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NewsPoints, June 16, 2016
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Your Best Pathway to Health is launching its first east coast clinic on July 13-15, with training to be held following the clinic. The clinic is being organized in Beckley, West Virginia, a smaller city that serves as the healthcare hub for nine surrounding counties. MORE

The Forest Lake church is one of several churches offering to host funeral services, free of charge, for victims of the June 12 mass shooting in Orlando, Florida. The Adventist church's Facebook post announcing the offer went viral: within 24 hours the post had been shared nearly 24,000 times with more than 13,000 likes and reactions, and more than 900 comments largely expressing compassion, love, and gratitude. MORE

Report from ACS DR from Orlando, Florida: While many organizations are motivated to participate at the beginning of such events, we are setting a plan with local people who live and work directly in the community. All real recovery efforts are local, and the plan will insure help to the end. READ MORE

The Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America is heartbroken as we mourn the loss of innocent lives in the deadliest mass shooting in United States history. We extend our deepest condolences and prayers for the 50 people killed, the 53 wounded, their families, loved ones, and friends." Read more of the statement by Daniel R. Jackson, NAD president.

The Voice of Prophecy’s Shadow Empireseries reveals that church evangelism still works. Hundreds of churches across North America held this four-part event from April 28-30, which focused on the life of Constantine, and his continued impact on religious liberty today. MORE


Beth Michaels, editor of the Columbia Union Visitor, passed away June 9, after a lengthy battle with cancer. She was 44. Michaels, who served at the union for 10 years, was named editor and associate communication director in 2014. Two memorial services, one in Maryland and one in Ohio, will be held. MORE


Adventists in the News

Sabbath, June 18, is Adventist Church World Refugee Day. The General Conference has created a special website for World Refugee Day resources, which includes videos, written materials, bulletin inserts, fact sheet, sermon notes, etc. In addition, here are additional websites with written and video resources: A "testimonial" video from SPD; resources from the Inter-European Division; resources from ADRA-Europe on Facebookvideosnews, and resources from the Trans-European Division; and a special AWR webpage.

BONUS MATERIAL: An inspiring video produced (and just released) by GC Communication is about Michael Von Hörsten. Hörsten is an Adventist doctor following God’s call to serve on the frontline of the refugee crises in Lesbos, Greece.


It's camp meeting time! The Seventh-day Adventist Church has been conducting camp meetings for more than 100 years. Each conference in the North American Division plans a camp meeting (some are 10-day events!) filled with seminars and sermons that teach biblical principles, healthier lifestyles, practical living principles, and more. Check out this year's camp meeting schedule.

Urgent call for dental and vision care medical professionals — you are needed at the next Your Best Pathway to Health clinic to be held on July 13-16, 2016, in Beckley, W.Va., in the heart of Appalachia. Donations are also being accepted. Sign up today, and share with friends/colleagues. Learn more about this life-changing experience from the Pathway to Health LA news videos.

July 9 — save the date! NAD Women's Ministries would like for members to remember that July 9 is "Women's Ministries Offering" day. Offerings collected that day will go toward preparing resources to equip, train, and empower women in Adventist churches. Local churches can plan a special offering appeal, and may choose to watch this 5-minute video about women's ministries. Free bulletin inserts are also available.

The SDA Attorneys' Conference and Retreat is back! In the 1980s, this event brought attorneys from across NAD together for networking and learning. After a two-decade hiatus, the conference will be held in Henderson, Nevada, on Oct. 20-23. Attendees will also be able to earn 10+ hours of CLE credits. This conference is sponsored jointly by the Office of General Counsel of the General Conference and the Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Department of the North American Division. Click here to request more information.


You may already be familiar with It Is Written's SALT Program, a three-month evangelism training school that takes place each fall on the campus of Southern Adventist University. Now you can watch SALT 365, It Is Written's free online evangelism training. We pray the information and skills you gain are put to use every day of the year! In this week's video presentation, pastors Yves Monnier and Eric Flickinger, with guest presenter Jocelyn Mejias, role play various scenarios you may encounter during the first few visits. This is valuable material you won't want to miss!


The NAD focus for the month of June is Church Growth and EvangelismOne valuable resource is the North American Division Evangelism Institute (NADEI). And here's a bonus tip: there are many books available on a variety of topics all geared toward evangelism and church growth.

And did you know that NAD has an initiative to Plant1000? That's one church for every 1,000 people in the U.S. Read blogs, learn about how you can get some funding for your church to plant another, and more. 

What can you do when a tragedy occurs? Tragedy is a fact of life. When a tragedy occurs, church leaders are a point of contact that can provide emotional support and spiritual guidance for those who experience loss. Tragic deaths, such a young person’s suicide or mass shooting casualties, affect an entire congregation. Learn what leaders and church members can do to reach out to those who are hurting and provide for their spiritual needs in Adventist Risk Management's 3-minute read.

"Our Inspiring Heritage" is on sale this month! This DVD collection contains stories about the Adventist church. Produced by Hope Channel, learn and be inspired by stories about Ellen G. White, J.N. Andrews, John Harvey Kellogg, and more from the Adventist Heritage presentations Jim Nix (EGW Estate director) gave at the 2015 GC Session. Sale ends June 30, click here for more info. WATCH a short video promo.


Chaplaincy Is a Specialized Track in Ministry

"Someone called my brother and asked him why I left the ministry, the work. I didn't — I went to another area of the vineyard, still ministry. A lot of pastors, a lot of denominational leaders, see chaplains as a secondary or tertiary minister. . . . Most of the folk who are chaplains are people who matured in ministry and saw an effectiveness in a different area. It's not the leaving of ministry, in fact, its specialization in ministry. I like to use the concept of the medical doctor [to explain]. Every doctor who holds a medical license graduated from an accredited medical school somewhere. And they are MDs. But no MD can decide on a whim that they are going to be a surgeon and just start cutting people. They have to have specialized training. Chaplaincy is a specialized track in ministry."
— Paul Anderson, director of Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America, during an NAD leadership meeting on May 3, 2016

Reaching Out in Love


Church Service Via Social Media


Do you use social media? Chances are that if you're reading this newsletter you have at least one social media account. If you've ever wondered how you can use social media to spread God's Word (via church services), here is the REACH video story of Vicente Lopez, an Adventist who found the church by searching online. And once Lopez joined the church he felt compelled to share and became, in essence, a social media "weekend church reporter." 

He says, "I love how many people I'm reaching through social media." WATCH the short video.

June 16, 2016

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