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NewsPoints, August, 4, 2016
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 Oakwood Magazine was named "Best HBCU Alumni Publication" during the July 2016 HBCU Executive Media Training Institute in Washington, D.C. "Oakwood deserves a lot of credit for the quality of its publication this year," says Jarrett Carter, Sr., founding editor of HBCU Digest and organizer of the event. MORE

Adventist publishing in North America continues the tradition of sharing Christ and the church's messages in print. Now, 170 years after James White started The Present Truth, new ways of sharing the gospel are being added to the standard printed page. READ MORE


Pat Humphrey, Record editor, communication director, health ministries director, and ASI liaison, has announced that she will retire from the Southwestern Union at the end of August. Humphrey first joined the union as assistant editor of the Record in 1999; and returned in 2007 as associate communication director and associate editor. In 2011, she became the director and editor, adding health ministries responsibilities in 2013. MORE

U.S. News & World Report has ranked Kettering Medical Center among the best hospitals for 2016-17. KMC is ranked #17 out of 210 hospitals in Ohio, and is recognized among the Best Hospitals in the Dayton metro area and the Ohio River Valley region. And Kettering Health Network has been named one of the nation’s Most Wired Hospitals by the American Hospital Association’s Health Forum. MORE

Adventists in the News

There's still time to attend camp meeting in some conferences! Each conference in the North American Division plans a camp meeting (some are 10-day events!) filled with seminars and sermons that teach biblical principles, healthier lifestyles, practical living principles, and more. Check out this year's camp meeting schedule.

Shadow Empire is returning Sept. 15-17, your church could host the series! Last spring, hundreds of churches hosted the Voice of Prophecy’s Shadow Empire series — which brought thousands of new guests into churches across North America. Due to scheduling, many churches weren’t able to host the event, but there’s good news: Shadow Empire will return Sept. 15-17 exclusively in local churches; and pastors will again have the opportunity to be event co-speaker with Pastor Shawn Boonstra! This series, which addresses modern-day religious freedom by exploring the life of Constantine the Great, was filmed on location in Europe and the Middle East and offers a fresh, Bible-based perspective on historical and current events. Pastors can find all the details they need at www.ShadowEmpire.com/Event

Join the NAD Prayer Ministry team TONIGHT, Aug. 4, for an all-night prayer call starting at 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. EDT. Call 404-891-6638; access code is Prayer# (772937#). There will be a different leader each half hour; join any time during the evening. Participate for a few minutes, or as long as able. Invite friends and family. Bulletin inserts and more available.


The NAD Women Pastors and Chaplains Retreat will be held from Sept. 11-14, in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Based on Isaiah 40:31, the goal for the retreat will be to help renew the strength of women in ministry so that they can continue to run and not get weary, to walk and not faint. Join us as we renew our faith, focus, and friendships. This event promises to provide a time of refreshing so that, as women, we can return to our positions soaring on wings like eagles! Click here for more information/registration.

The fourth annual EYE RUN will be held Sunday, Oct. 2,at Holmes Lake Park in Lincoln, Neb. Early bird registration is open now! The EYE RUN is a fundraiser and eye health education event that encourages you to walk or run with family and friends. Enjoy our best early bird pricing when you assemble a team of 4 to 9 individuals. But don't wait — early bird pricing is available through September 1. Don't live in Lincoln? Register to walk or run on your own or with a team in your local area as EYE RUN virtual participants. Encourage friends, family, and church members to participate with you on Oct. 2. Church health ministries leaders: Consider using the EYE RUN as a way to connect your ministry efforts with individuals from your community. LEARN MORE
Free registration available for people who are blind and their guides. Individuals who are blind and their sighted guides are eligible to receive complimentary registration. Contact EYE RUN coordinator Jeri Lyn Rogge for more information at 1-402-488-0981, extension 213. 

NAD Regional Health Summit is coming to British Columbia this fall. Visit Camp Hope in Hope, BC, Canada, from Sept. 28-Oct. 2, and learn how to use health care as an outreach tool. Physical, emotional, and social health are all important needs in our community. Providing hope along with sharing the loving character of Jesus will be the focus of this special mountain-top exhibit. MORE INFO



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Watch summer shows now. Hope Channel Classics will feature documentaries on Martin Luther, John Wesley, Corrie ten Boom and more. Faith for Today’s award-winning drama series, Westbrook Hospitalis back by popular demand. Musical artists from My Story, My Song will perform an encore in mini concerts. Also back is Barry Black in Higher Ground. In addition to the return of these favorites is Arniona brand new show that presents a fresh, contemporary look at the book of Revelation. For air times, check the program guide. Watch Hope Channel on DirecTV 368, streaming online, on Roku, and mobile apps.


