 28 - March 3, Dallas, Texas – www.plusline.org

* Adventist Single Adult Ministries – July 5-7, Orlando, Florida –  www.plusline.org  and www.pursueyourpassion2007.com

* “From This Day Forward” Marriage Conferences – March 31, April 21, May 19, September 22, in various locations – www.adventistfamilyministries.com


Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch
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