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7-27-16 Pastor Receives Family Ministries Distinguished Service Award


From left to right: award recipient Pastor Melvin Preston, his wife Joetta, and Pamela and Claudio Consuegra, NAD Family Ministries directors

On July 21-23 the Adventist Conference of Family Research and Practice was held on the campus of Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. A special highlight of that event is the presentation of the NAD Family Ministries Distinguished Service Award. Drs. Claudio and Pamela Consuegra were honored to present the 2016 award to Pastor Melvin Preston, FM, MM, and ASAM director for the South Atlantic Conference.*

In its fifth year of use, the design of the award is significant. It contains figures known as "Inukshuk." The Inukshuk figures hold great symbolism in Canada. They were stone man-like figures, traditionally used by the Inuits and constructed along the Canadian shores with the purpose of pointing the wayward traveler back home. If you were lost, you would only need to look for these familiar figures and follow in the way it was pointing. The path always led home. 

"We had the designers construct the award with three figures that mirror our North American Division Family Ministries logo," explains Claudio. "And just as the Inukshuk point wayward travelers back home, Melvin has pointed many back towards their earthly home and ultimately toward their forever home in heaven."
Preston has served in the South Atlantic Conference as the Family Ministries director for the past 30 years. In so doing, his ministry has made a positive impact on countless families. He has also been responsible for leading more than 2,000 people to follow Jesus. 

"We congratulate Melvin Preston as the recipient of this year's award and thank God for the way in which He has blessed in Melvin's ministry to families," says Pamela.

*The South Atlantic Conference office is located in Decatur, Georgia.


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