Find out what’s new from Pacific Press®, including Joe Wheeler’s Favorite Prayer Stories, Glimpses Into the Life of Ellen White by Jim Nix, and Guide’s Greatest Friendship Stories edited by Lori Peckham. The catalog includes plenty of sweet summer specials and several coupons.

August’s special focus is “Spiritual Gifts.” Many people wonder what their spiritual gift is and how they can use their talents as a member of the worldwide church. What You Do Best in the Body of Christ by Bruce Bugbee features self-assessment tools as well as observations and suggestions for a fulfilling personal ministry. Click this link for info.

An enditnow Emphasis Day (Aug. 27) kit is FREE and downloadable for the NAD Women’s Ministries website. There is a sample sermon, suggested program, and children's story for church with a PowerPoint presentation. The entire enditnow Emphasis Day kit is available in English, French, and Spanish; churches may choose to use some or all of the materials. It may be printed/reproduced as needed. The 2016 theme is "Learning to Love as He Loved," by Nancy Wilson. 

The Voice of Prophecy's Disclosure broadcast is now available in video format. Earlier this summer, the Voice of Prophecy launched its new Disclosure broadcast, featuring Shawn and Jean Boonstra and frequent special guests. Disclosure's talk radio format emphasizes Bible study and prophecy, and each program illustrates how the Bible's perspective on today's issues is more relevant than ever. Since its launch, the program has been available on stations nationwide, as well as the most popular podcast networks and platforms (including iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play Music, SoundCloud and Spreaker). And as of last week, Disclosure is now also available in video format! This week's program focuses on the Second Coming of Christ, and last week's topic was "Marijuana in the Bible." Watch now and share with a friend!

The Seventh-day Adventist Church runs a wide variety of institutions across the North American Division. Looking for a Pre-K? A library? A nursing home? Find the one nearest to you with this compiled list and search tool at eAdventist.


It Is Written's SALT Program is a three-month evangelism training school that takes place each fall on the campus of Southern Adventist University. Now you can watch SALT 365, It Is Written's free online evangelism training. We pray the information and skills you gain are put to use every day of the year! In this week's video presentation, Alan Parker talks about how to keep each study Christ-centered. Next week will be a special Q&A session. This is valuable material you won't want to miss!



Created to Disperse

"When we put all the salt in one place, [we] don’t meet our purpose for which we are created. . . . We are created to disperse. We’re not the salt of the church, we’re the salt of the earth; and we’re called to mingle with those who are different than ourselves."

— May-Ellen Colon, speaking at the Aug. 3, 2016, NAD worship on being the salt of the earth

Reaching Out in Love


Did you know God is our advocate and judge?

There is a sanctuary in heaven, the true tabernacle which the Lord set up and not man. In it Christ ministers on our behalf, making available to believers the benefits of His atoning sacrifice offered once for and all on the cross. He was inaugurated as our great High Priest and began His intercessory ministry at the time of His ascension . . .  MORE; and watch the 90: second video

Please share! People want to know what Seventh-day Adventists believe. Each topic on the My Way to Jesus website links to a video, an invitation to study the Bible, the Find-a-Church Directory, a link for kids to My Place with Jesus, a place to send prayer requests, and more. You can easily post the videos and information on your church website and/or share the updates from the My Way to Jesus Facebook pageLearn how.

August 4, 2016
August Focus:
Spiritual Gifts

August 27 - Enditnow Day

August Special Offerings
Aug. 13, Oakwood University/Andrews University/Loma Linda University


The 2nd weekend of every month will automatically be a Compassion Weekend. Plan for it every month throughout the year: Do acts of compassion, especially on these weekends, but better yet, every day. 

Days of Compassion:

Aug. 13/14
Sept. 10/11
Oct. 8/9
Nov. 12/13

Helpful Special Day Websites and Resources

Sample Offertory Readings (in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French)

Upcoming Events

Adventist World/
NAD Edition
July 2016
NAD Feature: "Pathway to Health LA Transforms Lives," by Kimberly Luste Maran, pp. 34-41
NAD News: Adventists in Canada Respond to Ft. McMurray Crisis; Christian Record Services for the Blind Joins NAD; Gayle Tucker Passes Away; Adventists and Lowe's Renovate Center in Denver, pp. 11-13

NAD Update: "Tattoo Removal Helps Erase the Past," pp. 14-15

NAD Perspective: "A Vision for Health Ministry," by Angeline B. David, p. 17

Daily Prayer Guide
Months of June-August 2016  – For this month, please pray for the Pacific Union, with 709 churches and 230,548 members. 
August 7-13 – This week please pray for the Southeastern California Conference, with 147 churches and 70,447 members.

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