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NewsPoints, May 11, 2016
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Continued prayers regarding the Fort McMurray wildfire are offered by NAD President Daniel R. Jackson: "The Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America continues praying for all the women, children, and men who have been forced to flee from their homes and seek refuge from the wildfires that devastated Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. ... We ask God to keep the first responders safe as they make strides to get the fire under control. We pray for the nearly 90,000 who fled, many under harrowing conditions, from the deadly flames that threatened their homes. We pray for safe travel as displaced people prepare to return to their homes; and for many, courage as they begin rebuilding their lives. ..." MORE

UPDATE: As of May 7, ADRA Canada and the Edmonton South Seventh-day Adventist Church delivered their 16th pickup truck load of supplies and 3rd Disaster Response trailer load to Northlands (Alberta, Canada). Read last week's report on the Fort McMurray wildfire.

The Southwestern Union held its 30th Quinquennial Constituency Session on May 1-2 at the Keene, Texas, church, where delegates met to elect officers for the 2016-2020 quinquennial term. Larry Moore was reelected as president; Buford Griffith, executive secretary; and John Page, treasurer. The session's theme was "Even So, Come, Lord Jesus." FULL REPORT

SAU announced their $50 Million Campaign for Excellence in Faith and Learning on April 28, at the end of President Gordon Bietz’s legacy celebration event in Iles P.E. Center. Components of the $50 million goal — nearly triple the amount of any previous campus campaign — include construction of a new student center and other facility improvements, increased endowments for scholarships and research, the continued greening of Southern Adventist University's campus, and annual giving. SAU reports that they've received $31,212,542 in cash and pledges thus far. MORE

NAD and Dever Designs partnership recently received formal recognition as the North American Division exhibit booth at the 2015 GC Session received the Gold MarCom Award for “Trade Show Exhibit.” The award was presented by Dever Designs to NAD on May 4, after staff worship. MORE

Blizzard, heatwave, flooding . . . What can churches do to help people during extreme weather conditions? While the NAD focus this month is community service, learn useful tips for year-around involvement by reading about the ways Adventist churches and members are helping in the Columbia Union; plus how to make a church a "comfort care center." MORE

An SWAU alum and former American Idol finalist, Rickey E. Smith Jr., was killed Friday morning [May 6] in a car crash in Oklahoma. SWAU Director of Public Relations and Marketing Darcy Force said Smith was known for his “infectious smile, friendly greetings, and his amazing voice.” Force said Smith last attended Southwestern Adventist University in 2009. MORE 

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May 23 is the application deadline for REACH Columbia UnionAPPLY TODAY for this life-changing, urban ministry adventure. REACH Columbia Union Urban Evangelism School is a practical opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the city of Philadelphia, while receiving college credit. Spots are limited, scholarships available. High school seniors or college-age young adults may apply now — This one-year program starts June 2016! Watch video

WIN! Comprehensive Health & Family Wellness Conference runs May 27-30 at Andrews University. 
Topics include: How to Reach Your Genetic Potential, Unlocking the Code for Brain Healing, Creating a Health Revolution, and more. Presenters include Wes Youngberg, Evelyn Kissinger, John and Millie Youngberg, Angeline David, and more. Register online by clicking on events at www.adventsource.org; or call 800-732-7587. MORE INFO

"Spark" interest at camp meeting! It Is Written Spark workshops will be coming to a camp meeting near you this summer. Spark is an evangelism training workshop that will help you turn your church into a thriving center of personal and public evangelism. The FREE Spark workshops will provide the training needed to reach your community — through Bible study, door-to-door work, relationship building, and even the strategy behind mass mailings. Success is guaranteed for those who prayerfully follow our tested and proven evangelism plan. Your community will never be the same again. Use this Spark to ignite a fire in your church. Click here to find a location near you.

Ministry in Motion is a show filled with resources for church leaders. Download the broadcast schedule for May through November 2016 and watch it on Hope Channel, Mondays, 8:30 a.m.

It Is Written hosts weekly webinars on Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. EDT. May 17 topic is "The First Few Visits," presented by Greg Wilson. Each webinar lasts 30 minutes. Ministry resource: the sessions are archived and available for viewing any time. Presenters include John Bradshaw, speaker/director; Eric Flickinger, associate speaker; Dr. Alan Parker and many others. FOR INFO/ARCHIVES



Becoming a Mission-Driven Church, by Daniel R. Jackson, Paul S. Brantley, and Michael Cauley, is a step-by-step guide for creating churches driven by a compelling mission. Churches with a blurred sense of purpose can drift aimlessly along from year to year. But few forces in life are as powerful as a group of people fueled by a common purpose. Finally, pastors and local church leaders have a practical guide to transforming church. This is a featured book at the Adventist Book Center.

