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What They Said: Go Said Go! Missions Conference Speakers and Quotes

Here is a list of Go Said Go! Missions Conference speakers and a short quote from their presentations:

  • G. Alexander Bryant (executive secretary of the NAD and associate secretary of the GC): “Whether our mission is across the street, on the other side of the country, or whether it’s in Africa or Guam, the challenge is the same. We must first come to Jesus to receive the power that His Holy Spirit brings.”
  • Leslie N. Pollard (president, Oakwood University): “[Jesus’] mission moved from ethnic exclusivity to ethnic inclusivity. Out of diversity, He built community. . . . My prayer is that we would embrace the notion of cultural competency in spreading the gospel.”
  • Jonathan Duffy (president, ADRA International): “Are we prepared to serve, to speak love, to have our words and actions point people toward a loving Savior who desires their good? . . . Matthew 25:31-46 is not about who they [the “least of these”] are, but who we are.”
  • Dwight Nelson (lead pastor, Pioneer Memorial Church): “God does not need the human race’s help to finish His work. But by going, we are growing. No go, no grow.”
  • Gary Krause (associate secretary of the GC, director of Adventist Mission, General Conference): “‘Missions’ isn’t an event, it’s a lifestyle.”
  • Randy Roberts (senior pastor, Loma Linda University Church): “Let’s banish the phrase ‘it’s not my job’ from our vocabulary. … Jesus illustrated principle this when He got up to wash His disciples’ feet.”
  • Andrea Luxton (president, Andrews University): “Jesus speaks to people at places and points that they are familiar, then pushes them deeper. He speaks in their language.”
  • Elden Ramirez (director, Office of Volunteer Ministries, NAD): “Mission work can get scary, it can get difficult, and we may fall. But it is clear that God is always there to love us and pick us back up.”
  • Sam Leonor (chaplain, La Sierra University): “If we continually tell people who they are in Jesus, they will eventually come to believe it themselves.”
  • Yami Bazan (vice president for Student Life, La Sierra University): “I may not know what your calling is, but I know you have one. Because God’s desire for everyone is to encounter the Divine so the Divine can transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.”
  • Carlton Byrd (senior pastor, Oakwood University Church; speaker/director, Breath of Life Television Broadcast): “God is not calling the equipped, He’s equipping the called.”
  • Steve Case (president, Involve Youth): “Our own assets aren’t essential. In fact, they can be a distraction from spreading the gospel, if we rely on our human skills.”
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