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Friday FAX, 8-04-06

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August 4, 2006

A News and Information Service for Leaders in North America


** Early Bird Registration Deadline for World Youth Prayer Conference
** Society of Adventist Communicators Invites All Adventist Communicators
** New Junior Bible Course
** How Do We Compare with Other Faith Groups in Community Service?
** “Most Amazing Prophecies” Registrations Climbing
** Two New Associate Directors at Division Office
** Upcoming Events


■ 2007 WORLD YOUTH PRAYER CONFERENCE REGISTRATION EXTENDED — The early bird registration for “Just Claim It,” scheduled for February 28 - March 4, and sponsored by Youth/Young Adults Ministries Office, has been extended to September 28. This is in order to accommodate schools and colleges that haven't had time to register yet.

 Contact: www.justclaimit.org for details and to register yourself and youth groups.  (Back to top)

■ SOCIETY OF ADVENTIST COMMUNICATORS CONVENTION —  Encourage professional communicators (TV or radio producers, writers, editors, teachers, videographers, designers, photographers, corporate communication directors, etc.) in your conference to attend the ninth annual SAC Convention, to be held in Baltimore, Maryland, October 12-15 this year. Early bird registration dead line is September 12.

 Contact: www.adventistcommunicator.org to register and to read about the exciting plans for this year’s event.  (Back to top)

■ NEW JUNIOR BIBLE COURSE — The Voice of Prophecy's “KidZone Guides” for junior-age youth are rolling off the press. Besides being offered to the community by Discover Bible Schools at local churches, the 14 guides will be useful with Pathfinders, baptismal classes, upper elementary grades at church schools, and Vacation Bible Schools. Enrollment cards and lessons will be ready to ship this fall.

Other lessons available are: “Shema Israel,” lessons for those of the Jewish faith interested in exploring Christianity; “Native New Day,” lessons for Native Americans; “Focus on Prophecy,” a chapter-by-chapter study of Daniel and Revelation; and “Discover,” available in about 50 languages worldwide. It is available in English, French and Spanish in North America. (Back to top)

 Contact: orders@vop.com or phone toll-free: 877-955-2525.  (Back to top)

■ WE SERVE FEWER THAN MOST? — “Seventh-day Adventist churches in the U.S. are more likely to serve relatively few people with their community services than are most other faith groups. This is not a strong area for most Adventist churches.” This is according to the July 12 “Creative Pastor” e-newsletter reporting on the trends of the Adventist Church as compared with the FACT (Faith Communities Today) study. The FACT study is the largest survey of religious congregations ever conducted in the U.S.

 Contact: www.creativeministry.org/article.php?id=467 to view the graph and to read more.  (Back to top)

■ “MOST AMAZING PROPHECIES” (MAP) REGISTRATIONS — So far 685, or approximately 13.5% of churches in NAD have registered to participate in MAP. The leading unions are Lake (17%), Southwestern (16%) and North Pacific (15.5%).

 Contact: www.mapseminar.com to register and to learn more about the series. Go to http://materials.adventistevangelism.com/map to order materials.  (Back to top)

■ NORTH AMERICAN DIVISION WELCOMES TWO NEW Associate Directors – George Johnson, who has been the Media Relations Manager is now Associate Director for the Office of Communication. Manuel Cruz, formerly Youth Director for Texico Conference, is the new Associate Director for the Youth Ministries Department, which is adding Young Adults to the scope of the department.  (Back to top)


A quick view of events sponsored by the North American Division

* “Creating Vervent Congregations” Symposium for Creative Ministry, August 27, Ontario, California – www.plusline.org

* Global Internet Evangelism Forum 2006, August 31 - September 3, San Diego, California – www.plusline.org

* “The Most Amazing Prophecies” (MAP) evangelism series from Amazing Facts via ACN, September 14-23 – www.acn.info and www.amazingfacts.org

* “The Presence,” 5-night series about the Sanctuary via ACN, September 29 - October 3  – www.ThePresence.com and www.acn.info

* Adventist Community Services Convention, “Modeling Jesus: His Heart, Our Hands” – September 29 - October 3, Vancouver, British Columbia – www.plusline.org

* “From This Day Forward” Marriage Conference – September 30, Orlando, Florida - www.plusline.org/events

* Society of Adventist Communicators Convention, October 12-15, Baltimore, Maryland – www.plusline.org and www.adventistcommunicator.org

 (Back to top)

Editor – Lynetta Murdoch

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