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Friday FAX, 08-18-06

August 18, 2006
A News and Information Service for Leaders in North America

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** Advance Notice - “The Quest
** Make Church Safer for Children
** 2006 is 25th Anniversary for Adventist Heritage Ministry
** More than 1,000 Sites Registered for “MAP” So Far
** 2006 Adventist Communicators Convention Features
** ASI Convention Offering and Projects
** Upcoming Events

  — RESOURCES —      

** ADVANCE NOTICE OF “THE SANCTUARY QUEST” — An interactive “quest” for Bible artifacts and their meaning will be launched Sunday for visitors to “The Presence” web site. Every week there will be a new riddle to solve with the help of the clues and online “research assistant,” in order to reveal the new artifact. It provides a fascinating way for church members to introduce their friends to the topic of the Sanctuary and invite them to “The Presence” (September 29 - October 3) at a church near them, where they will learn more about each artifact and its significance for our time.

 Contact: http://quest.thepresence.com to test your skills and share with friends.

 To register in time to be listed with the available sites, go to www.thepresence.com/host.

** “MAKING CHURCH SAFER FOR CHILDREN” was the seminar sponsored by the High Desert Bilingual Church in Hesperia, California. It was the first major training event sponsored by a Hispanic church in the Southeastern California Conference.

 Contact: www.pacificunionrecorder.com to read about it.

 To learn more about volunteer screening and management, look for Leader Resources at the NAD Children’s Ministries web site at  http://childmin.com

** ADVENTIST HERITAGE MINISTRY CELEBRATES its 25th Anniversary this year. 

 Contact:  www.adventistheritage.org to check out the heritage sites, to find a Heritage Weekend celebration near you and to read the Adventist Heritage Ministry Bulletin.

** MORE THAN 1,000 SITES HAVE REGISTERED so far for “The Most Amazing Prophecies” series, via satellite, September 14-23. 

 Contact: www.mapseminar.com to register as a host site before September 11. That’s when the series will be promoted on iNetwork during a half-hour “Final Events...” program featuring Doug Batchelor and Dwight Nelson. Viewers will be directed to the “MAP” web site to find a downlink site in their area, and only churches that have registered before then will be listed.

** THE 2006 ADVENTIST COMMUNICATORS CONVENTION, October 12-15 in Baltimore, Maryland promises to be the best yet. Among the featured speakers will be Eric Rhoads, CEO and publisher of Radio Ink; Jerry Howard II, with Franklin Covey; Benjamin Long, president of Travaille Executive Search; and many more.

 Some of the class topics include “”The Interculturally Competent Communicator,” “How to Deliver Effective Media Standups,” “How to Get the Job You Want,” “Reconciling Your Religion While Working in the Political World,” and more.

 The early-bird registration deadline is September 12.

 Contact: www.plusline.org/events to register, and www.adventistcommunicator.org for more information and to read SAC Scoop.

** AN OFFERING OF $1,815,271.74 WAS COLLECTED at the ASI International Convention in Grapevine, Texas this year. It will fund the projects chosen this year including ministries such as Wildwood Sanitarium and Young Disciple Ministries in the U.S., Springs of Life Foundation in Poland, Eden Garden Orphanage in Haiti, and Frontline Builders in Mongolia.

 Contact: www.asiministries.org  for a full description of the 37 projects and the two funded by the overflow offering. Read about the “Youth for Jesus” evangelistic series held at 9 different sites in the Dallas area. The current number of baptisms stands at 115 with many Bible studies continuing.

A quick view of events sponsored by the North American Division

 * “Creating Vervent Congregations” Symposium for Creative Ministry, August 27, Ontario, California – www.plusline.org

 * Global Internet Evangelism Forum 2006, August 31 - September 3, San Diego, California – www.plusline.org

 * “The Most Amazing Prophecies” (MAP) evangelism series from Amazing Facts via ACN, September 14-23 – www.acn.info and www.mapseminar.com
 * “The Presence,” 5-night series about the Sanctuary via ACN, September 29 - October 3 –
www.thepresence.com/host and www.acn.info

 * Adventist Community Services Convention, “Modeling Jesus: His Heart, Our Hands” – September 29 - October 3, Vancouver, British Columbia – www.plusline.org

 * “From This Day Forward” Marriage Conference – September 30, Orlando, Florida - www.plusline.org/events


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