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Friday FAX, 09-22-06 Special Edition

September 22, 2006
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From the editor —
                        If you haven’t already submitted your budget for 2007, we hope that this list will assist you and your ministry specialists with your planning. More information about individual events will be available in future Friday FAXes or through sponsoring departments.
                        Not all events listed here are posted on the given web sites yet, but when the time is right more information will be available.
                        Meetings such as General Conference-sponsored events, departmental advisories, presidents’ and officers’ meetings, executive board meetings and other member-notified meetings and councils are not included in this list.
Adventist Ministries Convention, "New Horizons – Taking Leadership to the Next Level," January 7-11,Tucson, AZ – www.newhorizons2007.org
Health Summit Pre-session on depression, January 26-28, Orlando, FL – www.nadadventist.org/hm
Health Summit, January 28-February 3, Orlando FL – www.nadadventist.org/hm
Vervent Worship Conference, February 1-3, Andrews University, www.plusline.org
Adventist Education Marketing Meeting, “The Summit,” February 11-14, Corpus Christi, TX – www.nadeducation.org
Youth Prayer Conference, “Just Claim It,“ February 28 - March 4, Dallas, TX –  www.justclaimit.org
• Sabbath School/Prison Ministry Training, March 10-11, La Sierra, CA – www.nadadultministries.org
Adventist Campus Chaplains Conference, March 21-25, Pacific Union College – www.adventistchaplains.org
“From This Day Forward” Marriage Conference, March 31, San Antonio, TX – www.adventistfamilyministries.com
SONscreen Film Festival V, April 12-14, Simi Valley, CA – www.sonscreen.info
“From This Day Forward” Marriage Conference, April 21, Los Angeles, CA – www.adventistfamilyministries.com
Health Care Chaplains Conference, April 26-29, San Francisco, CA – www.adventistchaplains.org
Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program, Level I: May 14-18, Columbia Union College – www.communityservices.org
“From This Day Forward” Marriage Conference, May 19, Washington, DC – www.adventistfamilyministries.com
SEEDS International, June 6-9, Andrews University, www.nadei.org
Adventist Single Adult Ministries (ASAM) National Convention, July 5-7 in Orlando, FL – www.AdventistSingleAdultMinistries.org
Addictions Conference, “Freedom to Live,” July 12-15, Andrews University            
Adventist Urban Congress, July 22-27, Oakwood College – www.communityservices.org
ASI International Convention, 60th Anniversary, August 1-4, Louisville, KY – www.asiministries.org 
“From This Day Forward” Marriage Conference, September 22, Denver, CO – www.adventistfamilyministries.com
Festival of the Laity Conference, September 26-29, Orlando, FL - www.festivalofthelaity.com
Vervent Worship Conference, September 27-29, Baltimore, MD – www.plusline.org
It Is Written’s 5-night satellite series, “Out of Thin Air, September 28-October 2 – www.acn.info
Nonprofit Leadership Certification Program, Level II, October 15-19, Columbia Union College – www.communityservices.org
Vervent Worship Conference, October 25-27, Denver, CO – www.plusline.org
NAD Year-end Meeting, November 1-6, Silver Spring, MD
Baltimore Innovative Impact, November 5-7 (Tentative dates), Baltimore, MD, www.plusline.org
Annual Pastoral and Evangelism Council, December 2-5, Huntsville, AL
Exact dates and places to be determined for the following events:
Adventist Military Chaplains Conference, early May, Washington, DC area -- http://www.adventistchaplains.org
Health Summit West and Health Summit North
Regeneration Meeting/Celebration of Recovery
NET 2007 - tentatively set for fall
Society of Adventist Communicators Convention, tentatively set for fall
Corrections Chaplains Conference, September or early October.
Managing Editor – Lynetta Murdoch
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