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Friday FAX, 10-20-06
October 20, 2006
A News and Information Service for Leaders in North America

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Volume 10 of Pastor’s DVD Now in Distribution
■2007 Satellite Evangelism Plans
■NEW Research-Based Journal for Leaders and Scholars
■ Geoscience Research Institute Newsletter, Vol. 7, Online
■ Voice of Prophecy WebShare Cards
■Safe TV Receives Emmy Nomination for Native Ministries Program
■ Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to William Johnsson

— RESOURCES —      
PASTOR’S DVD VOLUME 10 — New this time on the video section is a feature called “PDVD University — Continuing Education for Pastors.” PDVD10 features unusual outreach methods such as a tattoo removal ministry. In addition viewers can discover how one church experienced spiritual revival with a prayer room. In the data portion users will find a series of sermon manuscripts with fresh graphics, as well as many informational newsletters.
            The list price on this product is US$99; however it is available at no charge to Seventh-day Adventist pastors of the North American Division and is distributed through the Ministerial Directors of each local conference.
            Contact Dave Gemmell at the NAD Church Resource Center: dave@vervent.org for more information.
2007 SATELLITE EVANGELISM — NET 2007, “Finding the One Who Has Loved You All Along,” is planned for October 19 to November 3, with Mike Tucker, Speaker/Director of Faith For Today.
            Next year's 5-night, direct to-church series by Shawn Boonstra will take place September 28 to October 2. The series, titled "Out of Thin Air," will explore the creation-evolution debate.
NEW – THE JOURNAL OF APPLIED CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP  from The Christian Leadership Center at Andrews University is a research-based journal for ministers and church leaders as well as for serious students of leadership. The mission of the journal is “to provide a peer-reviewed published dialogue of applied research in Christian servant leadership across denominational, cultural, and disciplinary environments.”
             Contributions are encouraged by those who practice and/or give serious thought and research to the particular dimensions of servant leadership.
            Contact: http://www.andrews.edu/clc/journal.html for more information about the journal. To subscribe, go to www.adventhouse.org/library/Subscription%20Sheet%2007.4.pdf. Download a sample issue at www.adventhouse.org/library/Journal_Final4.8.pdf.  

■ THE LATEST GEOSCIENCE RESEARCH INSTITUTE NEWSLETTER, Number 7, is available online in PDF format. Contents include a report of the 2006 field conference to Colorado, a new book on Genesis to accompany 4th Quarter Sabbath School lessons, a note on recent research on fossil whales in Spain, and news and comments on other discoveries. for more information about the journal. To subscribe, go to www.adventhouse.org/library/Subscription%20Sheet%2007.4.pdf. Download a sample issue at www.adventhouse.org/library/Journal_Final4.8.pdf.  
            Contact: www.grisda.org/newsletter/07.pdf.
VOP WEBSHARE CARDS — The size of a business card, these make it easy for you and your members to tell friends and persons they meet about the various Voice of Prophecy web sites. They are available in packs of 100 for a nominal cost.
            Contact: 805-955-7667 for details or to order.
SAFE TV HAS RECEIVED AN EMMY NOMINATION from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for “The Great Spirit”, No. 11 of a series of 13 Bible studies called “Native New Day.” They are designed to bring the Gospel to Native Americans and feature Monte Church, director for Native Ministries Northwest, as the “Storyteller.” Winners will be announced October 28.
            “The one thing that is absolutely wonderful ,says Carlos Pardeiro, SafeTV Producer/Director, “is that literally, thousands of native Americans have been baptized as a result of this series.”
            Contact: www.safetv.org/emmynnd.htm for more information.
WILLIAM JOHNSSON WAS AWARDED THE LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD at the Society of Adventist Communicators Convention in Baltimore last weekend. Johnsson will soon retire after 24 years as editor of Adventist Review.
A quick view of events sponsored by the North American Division
Se7en Signs, November 4-11, via ACN – www.acn.info and www.sevensigns.net
Westpoint of Evangelism, December 3-6, Simi Valley, California – www.plusline.org
NAD Adventist Ministries Convention, January 7-11, Tucson, Arizona - www.plusline.org.
* “Just Claim It” World Youth Prayer Conference – February 28 - March 3, Dallas, Texas – www.plusline.org 

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