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4-27-16 First in Line at LA Mega Health Clinic Calls It "A Gift"


By Kimberly Luste Maran, with reporting by Tanya Musgrave
Maria, first in line for the dental clinic at Your Best Pathway to Health Los Angeles, lives in El Monte, California. She picked up a flyer advertising the clinic in both English and Spanish “off the street.” She has been in the United States for 28 years.

Maria, first in line for the Pathway to Health LA dental clinic, is originally from Mexico.
Photo by Tanya Musgrave

“I am from Mexico, I am learning more English everyday, but it is difficult,” says Maria. “Sometimes people ask me ‘what did you say?’ and I say again. I want to speak English all the time, but I’m old,” she laughs.
At 61 years old, Maria is in desperate need of health care. She confessed that she has high blood pressure, and suffers from depression and other medical conditions, but picked dental work at the mega clinic.
Maria, who has been waiting at the convention center three days before the mega clinic opening, has already seen assistance from the volunteer staff. “They told me where to go for the dentist, so I wouldn’t be waiting in the wrong place. I am sick with other things, and they told me they’d send a doctor over while I was in dental. From here, they may send me to a hospital. They were very nice.”
She was impressed and grateful that a church organization would hold such an event. “It is wonderful, it will help a lot of people,” she says. “Life is getting more expensive. It is scary, especially for families, because medical care is expensive.”
“It’s going to help so many hundreds of people,” she adds with a big smile.
“It is good to see a church helping this way,” says Maria. “Doctors everywhere in the world are expensive. It’s a gift when they give this kind of thing.”

Your Best Pathway to Health provides, medical, dental, eye care, surgery and support services including radiology, laboratory and pharmacy services, plus preventive medicine, all free of charge.


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