Welcome to Jesus 101! Jesus 101 exists to introduce people to the real Jesus of the gospel and to equip them to share His love to others. The primary purpose of the institute is to offer biblical training using Christ-centered interpretive tools. The secondary purpose is to develop resources that motivate and equip for the study of Scripture. Audio books, biblical studies in English and Spanish, one-minute podcast devotionals, and more are available online.


Summer camp is just around the corner. Camp directors/staff: Are you ready for any health emergency? Parents, who are happy for their children to experience the great outdoors, expect them to be safe at camp. According to Adventist Risk Management, "Maintaining a camp health care facility that meets standard requirements is of particular importance." Check out this article by ARM to see if you are truly prepared to make this a fun, safe, and healthy summer!



Share the Ministry, Take the Gospel to the World

"There are only 107 female pastors out of 4,000. The goal is to at least double that number in the next five years. ... If we can open up the field we should be able to do it.

“We want to get the word out to unions, conferences, and churches that this is an NAD initiative and there is funding. ... 24 women were hired to fulltime pastoral ministry in 2015. God is calling both males and females to finish this work. We are intentional about making sure that qualified female candidates share in this ministry and take the gospel take the world.”

— Brenda Billingy, an associate director of the Ministerial Association of the North American Division, discusses the Women in Ministry "Building Block" initiative for the quinquennium; visit the Ministerial website for more information


Reaching Out in Love

All Together Now . . .

Often when we are traveling, Ruthie and I help to shorten our trips by reading aloud. Sometimes when the traffic is heavy it's difficult to focus. But then there are those long, boring Interstates when we can get a lot of listening done. We've read a bunch of great books together, some more than once.
A few days ago, about midway between Bristol, Va., and Bristol, Tenn., Ruthie was reading in Psalm 66 when her words struck a nerve. We knew we had read the verse before, but this time it caught both of us up short: "Shout for joy to God all the earth...make His praise glorious." We thought back of some of the "song services" we had endured and how often they had missed the mark. "Make His praise glorious..." How would that sound in a small church? Or large?
Who of us hasn't been singing a familiar song during a worship service and suddenly realized that its message wasn't really registering in our hearts, the needle wasn't moving? Sounds were coming out of our lips, but praise wasn't issuing out of our spirits. We were getting the words right, but the message wasn't getting through.
Then something happens — we catch a new glimpse of Calvary, a new realization of the price paid to cancel our wretched record, a new insight into the depth of His love for us — and the black-and-white morphs to full color.
Not long ago we were worshiping in a congregation of pastors, maybe 500 or more. The worship leader led us in a song I didn't know well ("The Healer," by Lois Irwin), but the words of the chorus suddenly began to resonate in my soul. They tell of Christ being wounded for our transgressions, and bruised for our iniquities. Christ bore our sorrows — and we are healed by His stripes.
As those raw words struck me — wounded ... bruised ... sorrows ... stripes — I felt hot tears run down my cheeks. You don't gaze around the room at a time like that, but I sensed that nearly every person there was affected as deeply as I. We could barely finish the song. I vowed I would never again worship Him in bland mode, I would never allow those rich moments to dissipate because of my inattention. If my words were truly a gift I was offering Him I would never again sing them with my heart in neutral.
All together now: Enter His courts with praise ... and make His praise glorious.
— Don Jacobsen writes a message each week as part of the Hope Heals 2016 NAD Prayer Initiative; this is taken from the May 2 email. His ministry partner and wife, Ruthie, is prayer coordinator for the North American Division. Click here to subscribe to the Prayer Ministries weekly email message.


May 11, 2016
May Focus:
Community Services

May 14, Youth Sabbath
May 21, Single Adults Sabbath
May 28, Deaf Ministries


The 2nd weekend of every month will automatically be a Compassion Weekend. Plan for it every month throughout the year: Do acts of compassion, especially on these weekends, but better yet, every day. 

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May 14, Disaster & Famine Relief

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NAD Feature: The Zika Virus: Looking for Answers, By Scott Christiansen, p. 30

NAD News:  Adventist Health-Roseville Receives Well Workplace Award; Kettering College’s Creation Connection; Emmy Award-winning Composer to Judge Brain Games, Hundreds Compete at Texas Conference Bible Adventure; Oregon Conference to Offer Spanish and English TV Programming, p. 11

NAD Update: Young People Vow to Change World, p. 14

NAD Perspective: Secret Information, p. 17

NOTE: Special May "Friendship Issue" is coming soon!



Daily Prayer Guide
Month of May 2016  – For this month, please pray for the Mid-America Union, with 457 churches and 68,476 members. 
May 15-21 – This week please pray for the Kansas-Nebraska Conference, with 97 churches and 11,822 members.


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