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NewsPoints, October 12, 2016
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NAD material from GC Annual Council: Below are several links to materials produced by the North American Division before, during, and after annual council. Let's remember our leaders and church members — and those populations we are striving to reach — in prayer! NAD prays for GC meetingUnity in Mission document vote; and Dan Jackson's open letter to female pastors.

"Hacksaw Ridge" interview: Charles Knapp, retired U.S. Army colonel and chair of the Desmond Doss Council talks to Dan Weber about the new film “Hacksaw Ridge,” the council’s role in the film’s production, and what significant impact the telling of the Doss story might have on Adventists and the church. Read this interview by clicking MORE.

Be able to engage in conversation on new Desmond Doss film!"Hacksaw Ridge," a film about Doss's extraordinary faith and service during World War II, is not an Adventist movie. But it is likely to thrust Adventism into the spotlight worldwide. CLICK HEREfor talking points, presented in the form of Q&A, that may help church members in North America be prepared for questions about Doss, and the Adventist Church. Members may also choose to direct individuals to this helpful website: whoareadventists.org.

Southern Adventist University (SAU) will celebrate the School of Nursing’s 60th anniversary at a special event on Oct. 29, 2016, during homecoming weekend. Faculty will present various awards to alumni during an evening that commemorates the nursing program’s first baccalaureate class and the graduation of more than 4,300 alumni. Current students will participate in era-specific uniforms from the past six decades and by networking with nursing professionals. MORE


In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, more than 1 million people have been affected in Haiti; and more than 350,000 are in need of urgent assistance. The greatest danger now lies within the water that people must drink. With cholera and other water-borne diseases widespread in Haiti’s in much of the remaining sources of water, the death from disease will likely be much greater than from the storm itself. This is where ADRA Canada and the ADRA network are concentrating their initial response to the emergency situation in Haiti. Working with ADRA's Canadian emergency response partner, Global Medic, clean water will be provided to affected communities in the Les Cayes area. LEARN MORE from ADRA Canada.

More than 23,000 children across North America attended Adventist campsthis past summer. There are 67 church-owned camps and conference centers across the NAD, estimated to be worth $1 billion. Most conferences own a youth camp; and summer camp, with more than 35,000 attending child/teen and family camps across NAD, is just a small fraction of what happens on a year-round basis. Learn more about the history of NAD camps, those served, and the lives changed this year in this feature article.

Adventists in the News


A Pale Horse Rides — Coming Fall 2017! Churches, plan now to host the Voice of Prophecy’s A Pale Horse Rides series in the fall of next year! This short, documentary-style series — from the team that brought you Shadow Empire — will center on a seldom-told story that played a pivotal role in Martin Luther’s success. A Pale Horse Rides will also coincide with the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s nailing of the 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church. You’ll want to invite the whole community to this event! Watch the sneak peek trailer at www.palehorserides.com.


In HopeTrending, Pastor Dwight K. Nelson uses God’s Word to discover how we can replace our greatest fears with fresh hope for a new journey in life. Exclusively streamed online and broadcast on Hope Channel, Oct.14-22, 8 p.m. EST and PST.

SDA Attorneys' Conference and Retreat is back! In the 1980s, this event brought attorneys from across NAD together for networking and learning. After a 20-year hiatus, the conference will be held in Henderson, Nevada, on Oct. 20-23. Attendees will also be able to earn 10+ hours of CLE credits. This conference is sponsored jointly by the Office of General Counsel of the General Conference and the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Department of the North American Division. Click here to request more information. Read the article.

The Adventist Ministries Convention is a premier event held for church leadership twice every five years. Since its inception in 1988, its purpose is to provide training and resourcing for more than 700 denominational leaders. This convention has been presented in various locations across North America; the 2017 convention will be held in Tucson, Arizona. Conference and union colleagues come together in a unique fellowship that inspires and renews us as leaders. It’s a place to welcome those who are new to departmental ministry, to learn about new resources and, most importantly, learn from each other. The convention will feature more than 28 ministry tracks, robust exhibit events, inspirational and motivational general sessions, outreach activities, and awards given to individuals for ministry achievement. Click here for more info.



ORIGIN: Design, Chance and the First Life on Earth is the newly released sequel to the faith-and-science based documentary Unlocking the Mystery of Life. With spectacular computer animation and cutting-edge research, ORIGIN examines a question that has baffled science for centuries: How did life on Earth begin? Watch the trailer and remember Oct. 22 is Creation Sabbath.

What did Adventism look like 80 years ago? 100 years ago? The Office of Archives, Statistics, and Research has compiled a database of photographs of various landmarks and pioneers in Adventist history. This photo depicts the Seventh-day Adventist booth at the Chicago World Fair in 1933. For more fascinating historical photos, click HERE.

