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Friday FAX, 10-06-06
October 6, 2006
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There will be no Friday FAX next week
■ THE HALLMARK CHANNEL HAS CONFIRMED THAT THEY WILL AIR the NAD 2006 Christmas Show, “Love’s Pure Light,” on the morning of December 24. This year’s story will be a continuation of the storyline featured on the 2005 Christmas show. 
            Broadcast schedules will be shown at www.nadadventist.org as they have been in past years as the time draws nearer to air time.  Back to top
■ "LIVING LIKE JESUS LIVES," ADVENTIST PREACHING DVD Sermon Series Volume 15 by Jose Rojas has just arrived. Each sermon ends with his music.
            The series affirms the most foundational elements of Adventist theology and commitment to soul-winning as a way of life. Rojas believes that ministry is not just for the pastor. It is for every church member.
            Contact: www.acn.info or 800-ACN-1119 to order. Also available at AdventSource.  Back to top
■ START REMINDING YOUR CHURCH PASTORS ABOUT THE 2007 FESTIVAL OF THE LAITY, to be held September 26-29 in Orlando, Florida. Churches and members need to be able to plan their 2007 budgets now. The convention will offer training, motivation and networking for empowering ministry and will provide 45 specialized training seminars and 8 general sessions. 
            Contact: www.FestivaloftheLaity.com for more information. Back to top
■ REDUCED PRICE IF PRE-ORDER DVDs OF "THE MOST AMAZING PROPHECIES” (MAP) — Use the DVDs as an outreach tool to share truth with others or even as a personal devotional. For a limited time, Amazing Facts is offering MAP for a special pre-order price of US$74.95 (Will be US$89.95).
            Contact: www.mostamazingprophecies.com. The MAP DVD series will be available in December. You will not be billed or charged until your product has been shipped. Back to top
■ "THE PRESENCE" DVD SETS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER AT REDUCED COST — They will be shipped November 15, but you can order today and save on a single set or quantities of 25 or 50. DVD sets include all five programs, Bible studies in English and Spanish plus a bonus sixth program called "Behind the Veil." Prices range from US$14.95 for a 2-DVD set (Will be US$19.95) to US$349.95 for 50 sets (Will be US$997.50) "Unlocking the Signs" DVDs also on sale.
            Contact: www.itiswritten.com.
            More than 1,200 churches participated in “The Presence” series by Shawn Boonstra, which ended Tuesday night. Early reports indicate that many visitors made decisions for continued study or baptism at the end of the meetings.     Back to top
WALLA WALLA COLLEGE HAS ELECTED TO CHANGE ITS NAME to Walla Walla University. The college’s Board of Trustees will determine the date the new name will become official. 
            Walla Walla College has been officially recognized as a university for more than ten years by the Carnegie Foundation’s Basic Classification System, which provides guidelines for naming higher education institutions. 
            Approximately one-third of WWC’s graduates receive master’s degrees, according to Ginger-Ketting Weller, vice president for academic administration.
            Contact: www.wwc.edu/namechange for more information. Back to top

A quick view of events sponsored by the North American Division
Society of Adventist Communicators Convention, October 12-15, Baltimore, Maryland – www.plusline.org and www.adventistcommunicator.org
Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program, Level II – October 16-20, Glendale, California – www.plusline.org
● SEEDS Vancouver, “Tell Your World – Church Planting, Personal Witnessing, Church Renewal,” October 20-22, Vancouver, British Columbia – www.nadei.org
Se7en Signs, November 4-11, via ACN – www.acn.info and www.sevensigns.net  
● Westpoint of Evangelism, December 3-6, Simi Valley, California – www.plusline.org  
● NAD Adventist Ministries Convention, January 7-11, Tucson, Arizona - www.plusline.org.
Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch
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