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"Operation Whitecoat" Research and Source Material

Larsen’s Research and Source Material


Photo provided by Randall Larsen


Art Anderson at USAMRIID has an extensive collection of material that Larsen used in “Operation Whitecoat.” He has all the data on every Whitecoat, and every test conducted.
Larsen says, “Between him and Ken Jones, who was the first president of the Whitecoat Association, and Frank Damazo —they had so many of the photos. But not a lot of film footage.”
The footage that Larsen found, however, was remarkable. Some of that footage is shown in the documentary’s opening scene. Jones, who begins the narration of “Operation Whitecoat,” is the person strapped into the Eight Ball, a major testing apparatus.
“It was just amazing,” says Larsen. “This is one of the very few Army films we found that we were able to identify who was sitting at the Eight Ball. A young Private Ken Jones sits down and gets strapped in to be infected with Q Fever.”
Larsen also got some material from the National Archives near the University of Maryland, College Park. “I watched several films about the Whitecoats,” explains Larsen. “These other filmmakers had come to the Whitecoats in the past and made films. Frankly, everyone of them that I’ve seen inaccurately portrayed the Whitecoats.”

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