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5-10-16 Southwestern Union Holds 30th Quinquennial Constituency Session



By Pat Humphrey, Record editor 

The Southwestern Union held its 30th Quinquennial Constituency Session on May 1-2 at the Keene, Texas, church, where delegates met to elect officers for the 2016-2020 quinquennial term. The session's theme was "Even So, Come, Lord Jesus." Larry Moore, president; and Buford Griffith, executive secretary, were re-elected. John Page, who has served as the Southwestern Union under-treasurer since 2013, was elected to serve as treasurer, succeeding Deryl Knutson, who is retiring, effective July 1. The position of under-treasurer, vacated by John Page, was referred to the Southwestern Union executive committee.

Larry Moore, center, was re-elected at the Southwestern Union Constituency Session, held May 1-2, to serve as president of the Southwestern Union for the 2016-2020 quinquennium. Buddy Griffith, right, was re-elected to serve as executive secretary, and John Page, left, is the newly-elected treasurer.
Photo supplied by Southwestern Union Record

Additionally, the following officers and departmental directors were also re-elected:


Vice Presidents:

Vice President for Evangelism: Eddie Canales

Vice President for Education: Randy Gilliam

Vice President for Ministries: Minner Labrador, Jr.


Departmental Directors:

ASI/Communication: Pat Humphrey

Children's Ministries: Sonia Canó

Church Ministries: Minner Labrador, Jr.

Education: Randy Gilliam

Evangelism: Eddie Canales

Family Ministries: Buford Griffith, Jr.

Health Ministries: Pat Humphrey

Men's Ministries: Minner Labrador, Jr.

Ministerial: Minner Labrador, Jr.

Multi-ethnic Ministries: Eddie Canales

Personal Ministries: Eddie Canales

PARL: Buford Griffith, Jr.

Sabbath School: Sonia Canó

Secondary Education: Mike Furr

Stewardship: Minner Labrador, Jr.

Trust Services/Under-treasurer: Referred to executive committee

Young Adult and Youth: Helvis Moody


Associate Directors:

Communication: Jessica Lozano

Treasury: Vivian Johnson

Treasury: Carlos Ribeiro


The constituency session began at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 1, with special music by Jonathan McNorton, followed by Daniel Jackson, NAD president, who spoke after a season of prayer led by Eddie Canales, Helvis Moody, and Richard Dye, executive secretary for the Oklahoma Conference. Jackson spoke on the importance of demonstrating our belief in Jesus Christ through showing His love. "We are headed back to the wilderness unless we can show the level of love that Jesus has given us. Whatever you preach, whatever you teach, needs to be backed up by the fact that Jesus is the one true North," Jackson said.


Southwestern Union officers, departmental directors, and associates were elected to serve for 2016-2020 at the May 1-2 constituency meeting.
Photo supplied by Southwestern Union Record

The president's, secretary's, and treasurer's reports were presented through a video that began with a historical reenactment depicting scenes from the early days of the Southwestern Union. In the video, written by scriptwriter Kyle Portbury, communication professor at Southwestern Adventist University, the story of God's blessings on the union and its activities over the past five years was shared with an interactive exchange between the three union officers. Reports by the vice presidents and departmental directors were also made via video, interspersed with commentary by Minner Labrador, Jr., vice president for Ministries, regarding the mission of the Southwestern Union, which is "to equip and inspire the Southwestern Union territory with the distinctive Adventist message of Hope and Wholeness." Ken Finch, president/CEO of Texas Health Huguley, gave a live presentation from Adventist Health System.


The constituency session continued on the morning of May 2 with a devotional message by Alexander Bryant, executive secretary of the NAD, who reminded the audience that it is God who chooses leaders, not men. Bryant's message was centered around 1 Corinthians 1:26-28, which tells us that God often chooses the "foolish" or "lowly" to do His work. "God is the active agent in calling men and women into His work," Bryant said.


Ken Shaw, president of Southwestern Adventist University, gave a report about the progress at the university and was nearly moved to tears as he reported on the financial blessings received during the university's recent capital campaign. Prior to adjournment, Larry Moore, Southwestern Union president, recognized four individuals who retired from service during the past quinquennium: Don Schneider, former NAD president, who now resides in Texas; Max Trevino, former SWUC president; Carolyn Early, former Early Childhood Education and Care assistant; and Betty Trevino, former Education department registrar.

In a lighthearted moment, Deryl Knutson, who has given 44 years of service to the Adventist Church, serving as the Southwestern Union assistant treasurer from 1976 to 1980, and as treasurer since 1996, was given a hat and fishing rod in honor of his upcoming retirement. Moore also honored three individuals who passed away during the past five years: Sam Woods, associate IT director; Cyril Miller, former Southwestern Union president; and Margaret Taglavore, former Children's Ministries director.


The Southwestern Union constituency meeting adjourned at approximately 10:30 a.m., on May 2, and was immediately followed by the Southwestern Adventist University constituency meeting.

View the constituency session video reports.

The complete quinquennial report appears in the May 2016 Southwestern Union Record. Constituency meeting photos can be viewed at the Southwestern Union Facebook page.

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