Encounter is a new curriculum dedicated to bringing spiritual transformation to both students and teachers. Using the Bible as the textbook, the Adventist Encounter Curriculum seeks to help the students in our schools develop a tangible, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ, to have a deep and personal knowledge of the truths of the Bible and Seventh-day Adventist beliefs, and apply them to everyday situations. For more information, click HERE.

It Is Written's SALT Program is a three-month evangelism training school that takes place each fall on the campus of Southern Adventist University. Now you can watch SALT 365, It Is Written's free online evangelism training. This week's video presentation features "Gaining Decisions in Every Study," with John Bradshaw. Next week: "How to Handle Distractions During a Bible Study," with Michelle Doucoumes. This is valuable material you won't want to miss!


Moving Forward With the Mission

“I want to share my strong support for the role of women in pastoral ministry. Voted church policy allows for women to fill this very important position and this will never change within the North American Division. We want to recognize the calling that God has placed upon both men and women to spread our message of hope and wholeness to everyone who resides in the borders of our territory. We will do everything in our power to move forward with the mission that God has given us all.”

— Daniel R. Jackson, president of the North American Division, during the General Conference 2016 Annual Council in response to the"Unity in Mission: Procedures in Church Reconciliation" document voted on during the annual meeting [stock photo: Dan Weber]; CLICK HERE to read more.

Reaching Out in Love

University Students Reach Out to Grieving Professor

A letter of gratitude

This September, my brother was battling for his life in an ICU in Dallas after a bone marrow transplant gone bad. I had just returned from visiting him when he took a decided turn for the worse. His kidneys shut down and now he had refused intubation. It was just a matter of time. I told my students at SAU that I would probably be gone at the end of the week to bury my brother. I shared with them his struggle and what his family was going through. The room was silent and a few stared back with eyes of understanding. I had a prayer for my brother and his family, committing them all into His care.

Instruction continued and we talked about succession and the intermediate disturbance hypothesis, topics of which I am sure can act as a potently as a sleeping aid. As I was handing out the daily quiz at the end of class I spied a note that was being passed around in class. It didn’t appear to be suspicious in nature. As the students turned in their quizzes they uncharacteristically hung around and then one of them asked those who were interested to stay by so that they could have a season of prayer for me and my family.

As they maneuvered into an imaginative circle, my phone buzzed and I read the message before looking up and softly saying, “My brother is dead.” They all moved in unnaturally close and began reaching out and laying their hands on me.

Droplets of grief began tracing my worn cheeks as one male college student after another, man after man, reached out through prayer to draw my heart close to theirs. Then a soft, yet strong-as-a-sparrow student reached up to God one more time as she closed their expression of care and love. One by one they hugged me, some long and hard, others were tender and brief. Some held on an awkwardly long time until the awkwardness melted into oneness and compassion. They embraced me. They touched me. They confirmed my humanity. They gave me what I needed most, human touch from people who didn’t have to care, but they chose to. They dared to reach out across the divide and pull me into their circle. They chose to reach across the imaginary divide and unite with my loss and pain.

I have the privilege of serving at Southern Adventist University where students and professors can be real and human. Where the divide that can separate students and professors is often broken down so we can experience each other’s pain, hurt, grief, loneliness, sorrow, longing … and take it to the only One who can make all things new.

Thank you, my students, for allowing me to be simply broken and human, and still respecting and loving me. Thank you for trusting enough the reach across the imaginary divide.

— Ben Thornton, Ph.D., biology professor at Southern Adventist University; this is just an excerpt of the touching letter — CLICK HERE to read the entire article.


October 12, 2016
October Focus: Adventist Heritage

Oct. 15 - Spirit of Prophecy Sabbath
Oct. 22 - Pathfinder Sabbath; Creation Sabbath
October Special Offerings
Oct. 29, NAD Evangelism

Helpful Special Day Websites and Resources

Sample Offertory Readings (in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French)


Upcoming Events

Adventist World/
NAD Edition
October 2015
NAD News: "Mr. Happy," Bermudan Johnny Barnes, Passes Away; Family Ministries Distinguished Service Award Presented; Breath of Life Receives Gift from Legendary Bible Instructor; Pathway to Health Beckley Serves West Virginia, pp. 11-13

NAD Update: "God's Closet Outreach Becomes NAD Ministry," pp. 14-15

NAD Perspective: "Old Ways and Masterpieces" by Daniel Weber, p. 17

The Oct. 2016 Adventist World magazine also features an "NAD Letters" section.


Months of Oct.-Nov. 2016  – For this period, please pray for the Southern Union Conference, with 1,108 churches and 280,082 members. 
Oct. 16-22 – This week please pray for the Georgia-Cumberland Conference, with 164 churches and 38,960 members.

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